Tips for Achieving Beautiful Feet

Clean, beautiful, well-groomed feet are as important as beautiful face. And if you wear open toe sandals and slippers often, your feet will get plenty of exposures requiring not only the need to look good, but also require extra care. Proper looked after feet not only look attractive, but can also protect you from various hygiene related problems including fungal diseases.

Feet with dark patches, fungal infection, hard skin or ruined burned color can ruin your entire look and shake your confidence. Feet are usually the most neglected part of our body, while beautifying ourselves with extra care; we completely forget how our neglected feet can destroy our entire look.

Keeping your feet beautiful is not at all a tall order. A little regular care can give you charming and alluring feet. Flaunt your attractive feet in open sandals, put on nail color and walk with confidence. Simple regular care can give you nice feet; here are few tips to keep your beautiful feet attractive,

Regular washing:

Human body need to be cared daily, keeping every part of body clean and neat is necessary, not only because it gives our body a fresh feeling bur also helps to fight many skin related problems.

Regular washing of feet can alone save us from many foot related problems. Washing feet with regular soap twice a day keeps them healthy, and clean them from harmful germs and bacteria. Keeping feet in lukewarm water for some time gives a relaxing feeling to whole body; it helps in reducing pain in foot muscles.

Dry properly:

Normally those people who sweat a lot, especially on feet, or wear boats for a long time are most likely to develop fungus related infections. Keeping feet dry is a key to have healthy feet.

After every wash properly dry your feet with foot towel, and make sure all the areas, including area between the toes is properly dried. It is very important to give your feet fresh air for at least one hour if you have wear your shoes for 6 to 7 hours continuously. Your feet can develop skin infections if you are not keeping them dry properly. If you sweat a lot then use powder around your toes while putting your shoes on and always wash properly after removing shoes.

Using foot scrubs:

Regular scrubbing can help in removing dead cells from the skin of feet and make feet smooth and soft. Scrubbing soften the skin and makes it shine. After scrubbing uses any regular cream to massage your feet, it will increase blood circulation and make the skin healthier.


Just like our face, hand and arms our feet skin also need protection from the harmful rays of the sun. Always apply good sunscreen on your feet before going out; it will protect your feet from ultra violet harmful rays of the sun. It will also protect the skin from tanning, from extra exposure to sun rays.

Trimming of toenails:

Cut your toenails thrice in a month and use a wooden blunt stick to push the cuticle. Always soak your feel in lukewarm water before cutting your toenail; it will make the process easier, never cut the cuticle as it may pave way for infection.

Use antiperspirant:

A good antiperspirant can also be helpful to prevent excessive sweating. Antiperspirant can easily absorb excessive sweat and keep your feet dry, to save them from fungus and any infection. Shoe inserts can also be beneficial as shoe inserts have charcoal as a key ingredient which can help in absorbing odor.

Choose shoes wisely:

Your shoes also play an important role in the health of your feet. Always choose shoes which are best fit to your feet, go for comfort not for style. If your shoes are not comfortable to your feet, never use them, no matter how much stylish they are. They can be hard on the skin of your feet, by giving you lifelong damage.

If your feet are already damaged from the extra exposure to sun, then use shoes for some months which are totally or at least partially closed. And if your feet are going through any skin infection due to excessively sweating then wear shoes from which your skin can easily breathe.

Perfect nail polish:

A perfect nail polish can also help in improving the look of your feet, always choose quality nail polish. Choose colors according to your skin tone, the color which does not look good on your feet can ruin the entire beauty of your feet. In summers light color are preferred while in winter’s dark color look fine. A nice color can enhance the entire beauty of your feet and can add a lot to your confidence.


Just take a little time out of your busy routine, and give your feet a little portion of your love to bloom and add to your look.

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