The Men (or Bois) of ‘Made in Chelsea’

With the hit series Made in Chelsea (MIC) back on our screens we’ve all been watching through our fingers and cringing at the socially awkward situations the cast get themselves into each week. Aside from the fast cars, the posh venues and gorgeous plethora of girls all that money also gets the guys of Made in Chelsea some pretty hot fashion pieces.

The men’s clothing on display ranges from Saville Row smart suits to casual ‘garms’ that could have you mistaking the millionaires for your average Joe, at least until they open their mouths. There are 3 distinct fashions that seem to be prevalent throughout the series but which category do you best fit into?

Clean cut

There’s no mistaking Mr. money bags here! Your suit is made to measure and fits you like a glove, you’ve got your name stitched in the inside pocket and either a loud, patterned pocket square or shiny pocket watch to complete the look. If you’ve played it safe with the suit and kept it plain you more than make up for it with a selection of over the top colourful shirts, braces and the slicked back hair do. The only question is can you get your shoes shinier than hair like Spencer Matthews!?

Casual ‘Boi’

This season’s Made in Chelsea has seen Francais turn full circle from a clean cut business man to one of the casual ‘bois’ spending their time strolling the cool, underground bars and shops of Chelsea. Team a pair of jeans, some converse and an acid wash hoodie with a backwards ‘snapback’ cap and you’re good to go. You can also achieve that perfect casual look with one of your artist turned fashion designer mate’s funky and original t-shirt designs to give that casual yet cool look.

Eclectic Heritage

Think Jamie on the golf course, a mix match of eclectic clothing items all thrown together in a discontented manner with a crumpled hair do that looks slightly on edge. Rupert bear style trousers tucked into a large and slightly baggy pair of golf/football socks with a pair of polished boat shoes to top off the look. You look completely mental but who cares? You’ve got the funds to buy another outfit if you need to and what’s more you get more attention than any of your conventionally dressed mates.

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