The Growing Stages of Fashion Evolution for Girls

When you were a child, your fashion was all over the place. When your mom told you to get dressed, you’d go up to your room, and put on the first shirt and pair of bottoms you pulled out of your drawer. Back then it was considered adorable. If you do that now as an adult, you’ll be looked at as having no sense of style.

As you grew older, your sense of style changed. Some of our styles were influenced by celebrities. There was an era of bold outfit choices with platform shoes inspired by the Spice Girls. Those who were inspired by that trend, at that time, may look at pictures now and cringe with embarrassment.

The point is, as we mature, our sense of style does too. That whole process is called growth. We’re going to take a look at how fashion evolves for girls as they grow older.


As a toddler, you have no sense of style whatsoever, but it is a fun age. Your little girl may love to walk around in a tutu with her favorite cowboy boots on everyday. As much as you try to convince her to try on a different outfit, she refuses, and says no.

That’s the thing about toddlers… they can be stubborn at times, but this is a formative age for them. This is an age where they begin to express their individuality in their clothing. You may notice that your little girl gravitates more towards clothing that is purple. Even when you’re out shopping with her, she’s pointing out clothing that is purple.

At this age, children are a lot more carefree. They don’t care what they put on, just as long as they like it. You as the parent definitely have to guide them, because you’re not going to have your child walking around looking completely out of sync, but if you figure out the colors and types of clothing they like, you can meet them halfway, giving them a little bit of what they like, and a little bit of what you will allow!


This is the age where your daughter is not a little girl anymore, but she’s also not an adult. Meaning that she has established her own sense of style, but still needs a little bit of guidance.

Tweens are heavily influenced by their peers, as well as what they see on TV and online. If they don’t have a particular brand or style of clothing, their lives are over. So when shopping for your daughter, at this particular age, include her. This will give you an idea of her style, and can also let you see where her mindset is, based on the type of clothing she chooses.

Young Adult

As a young adult, you have a full understanding of the clothes you like and don’t like. Becoming a woman, you now know your body size, and the type of clothes that work well with your body. You’ve established your own style, and have even incorporated accessories to enhance your outfit.

Your wardrobe has expanded tremendously. Yes, you appreciated all the fashion guidance from your mom and other female figures, but the time has come for you to branch out, and spread your wings.

Nice business suits, cocktail dresses, and a few pairs of red bottom shoes are a few items that one might find in the closet of a young adult. You have certain obligations now where you have to dress for the occasion. Every woman needs that little black dress for date night, and you also need a sexy pair of shoes to go with that black dress.

You’re at an age where not only has your sense of style matured, but you have matured as a person as well. Having grown into an independent woman, your clothing is now a direct reflection of that.

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