The Most Popular Sport In The World

We often hear that some kind of sports “is gaining popularity ” or “is always in demand”. Nowadays people pay a big attention to different activities. More and more men and women can be found in a gym. A healthy lifestyle is the modern trend of our life. Everyone wants to stay fit and look good.

So, it will be described most popular sports in the entire world in accordance to the data of International Association «Sport for all» (TAFISA).


Sports Concepts


The second position is given to football. Among all sportsmen and sportswomen of the world, football is played by 8.4%, including professional football players, amateurs, and children.

This game appeared in ancient times, and the first rules were written in 1848. Today a number of football fans form the third part of the world population.

Playing football keeps a person fit and improves the heart work. For those, who are fond of virtual games, online pokies real money are the definite answer.


Yoga is a specific kind of sport. People began to practice yoga since the ancient times, but high popularity this kind of sport has gained recently. Now 7.4% of all sportsmen (fourth ranking position) prefer this discipline to the others. Today it is difficult to imagine that the popularity of yoga may decrease. Almost every fitness club offers yoga classes for adults, children, pregnant women, and etc. After all, person finds something special in it. Someone likes it for physical and mental development, someone for meditation and the other one for the ability to receive a strong body.

Cycle racing

Fifth place in the International ranking is given to cycling. The history of bicycle started in the XIX century and the first competition was held in the twentieth century. Today, this sports discipline is among five most popular sports activities. Cycling is good for muscle strengthening, for heart and respiratory system. 


Swimming is in the third place, including diving, with the index of 8.1%.

People have learned to swim long time ago. This sport remains popular due to huge health benefits and low injury rate.

Swimming makes a very positive impact on the entire human body, it helps to develop almost all muscle groups. In addition, swimming helps to fortify the immune system.


The first place in the world ranking is given to popular sports discipline – athletics. It is ” the Queen of Sports” and the oldest one.

Running was one of the main disciplines at Olympic Games even in ancient Greece. The popularity of this game increased after the revival of Olympic Games in 1896.

Running and race walking are good for health – they make a positive effect on the cardiovascular and respiratory system.

So, if you want to be healthy and look young choose your own sport.

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