Unique Sexy Halloween Costumes For Women

Halloween is my absolute favorite holiday because it gives me the chance to wear things I would never wear any other day of the year. Sexy Halloween costumes are always popular with women because, let’s be honest, when else is it considered socially acceptable for a woman to leave the house wearing the skimpy little outfits many women choose for Halloween? Being sexy is just part of the Halloween fun but is there anything more frustrating than finding the perfect sexy Halloween costume only to show up at a party and find three or four other women wearing variations of the same thing? If you’re looking for unique sexy Halloween costumes, you’ve come to the right place. There are no sexy cat costumes here – no sexy sailors, sexy cops or sexy maids. This article is all about sexy Halloween costumes that are both sexy and unique. The best part? Most of the costumes on this list are fairly inexpensive and can be made with things you have in your own closet or that you can buy cheaply at discount stores or thrift stores.

image source: denmanbrush.com

Sexy ’80s Madonna Costume

I wore this costume a few years back and not only got tons of great comments but won “best costume” at the party I attended. Not bad for a costume that cost me about $10 to make. You can go all out with this one but the main focus should stay on the jewelry and the makeup. Madonna really layered on the jewelry in the ’80s, especially when it came to bracelets and necklaces. You can often buy cheap costume jewelry at discount stores so check there first. The more, the better. For makeup, you’re going to really highlight the eyes with some bold, dark colors under the brow bone. Don’t forget Madonna’s trademark mole, easily drawn on with a dot of eyeliner. If you can find a black tutu, great! Check thrift stores and stores that focus on costumes. If not, a simple black skirt with lacy tights will give you the look you need. Finish off the look with a pair or black or white pumps and you’re all set to rock the ’80s Madonna look for Halloween.

image source: kristiriley.com

Sexy Tom Boy Costume

This is another great costume you can likely make with clothes you already have in your closet. You can keep it simple like the above photo and tie up a jersey with a pair of cut offs or you can do something a little more elaborate but still fairly fuss free. Put on a lacy bra, a baseball cap, a button up shirt and a pair of denim cut offs and a pair of sneakers or boots. Tie your hair back in a loose pony tail and keep your makeup looking natural and plain. Finish up the look by buttoning up the button just below your breasts and tying up the bottoms of the shirt so your belly button is showing. Make sure you tuck the back of your shirt up before you tie the bottoms so that the back is level with the front. This leaves your sexy lacy bra exposed but still gives you the ‘tom boy’ feel.

image source: myfountainonline.com

Sexy Greek Goddess Costume

This one is one of my favorites because it’s super easy, can be super sexy and can be done with items you have in your house and in your makeup bag right now. You can buy Greek Goddess costumes like the one in the photo above, but you can also choose to make one yourself. Start with a white bed sheet you can wear as a toga. Don’t know how to tie a toga? No problem. I’ll include a quick tutorial at the bottom of this article. You’ll also need a small garland of green leaves. You can buy beautiful fake floral garlands at most discount stores in the section with fake flowers. If you can’t find one there, most major department stores sell them as well and they should be fairly inexpensive. Finally, you’ll need a decorative length of rope. Curtain ties are great for this and, again, should be available at any major department store. Tie your toga and cinch it around your waist with the rope. You can also choose to tie the rope a bit higher (just below the breasts) for an empire waist toga but be warned, it can be a bit difficult to keep it in place all night. Pull your hair back in a pony tail and apply your makeup. Use eye shadows and powders with a bit of a golden shimmer. Peachy tones also look great with this look. Let your hair down and do a few delicate curls with a curling iron. Finish up by making a halo out of your leafy garland and secure it in place with a few hair pins. If you have a pair of strappy sandals, throw those on to complete the look.

image source: 3wishes.com

Sexy Eve Costume

This is another costume you can buy ready made but I don’t think the store bought costumes look nearly as good as the ones you can make yourself. You might have to buy a few things for this biblical costume, but it’s worth it. For your sexy Eve costume, you’ll need:

  • A green or earthy brown bikini
  • Length of leafy garland.
  • Fake leaves
  • Hot glue gun
  • A wax apple
  • A fake snake
  • Pink blush
  • Pale pink lipstick or gloss

