The Top 3 Women in the Poker Scene

Shining bright in a male-dominated industry.

We’ve all shared the common notion that casinos and poker tables are places for men, and this may have caused most of us to stay away from the tables. Even in the most glamorous portrayals of casinos, women are nothing more than arm candy, never playing the games themselves.

But there are some women who have risen in the face of this adversity and shown just how well they can play the tables, too. Casino operators have begun to see the female demographic as a viable market, with Intercasino, the world’s first online casino, even offering Women’s Day promotions. Taking full advantage of this, we see some women beginning to make a name for themselves in this cut-throat male-dominated industry.

1. Kara Scott


Kara Scott is one of the more well-known names in the poker industry, as she’s currently an ambassador for one of the bigger brands in the UK. Her career started, surprisingly, not in small games in casinos, but in Muay Thai. She’d used her background in the sport to book a gig hosting Now is the Time: Night of Combat before moving on to hosting High Stakes Backgammon. It wasn’t long before she transitioned to poker, and left full-time hosting to be able to focus on her own poker career. In 2009, she told PokerListings, “I know a lot of people don’t think I can play and there are always going to be people who say I can’t. But I have made the final of a female championship, I won a Sports Star Challenge, I went deep in the World Series of Poker Main Event and now I’ve come second in the Irish Open. I think my game is improving.”

2. Lynn Gilmartin

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Young and feisty, Lynn Gilmartin can be considered the poker scene’s sweetheart. Although she doesn’t actively play poker or any other table games, she’s one of the most well-known faces on the poker scene now, having hosted the coverage various major poker tournaments for ESPN over the years. She now works with Fox Sports, playing the role of anchor for the World Poker Tour’s twelfth season, as well as producing the first season of WPT Alpha8. She also graced the cover of Bluff Magazine in December 2013.

3. Vanessa Selbst

There’s probably no woman quite as well known in the poker industry as Vanessa Selbst. Ranked second in the Global Poker Index (and the only woman to ever have reached the #1 spot), this New Yorker is a down-to-earth, pleasant, and rather funny poker player who has thousands of followers on Twitter. In January of 2013, she made a name for herself as the highest earning female in poker history when she won the PCA high roller for $1.4m. Calling herself “Just an average poker-playing, sorta-almost-lawyering, social-justice-fighting, game-loving, fun-having girl next door,” you can usually find her on Twitter speaking to her fans, and joking about the everyday happenings of her life.

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