Tips for choosing the right shade for your skin this spring

This year, the loveable, renowned groundhog, ‘Punxsutawney Phil’, didn’t see his shadow, on February 2nd. If you’re unfamiliar with this particular weather-predicting process, what this is supposed to mean for the world is an early spring.

Therefore, even if the view outside your window isn’t quite as optimistic, it’s certainly time to start choosing items for the spring wardrobe and finding the shades and tones to match. Here are some tips that could certainly help you to make your skin look spring-ready.

Call on Living Coral

“Vibrant, yet mellow,” is how Pantone defines 2019’s Colour of the Year. It doesn’t sound like a bad place to start, does it? You can find this colour already working its way into lipsticks and nail varnish, and being added to eye shadow and blusher palettes.

It not only looks great as a standout colour itself, it also complements rich mocha and deep caramel tones, too. It also makes an excellent colour for your tops, jackets and accessories, so combine more subtle shades around it to bring out the very best of 2019’s most celebrated shade so far.

It’s all in the lips

If New York fashion week proved one thing, between Groundhog Day itself and the early spring we’ve been promised, it’s that you can never own too many red lipsticks. Interestingly, however, these vibrant reds have been accentuated by more natural complexions elsewhere.

Subtle eye shadow and foundation bring out the best of this simultaneously classic and contemporary look. Look for natural, nude and porcelain shades to accentuate the look of your red lipsticks this spring.

Give it some glitterati

Contrastingly, however, another popular look this year is keeping the lips looking natural but adding some serious colour to the eyes. Sparkling, glitter-based eye shadow makes your eyes beam from afar, with the look enhanced by natural lips and a little warm beige foundation on the cheeks.

To ensure that all but one aspect of your complexion achieves a perfectly natural look, apply a cruelty free mineral foundation that will enhance the skin’s appearance. Wear the look emphatically with neutral colours as spring sets in.

Line them up

For a less extravagant but equally engaging look, keep everything absolutely minimal by applying a sharp black eyeliner along your inner waterline. When combined with natural shade foundation, minimalist eye shadow and lipstick, this slight but standout line is all you need to enhance an already engaging look.

Pick the shade closest to your own skin, apply just enough to be noticeable, and enhance your lips with a similarly subtle swish.

Allow for sunlight

Finally, keep an eye on the sun as spring heads towards summer. As dark nights fade away and afternoons begin to heat up, adapt your makeup as your complexion naturally brightens up itself.

Accentuate sunny cheeks with darker, richer tones, or scale back your suntan with lighter, softer colours. Help your skin to breathe, by using organic cleansers and skincare products, and make the most of the natural glow that follows.

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