Taking up the Mantle -4 Ways to Update Your Wardrobe in 2017

Style trends change faster than might seem believable, and sometimes what turns out to be “stylish” in the new year is something everyone would have ridiculed last year and will ridicule next. Keeping up with style trends is often seen as a daunting and complex task that requires a complete wardrobe overhaul every 12 months, but it doesn’t have to be that complicated (or expensive).

Sometimes the way to keep up with the leading edge of fashion can be to pick up a few new pairs of FELLA Bottoms to use as a staple in the new styles you try out, and sometimes it can be as easy as a 15 minute trip to the nearest shopping center. In this article, we’ll show you 6 ways to update your wardrobe in 2017.

Try Something New

Everyone has colour schemes they like to dress in; ways they’re comfortable being seen.

Maybe you think you look particularly fetching in black, or bright blue, or red – really any colour you can think of. In 2017, to tackle the new year of fashion, try breaking new ground with a new kind set of colours. It might seem scary, and it can be intimidating trying to go out that first time in a new palette,  but in welcoming the new year’s fashion trends a bit of experimentation is necessary. If it’s too much to handle all at once, try starting with smaller items of clothing to slowly build up to a full colour shift.

Or Something Old

Vintage stores can be sources of great inspiration for the new year, as clothing trends rotate faster than a revolving door, and the slightly different cuts of clothing from yesteryear might be back in fashion right now. Op shops, antiques stores and vintage fashion shops can all be goldmines for clothing finds that can revolutionise your whole look for the new year, and mixing modern and vintage can result in some truly magnificent creations. Be careful, however, of the choices you make, because sometimes vintage and modern can look truly terrible together, if not carefully arranged, and older fabrics can have looser dyes in them which may stain couches and newer clothing.

Style Upheaval

You may feel comfortable mainly wearing one style of clothing, and that is the style you’ve been sticking with for a while now. Changing it up and entering into a whole new fashion bracket can be a great way to revamp your wardrobe, as it allows you to branch out into whole new types of clothes, and new ways to wear your old clothes as well. Say you’re used to wearing black band tshirts and jeans, changing to a more indie vibe can allow you to wear your band shirts differently and not need to totally overhaul your entire closet.

Hair Does its Share

Your hair has a greater influence on your overall look than you may be aware of.

With all of your clothes, you have most likely worn your hair one way or another many, many times, and a redo of that hairdo can shake loose the feeling of  outfit-repeating, giving you a new breath of life into the style you had given up entirely.

As with all things fashion, be ready for everything to change again in another 12 months, and several times during the year. Who knows, maybe next year the fashion scene will be completely unrecognisable from the day-to-day point of view, and all of these tips will be outdated too.

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