The Most Dramatic Celebrity Haircuts 2012

Being a celebrity has its perks. You get to be rich and famous. You get to live in a big fancy house and drive a big fancy car. You get to pick and choose your vacation destinations based on where you want to go instead of where you can afford to go. Pretty sweet. Being a celebrity also has its drawbacks. You have to trade silly things like privacy for cameras constantly snapping in your face every time you leave your house. You also feel near constant pressure to stay fresh, new and exiting. Or so I assume anyway. I’m not a celebrity. I just write about them which is exactly what I’m going today.


Many female celebrities have learned something as simple as a haircut or new hair color can get people talking. When Kerri Russell cut off her trademark locks while Felicity was still airing, many people blamed that decision on the show’s cancellation. And before Britney Spears shaved her head in front of a horde of paparazzi people weren’t really concerned about her sanity. They just thought she was quirky. Hair has a lot of power in Hollywood so it’s always surprising when a female celebrity makes a drastic change. With that in mind, I bring you some of the most dramatic haircuts 2012 has had to offer thus far.

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Anne Hathaway

Anne Hathaway is easily one of my favorite actresses working in the industry right now and there are a few reasons for that. She’s talented, beautiful and really seems to carefully choose the roles she takes on. For the upcoming film adaptation of Les Mis (which I can’t wait to see), Anna was required to chop off her long locks for her role and I love how it turned out. The cut really compliments Anne and whether it was for work or not, I think the change really suits her.

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Charlize Theron

When Charlize Theron debuted her brand new buzz cut, many people were surprised Charlize would get such a dramatic haircut for a movie (Mad Max: Fury Road) but I wasn’t. Why? Because this most definitely isn’t the first time Miss. Theron has gotten a dramatic makeover for a movie. Anyone remember Monster? North Country? The Astronaut’s Wife? Charlize is a dedicated actress but more than that, she’s fearless. I love the buzz cut but with Charlize’s bone structure, she can pretty much pull off any look.

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Portia de Rossi

I absolutely love Portia de Rossi. While her long, wavy blond hair is sort of a trademark for her, I can’t deny being a little more than just happy to see her sporting a shorter hair cut. It really works for her. The color is great, the cut is great and it’s just a youthful, fun look overall. I’m honestly not sure she could do anything to her hair that wouldn’t look fantastic though. She’s such a beautiful, confident woman that can pull off just about anything.

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Zoë Kravitz

Zoë is a beautiful, talented young woman. I absolutely loved her on Californication and can’t wait to see where her career takes her. Whether she chooses to pursue movies or music, she has the talent to succeed at either. While I thought Zoë looked great with her long, wavy locks, I actually prefer the short pixie cut she started sporting in June. There’s just something about the cut that really works for her. She’s a beautiful young woman and I think the cut helps accentuate her best features. Great move on her part.


Mary-Kate Olsen

Mary-Kate Olsen didn’t have to chop off her long locks to get people talking about her new look. By dying her naturally blond locks a dark brown shade, Mary-Kate has completely changed her look and while I wasn’t sure it worked at first, the new color really grows on me a little more every time I look at it. Fair skinned blonds really need to be careful when they take their hair darker, but Mary-Kate seems to have found the exact right shade. Great look.

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Willow Smith

The “21st Century Girl” can no longer whip her hair with this close cropped style but in all honesty, I think Willow Smith’s dramatically shorter haircut was a great choice for her. It looks great on her but it is also bold and unexpected. While I wasn’t sure I wanted to include someone so young on this list, I couldn’t just skip over Willow. She’s completely changed her look and do what kids do best – keep us on our toes.

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Miley Cyrus

While perhaps not completely shocking, it was at least a little bit surprising to see Miley Cyrus out and about with five inches of her trademark long brown hair missing. I think it was a great choice for Miley. The shorter ‘do updated her look but it also didn’t age her. That’s not always true of young Hollywood celebs who opt for shorter styles. She still looks youthful but has refreshed her style and got people talking. Definitely a bonus on all fronts. I’m not a big Miley Cyrus fan but I love this haircut.

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Cameron Diaz

When Cameron Diaz first burst onto the scene as the sexy siren opposite Jim Carrey in The Mask, one of the things that stood out about her most was her gorgeous long blond locks. Over the years, Cameron has played with her hairstyle a lot so it should really be no surprise that she sported a short but still sexy bob this winter. It’s a great look for Cameron but with her bone structure, she can pull of just about anything.

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Poppy Montgomery

Poppy Montgomery proves you don’t have to cut off your long locks to give your hairstyle a dramatic makeover. By darkening up her pretty red locks, Poppy make her style look fresh and new while still keeping her hair long and full. If you’re not sure a dramatic haircut is right for you, this might be a great option for you to consider. In terms of the most dramatic celebrity haircuts 2012 has offered so far, Poppy’s is one of my favorites because it’s simple, fairly low maintenance but entirely unexpected.

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