Tips for Keeping Your Hair Shiny and Healthy

Hair is the most powerful weapon of a woman, most beautiful and important part of our body. Healthy, shiny and bouncy hair is a must have for every gorgeous woman. It gives you defined look and make your appearance catchier. Smooth, flowing hair has always been the centre of poet’s attention while praising a woman’s beauty.

Beautiful hair adds an extra flare to your beauty, without long, shiny and healthy hair even the most beautiful face doesn’t come to its full blossom. For centuries women have been making hair the centre of attention while beautifying themselves. Applying different kinds of herbs, oils and minerals to hairs to make hair long and shiny has been in practice for many years. Now new techniques have been developed for enhancing the beauty of all types of hairs and making them look their best.

Here are few techniques which can be adopt to make hair look shiny, flowing and healthy,

Proper diet:

According to experts opinions (click here.. ) healthy food along with your health and skin can also benefit your hairs. It’s about the inside out, how healthy you are from inside will show up in your hair. Drinking plenty of water is also a key to beautiful hair; include in your daily diet lots of proteins and vitamins to make scalp as well as hairs healthy.

There are many foods which help hair to become healthier and can reduce dryness. Here is a list of foods that are essential to achieving that result,






Green vegetables

Dairy products


Proper wash:

Proper washing can also make hair strong and beautiful. Over washing can also be damaging for hair, washing hairs with the gap of one or days is enough for maintaining proper hygiene and shine of the hairs, if you sweat a lot in your head then once a day is enough, over washing can make hair dry. Even if it necessary wash your hair with shampoo thrice in a week and rest of the days wash without using shampoo, even the mild one.

Rinse your hair properly after washing so no residuals of any shampoo can remain in your hairs to make them dull.

Always keep your hair clean, dust and sweat can make your hairs weak and dull and they can lose their healthy feel. Most of the problems related to hair can be solved just by following a proper diet and proper cleansing of hair.


Protect from harsh chemicals:

Always protect you hairs from harmful chemicals; even using harsh shampoo daily can be critically harmful for your hairs. While choosing shampoo, always make sure that, it does not contain any harmful chemicals, or use baby shampoos, which are extra mild for your hairs. Silicon can be harmful for hairs while using in long run, so always picking up any hair related product makes sure it does not contain silicon, or choose any other, unless product is really necessary.

Limit the use of chemical based products for, bleaching, coloring or styling your hairs. You can definitely gain an instant look from these products but over dose of these products can make damage to hairs which can’t be retrieved.

Proper conditioning:

If your hair is dry or frizzy then conditioning can be also a good idea, and can be really beneficial for your hairs. But always choose a conditioner which is made to be used daily and does not contain extra harsh chemicals. Conditioner helps to lock moisture inside the hair and prevents it from becoming extra dry.

You can choose any conditioner, from any brand, but always carefully rinse the conditioner out of your hair; it will protect your hair from damage as well as give it a wonderful shine. Rinsing conditioner with cold water also helps in locking moisture into your hairs and makes them softer. Leave in conditioner can also be used, but always be careful not giving your hairs extra dose of any chemical based product, even of conditioner.

Deep conditioning is also very effective and safe for making hairs soft; you can go for once in a week or once in a two week for deep conditioning along with your routine conditioner use. If you want to give your hair natural conditioning then henna can be your best choice, because it is a natural conditioner, and helps to make hairs soft.

Yogurt care:

Applying yogurt to hair is also a good therapy to give hair a softer and shiner look.

Before washing your hair you can mix a little bit of your usual oil with the yogurt and apply in your hairs, keep this mixture in your hairs for half an hour and wash it thoroughly with water, you have to wash your hair several times to rinse the mixture properly, be patient and complete the process. In the end you will have shinier and softer hair. This therapy also helps in making hairs healthy.

Oil nourishment:

Olive oil is also very useful to make hairs healthy, it also helps in growing new hair and make hair thicker and shinier.

Hot oil treatment is also very famous for making hairs healthy. Warm the oil in the microwave oven for 10 seconds and massage this oil into your scalp, keep this oil for at least 15 to 30 minutes in your hair and then wash thoroughly, you will find your hair becoming shinier and more flowing than ever.


Styling your hair with different styling products, is not a bad idea if you are using them once in a while. While using any devices which give your hairs heat, use heat-protectants and do not let the same strand of hair undergo the heat repeatedly. Limit ironing and blow drying your hairs, as this can make your hairs dry.

Always style your hair with using less styling products; this will make your hairs healthy and save them from damaging.

Uses these simple tips for your hair and make your hair look amazingly gorgeous and attractive, let it flow and make your life more beautiful.

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