The Mattress You Sleep On At Night And A Good Night’s Sleep

Everyone wants to sleep well at night.  However, that may be an elusive dream to many, especially those who are new parents.  Between all of the nightly feedings, baby comforting, bottle washing, and housekeeping, they struggle to sleep. These parents count themselves lucky to get 2 hours of sleep a night, therefore they negotiate their days with ‘one eye shut and one eye open!’  Well this calamity is easily avoidable providing they sleep a mattress with the proper dimensions.  More on this is explained below.

Queen size mattress dimensions make all the difference 

Queen size mattress dimensions make all the difference when a few precious hours make all of the difference between being ‘bright eyed and bushy tailed’ or being groggy and irritable in the morning and staying in that state for the rest of the day.  Queen size mattresses come in hefty dimensions of sixty inches in length by 80 inches in width.  This is plenty of room for the tired parents to stretch out on and relax on.  These parents can also assume any and every sleeping position imaginable.  The best part is that parents can easily co sleep with their newborns without having to worry about the deadly Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).  SIDS claims the lives of hundreds of newborns every year and is sadly completely preventable.  Parents claim that these queen sized mattresses work wonders for their sleep problems and woes.  They also look forward to sleeping on these mattresses because they know that they will wake up feeling happy, refreshed, and rested the next morning.

You can avoid the memory foam mattress problem 

Yes memory foam mattresses are like a god send to many.  However, these people soon encounter the memory foam mattress problem.  This occurs when the mattress is too comfortable and soft to sleep in.  “Wait, how can a mattress be too comfortable and soft to sleep in?  I always thought that this was a good thing!”  Yes, while soft and comfortable mattresses are generally good candidates if you want to sleep well at night, they can be a bane for new parents who just want to rest tired backs and bodies.  Since taking care of a newborn is taxing and exhausting both emotionally and physically, they want and need a sturdy mattress which offers them lots of support, especially in the neck and back.  A memory foam mattress is made out of several layers of new and innovative material.  The one thing it lacks is enough sturdiness to ‘massage’ the back, neck, and other crucial parts of the body.  This is the main reason why new parents often complain of sore necks and backs and of having slept horribly even if they slept for six hours on a memory foam mattress.

If you get a king size bed, choose the king size memory foam mattress cover 

Indeed, if you get a king size bed, you want to choose the king size memory foam mattress cover.  This kind of a mattress cover protects the super large king size bed from wear and tear, spills, pet hair and dander, and the regular baby accessories and toys which include baby rattles!  These covers are hybrid covers meaning that they are made out of a combination of different materials.  They come in layers, the top one being made out of a durable and innovative foam.  The covers are guaranteed to offer your king size mattress the best in protection thereby allowing it to last for several years beyond its life expectancy.  Additionally, the new parent will literally ‘sleep like a baby’ on these covers.  They will find that their bodies are literally rocked to sleep by the many layers of soft and comfortable but firm fabric which will provide good support and rest their tired bodies.

Now any new parent can sleep well at night

Now any new parent can sleep well at night after having read the information in this article.  This is because he or she will know exactly what to invest in and what not to invest in in terms of the right mattresses and sleep aides.  These mattresses and sleep aides were partially designed with new parents in mind.  They are therefore designed for their ergonomic needs.  Now new parents no longer need to trudge through the days of new parenting feeling tired and groggy and with ‘one eye open and one eye shut!’ 

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