The Art of Jewelry Shopping: Finding Pieces That Suit Your Personality

Everyone has their own personal style when it comes to fashion. Some, prefer minimalist fashion that’s simple and low-key, while others prefer to be more bold and trendy rocking trends that make a statement and stand out. As different as they are, what these two styles have in common is that the right piece of jewelry can take your personal style to a whole new level.

Jewelry puts the finishing touches on an outfit and adds to your personality. You can’t just walk into a jewelry store or retail shop and pick up the first thing you see. There’s an art to it. When you master the art, you essentially learn how to find pieces that give others a closer glimpse of who you are and the types of fashions you like to rock. Check out these fashion personality types and examples of jewelry that best match.

Professional, Classic, Traditional

The old-time classic woman wants to keep it simple but professional. They tend to like pieces that can be worn both in and out of an office setting. A single strand of personals, simple stud earrings, or a short to medium length gold or silver chain with a small charm. These items can pair well with a business suit and heels or a pair of skinny jeans and a cardigan and never go out of style.


When you’re always on the move your style matters, but your schedule matters more. You tend to wear attire that is trendy, but easy. Nothing that’s going to require too much effort or get in the way of your handling your business. For most active personalities, the same goes for their jewelry. They want pieces that are fun but not complicated or obtrusive. A simple set of gold hoop earrings rings that aren’t over the top and bracelets or necklaces with small designs.

Elegant and Fancy

If you prefer the finer things in life your fashion choices are no different. When it comes to style, you look for items that stand out, make a statement, and let others know that money isn’t much of an object for you. You prefer top-quality craftsmanship and invest in nothing but the best like custom solitaire diamonds san diego jewelers and other precious gemstones and high-priced metals.


The color pink? Romance novels with happy endings? Chick flicks that make you laugh? Are these some of your favorite things? If so, perhaps you’re more of the feminine type when it comes to fashion. You tend to pair your outfits with softer jewelry pieces with hints of bows, ribbons, flowers, and anything else with a more feminine vibe.


If you love being the center of attention, your fashion plays a big role in your personality. Those who prefer to be more captivating tend to dress the part from head to toe. Without uttering a word your fashion choices say look at me in a mesmerizing and/or intriguing way. You prefer bold statement pieces, anything that blings, and large charms and brooches. Anything that grabs the eye of onlookers.

Creative and Artistic

Those who are lovers of culture and the arts tend to be more free with their style choices. Like their creative minds, they are not afraid to try new things. Seemingly creating art with their clothing and jewelry choices, creative personalities tend to like pieces with intricate designs. They also enjoy creatively placing jewelry around their bodies from ear cartilage and nose piercings to tongue rings and belly button rings, they take wearing jewelry to a different level.

When choosing jewelry you’re not just looking for an accessory to complete your outfit for the day. You’re selecting small representations of who you are as a person. From your wedding ring to your stud earrings, jewelry helps to send a message of not only how you dress, but about your personal status and character. Even if you mix and match styles, each piece that you wear sends a message to others about who you are.


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