Tips for Getting Pink Lips the Easy Way!

Are your lips super dark, so dark that you are fed of them and wish to have really soft, supple pin lips to die for? That is one wish rooted deep inside each and every girls’ heart. Especially in the heart of those who have wistfully dark lips and wish to change that soon! Lips have always ideally been pictured as soft supple and super pink pillows of beauty residing on your face. But there are many out there who are simple fed up of the dark lips they were born with or acquired later on!

The main causes of dark lips are usually unhealthy habits that many of us fall into, such as smoking consistently, not drinking lots of water, binging on unhealthy junk food and being careless towards ourselves. If we can be even a little bit health conscious, we can save our lips from getting too dark or affected by the adverse side effects of our unhealthy habits! And this is what this article is meant to do! This article is meant to provide you with superb tips with the help of which you can get super pink and healthy lips! Have fun Reading!

1.Tip #1: Avoid Smoking1

The first and the most essential tip that you should strictly follow is to stop smoking and avoid it as you would avoid plague! Cigarette consists of nicotine which has been proved to be the ingredient which causes your lips to darken! That’s why a lot of people are making the switch now on using handheld vaporizers (Click now to check out the best pocket vaporizer in the market). So the sooner you quit smoking, the better are the chances of you having pink and healthier lips!

2.Tip #2: Avoid Coffee and Tea2

Another thing on the list which you should avoid as much as you can is coffee as well as tea. They comprise of caffeine which works the same way a nicotine works in a cigarette. So find a good substitute as quick as you can and avoid coffee or tea!

3.Tip #3: Avoid Exposure to Sun3

There are few of us who contain lots of pigment called melanin present in our lips. And the sun is said to increase the melanin reaction in our lips which results in most of us ending up with blacken lips. So it is suggested that we should protect our lips with lips balms as well as lipsticks which contains some spf formula in order to retain our pink lips!

4.Tip #4: Do not use Cheap Cosmetics4

Save yourself the agony of blackened lips by avoiding using any sort of cheap cosmetics. If you use lots and lots of lipsticks as well as cheap and artificial lip balms/ sticks, they may blacken your lips a lot as they contain unwanted and harmful chemicals in them! Always go for healthy and good cosmetics which provides the required nutrition to your lips and ensure that your lips are pink always!

5.Tip #5: Exfoliation is the Key5

It isn’t just the body, face and feet that needs exfoliation. Your lips need exfoliation too! Usually dead skin builds up on your lips which may make it look tad black and dry. Scrub your lips regularly using organic lip products as well as soft lip brushes. You can even take some sugar on your finger and brush it properly over your lips to remove all the dead skin easily. Make sure that you apply a good lip balm after the process!

6.Tip #6: Avoid biting your Lips6

If you have a habit of biting your lips or sucking onto them continuously then let me tell you about the harm that you are doing to your beautiful lips! The above mentioned habits causes you lips to lose all the hydration and hence get black and dry instantly. Make sure that you keep your lips hydrated by using good lip moisturizers! Also drink as much water as you can in a day to keep yourself and your lips fresh and healthy.

7.Tip #7: Go for a Healthy Diet7

Make sure that the food which you eat is always healthy. Include as much green vegetables and fruits in your daily diet as you can. Also take Vitamin C regularly as they are important in providing the required nutrition to your lips and thereby reducing lip pigmentation.

8.Tip #8: Stay away from Chlorine as much as you can8

Avoid chlorine as much as you can. If you drink water which is chlorinated or contains chlorine in some or more amount, then it may cause pigmentation on your lips and hence you may end up having dark and dead lips! So avoid drinking water which is chlorinated as it is a must, in order for you to have healthy and pink lips!

9.Tip #9: Lips acquired Genetically9

In most of the cases, people are born with dark lips, just the way their parents and their ancestors have had in the family! In such cases one cannot do much to lighten the color of the dark lips. In such cases one cannot consort to using lip balms, lipsticks or some medicated lip moisturizer in order to un-darken the lips. In such cases the only option left is to go for surgery in order to get lips of a normal color.

10.Tip #10: Natural Anecdotes10

Last but not the least one can always and should always go for natural anecdotes and remedies as well! Cosmetics and surgeries are not always the only option available to the people in order to get pink lips, one should try natural remedies too! These include applying lime juice, glycerin, honey, almond oil, the beneficial aloe vera as well as cucumber juice! These elements are always easily available at home and one can go for these natural remedies to get super healthy, soft, supple and super luscious yummy pink lips the natural way which is much more healthier as compared to other techniques of getting pink lips!

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