The Guide for Buying A Women’s Suit

Whether you are trying to build yourself a new professional wardrobe for your office or trying to piece together a flawless outfit for a special occasion, you can never go wrong with a great suit. The available options may overwhelm you initially. However, knowing more in regards to colors, materials, styles, and patterns that are available will help you to find yourself a suit much easily.

Knowingly how to pair your outfit with other pieces, will also help you in achieving a polished and modern look. Therefore here are some things that will help you to find the perfect women’s suit.

  1. The style

When finding a suit for yourself, you need to go with one that flatters your body. If you desire to seem taller than you are, going with a pencil or an A-line skirt will help you achieve just that. If you are pear-shaped and you have larger hips, then you could go with a pantsuit that has some flair in the legs. This will help to balance your silhouette. If you are more of a curvy woman, a suit with a classic fit will be perfect for you. On the other hand, you should avoid pleated skirts which will make you look bulky. If you work in a conservative environment, maybe you prefer skirt suits. You should hence choose a skirt which falls close to your knees, as well as a structured jacket, which hits at your waistline.

  1. Colors

You may be shopping for a few pieces for your wardrobe because you are strictly abiding by a budget. Here, you will need to go with the classic suit colors, which are quite versatile. Charcoal grey, navy blue, and black suits will go with many pieces that you already have in your wardrobe. You can even break these suits, and mix and match pieces to create many different outfits for the week.

If later on, you choose to expand this wardrobe, and you want to have some variety, you can get women’s suits in various colors. This will increase your options as you can pair some colored suit pieces with your neutral pieces.

  1. Material

The material of your suit will determine how good it looks. Because some materials are not meant for suits, some require more care while some wear well. Different fabrics are also appropriate for different seasons. Poplin and linen suits are great for warmer weather. Worsted wool, on the other hand, can work for different seasons because it will keep you warm in winter, and is breathable during the summer.

Suits made from cotton and its blends are comfortable and have some stretch to them, while polyester will make a suit that is easy to care for. If you buy pieces made out of different fabrics, ensure that the fabrics match so that you can mix and match them. With that, you will create several harmonious looks.

  1. Patterns

If you shy away from patterns while dressing for interviews or going to work, then you fall with the majority. Many women working in the corporate sector stick to solid-colored suits to be safe. If you desire to try out patterns and don’t know how to go about it, you can start with subtle prints such as pinstripes. Delicate prints will make your outfit interesting and professional at the same time.

If you are attending formal occasions, you could wear suits with elegant patterns like florals. This adds sophistication to your outfit, as long as the patterns on both the jacket and bottom are symmetrical.

Paying attention to these tips will help help you to quickly find a great set of women’s suits for your wardrobe.

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