This one’s really pretty simple to do. Take your hot glue gun and glue a few fake leaves to your bikini. You can also sew the leaves in place if you want to ensure they’ll stay put all night. Put on your bikini and pull your hair back into a pony tail. Apply your foundation and concealer. Keep your eye makeup looking natural by applying only pale, neutral shades. Take your pink blush and apply it to the apples of your cheeks to give them a nice, rosy glow. If you’re like, add a little touch of bronzer to the hollows of your cheeks to give them a little definition. Put a little bit of your pale pink lipstick on your lips. Style your hair as you’d like to wear it. This look works better if you leave your hair down but you can leave it straight or add a few curls or waves. Make a halo out of your leafy garland and position it where you want it on your head and secure it with a few hair pins. Grab your wax apple and drape the fake snake over your shoulders and you’re ready to go.

image source: yumdrop.com

Sexy Horror Movie Victim Costume

I love this costume. I haven’t worn it yet myself but it’s a strong contender for this year’s costume. For this costume, you’ll need:

  • A push-up bra
  • A tight, low cut top (preferably a tank top)
  • Tight cut off denim shorts or a short skirt
  • Black pantyhose
  • Heels (the higher the heel the better)
  • Black eyeliner
  • Dark colored eye shadow palette
  • Red lipstick and lip liner
  • Black mascara
  • Fake blood
  • Blonde wig

I’m not really a big horror movie fan because they tend to be a bit boring and predictable. The big breasted blondes always seem to be the first to go, so why not have a little fun with that old cliche? Start off with your push up bra. If you aren’t naturally endowed with large breasts trade out the low cut top for a tight sweater and stuff your bra with socks, tissues or whatever else you feel like stuffing it with. Take your black tights and put them on, making sure you take a moment or two to make a few holes and runs in the stockings. Put on your shorts or your short skirt and do your makeup. You want to wear a little more makeup than you normally would because you’re really going for a ‘glammed up’ look here. Add a little extra black mascara and then smudge it down over your cheeks. Start at the outside corner of your eye and smudge out and down following the natural curve of your cheeks. Do the same with the inside corner of your eye except smudge in the opposite direction (towards your nose). Put on your red lipstick and smudge it just a little bit around the edges. Put a little red lip liner around your wrists and smudge it to make it look like rope burns. Put on your blond wig and cover yourself in fake blood.

*Bonus Tutorial*

How to Make a Toga Out of a Bed Sheet

Togas can be great for all sorts of Halloween costumes. Whether you want to go for the sexy Greek Goddess costume or something else entirely, knowing how to tie a toga out of a bed sheet can really come in handy. This step by step guide will walk you through how to make a toga out of a bed sheet quickly and easily. You’ll need:

  • A Queen or King Size Bed Sheet
  • Pins
  • Panties and a bra or a tank top and boy shorts

Step One: Put on the clothes you will be wearing under your toga. Going without undies for this one just isn’t possible. You need something to pin your fabric to. Even if that wasn’t the case, you’d probably find yourself showing a lot more than you intended to if you chose to wear a toga with nothing under it.
Step Two: Fold your sheet in half length wise.
Step Three: Drape one end of the sheet over your shoulder so it brushes the floor.
Step Four: Wrap the other end of the sheet around your back and across the end of the sheet you’ve draped over your shoulder. Continue wrapping the non-shoulder draped end of the sheet under your armpit, ending with the sheet in front of your body. Pin your toga together at the point where it meets in the front. For extra security, pin it to your bra or tank top as well at this point.
Step Five: Tie your decorative rope (or a belt) around your waist to ensure the toga stays in place. You can leave the belt exposed or pull some of the sheet over the belt to obscure it. If you’ve used decorative rope, you can leave the ends hanging visible and still hide the part you’ve tied around your waist.
Step Six: Pin the toga at the shoulders so that it is as revealing or as modest as you’d like it to be. Make a few final adjustments to ensure the toga falls as you’d like it to fall and pin anywhere that still need to be pinned.

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