The Hottest Holiday Hairstyles

Tis the season to celebrate! The holidays are the time of year for parties, special dinners and lots of exciting celebrations to attend- and you want to look your best from top to toe. Now we have a chance to step a little bit outside of our ordinary routine and look forward to a little fun and maybe lots of flirtation. This means not only will you be looking for spectacular holiday dresses and fabulous party shoes, but you’ll also want to show off your sense of style with the hottest of holiday hairstyles.

Best Tip for Party Hair-dos: Try out a new do a couple of days before a party.

Maybe you have a great style that you are comfortable with, but if you’re feeling a little more adventurous and you want to try something hot and new- it might be best if you practice ahead of time. Some new styles are a little complicated and take some practice before you get it just right. And some new styles look better on the celebrity whose do you want to emulate than they look on you. You want to make sure a new style is something you can accomplish and that it suits your features. At least a day in advance of your holiday party, practice the new hairstyle and try on your party outfit to make sure they style and the clothes look great together.

Celebrity Hairstyles That Rock:

These familiar faces and their spectacular hairstyles might have the advantage of access to the most talented and trendy stylists in Hollywood, but even the most complicated of these hair-dos just take a little practice to get them right. We’ll share with you some of the hottest Red Carpet styles and hairdos worn by the stars to glamorous parties and special events – and we’ll tell you how you can get each look yourself.

Nina Dubrev – Braided Ponytail (With a Twist)

Nina Dubrev – Braided Ponytail

Who would have thought a ponytail was for anywhere except the gym or the jogging path? Gorgeous starlet, Nina Dubrev, has a glammed up ponytail perfect for the Red Carpet, and you can get this sexy style for yourself. Start with a smooth, low ponytail that includes a ponytail hair extension to thicken it. Separate into three sections and as you braid, give each outside piece an upward roll and twist. You get a sort of ringlet effect to your braid that looks sleek, sexy and sophisticated. Perfect for a low-back cocktail dress.

 Zoe Deschanel – Simply Darling

This is a look that works beautifully on long hair or medium length hair. Style in soft, smooth waves with an off-center part before taking a small section that starts at the part and braiding loosely for just a few inches before securing with a sparkly, eye-catching barrette. The simple braided section gets some glamor with the decorative clip but keeps the whole look soft and adorable.

Anna Paquin – Romantic Pin-up

Anna Paquin – Romantic Pin-up

Far from an ordinary upsweep, this intentionally tumbled and slightly messy pin-up style is absolutely gorgeous, and works on both really long and not so long haircuts. Use a 1” curling iron or 1” rollers to curl and set your hair in loose curls. Don’t bother brushing after curling, just bend over and shake loose your curls a little. Then (with an ample supply of bobby pins on hand) start at the bottom with a small section, twist up loosely and secure toward the center back of your head. Then gather another section a little higher up and repeat the process until you’ve got a jumble of twisted curls pinned at the back of your head. You can even leave loose a little tendril around your ears for an ever softer, more romantic appeal.

Kate Bosworth – Sleek and Sideways


Breathtakingly glamorous, the French twist has always been one of the most popular of sophisticated hairstyles. Take it to a new level by turning the whole thing sideways and put an ultra-modern twist on the French twist. Start by smoothly brushing your hair into a sleek ponytail that is gathered on the upper side of your head. Start rolling and twisting upward as you move sideways across the back of your head. Tuck the ends in on the other side and secure with hidden bobby pins. The Sideways French Twist is a sophisticated style that brings glamour to any holiday party outfit.

Kiera Knightly – Vintage Glamour

Kiera Knightly – Vintage Glamour

Starting with damp, lightly moussed hair, use your fingers to rough dry your hair giving it a little texture and fullness. Part your hair on the side and starting from the front on one side, roll and twist your hair back, adding more hair as you roll towards the back. Add a bobby pin every now and then to secure until you reach the middle back, then start from the front on the opposite side of your head and repeat the rolling and pinning process. Remaining hair at the back can be rolled into a loose bun and secured with pins. It’s a modern take on a 50s look that is chic and stylish.

Marion Cotillard – Poof!

It’s actually really easy to achieve this uber sophisticated hairstyle for yourself and have the hottest hairstyle at the party. Brush hair and gather into a smooth ponytail just below your crown. Then, take the ponytail and tease, tease, tease until your ponytail is a big poofball. Now very lightly brush just the top layer of ponytailed hair until its smooth and covers the teased underneath portion. Smooth carefully and secure the ends underneath with bobbypins. Give the do a touch of glamour with some dangly crystal beads or a sequined hairclip. Freeze the effect with a cloud of hairspray.


Enjoy every minute of your holiday season and play around with some different party hairstyles until you find a look you love. Definitely try something different than your normal daytime do, and don’t be afraid to accessorize with some sparkle with sequined headbands or crystal hairclips.

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