Top Fashion Bazaars in India

linkingroadShopping in the streets of India can be an enthralling experience as you can get anything you want, ranging from souvenirs such as exclusive handicrafts, to the latest gadgets for the gadget-geeks! Even if lots of malls have sprung up all over India, nothing can be compared to the shopping indulged on the streets of India which is sheer bliss.

India is a country rich in culture and a place where other cultures meet and blend. You can get variety of goods here amidst the colorful and chaotic bazaars. With the local craft in front of your eyes to see, you can pick goods of your choice and have a taste of the mixed flavors offered on the streets. In India, New Delhi is labeled as the fashion Capital, Kolkata and Jaipur are renowned for their exclusive jewelry and sophisticated sarees whereas Mumbai is known for street shopping which is cheap and affordable.

So, let us find out more about the options of shopping that can be indulged on the streets of India!

On the streets of Delhi:Delhi-Streets-23

It is not off-handedly known as the fashion capital of India, but when someone mentions Delhi, we usually start visualizing the hustle and bustle of the markets where you get diverse collection of knick knacks ranging from garments, jewelry, latest clothes on the fashion circuit to colorful and funky chappals. Here, sky is the limit in a true sense.!

You can start exploring from Dilli Haat if you have passion for handicrafts and if you are a foodie who likes trying everything from different states. Then your next stops can be Lajpat Nagar, Palika Bazaar, Khan Market for browsing for ready-made garments and latest fashionable clothes.

Janpath and Connaught Place is a must-visit if you have inclination towards dresses, ethnic jewelry, colorful sandals and unbelievably fashionable clothes. And head to Dariba if you want to shop for silver and gold jewelry.

On the streets of Mumbai:shopping mumbai

If Delhi is labeled as the Fashion capital, Mumbai is both the Fashion Capital as well as the Financial Capital of India. And plays the role of both with finesse! The roads of Mumbai are full of street bazaars, hawkers selling intriguing goods on the streets and you can even get latest fashion in the various thrift stores in Mumbai. The most known areas for shopping in Mumbai include Linking Road in Bandra and the causeway in Colaba. You can even explore the Chor bazaar in Mumbai which is a popular flea market and stocked with everything that you require and much more. If you are looking for books, head straightaway to Flora Fountain. Zaveri Bazaar is a good choice if you are jewelry-shopping or buying ethnic antiques. From designer clothes to affordable street fashion, Mumbai is every Shopaholics paradise!

On the streets of Kolkata:Street-shopping-@-Colaba-Causeway1

The City of Joy is an exciting city to shop in, teeming with oodles of street markets offering ethnic sarees, jewelry, to stylish clothes and many things more! Kolkata is home to the very renowned New Market that offers varieties of goods such as fashionable dresses, sandals and shoes, funky to ethnic jewelry and the latest fashion that you didn’t even think of! And coming to Kolkata and not even buying the sarees they are famous for is wastage of the trip. The silk sarees and the Red-Bordered Bengali sarees are simply to-die-for. You would want to grab more and more of things, whatever you glance at!

Teens and youngsters head to Sadar Market which is stocked with clothes and other fashion goods imported from China. They are delight to look at and I assure you would buy it in jiffy! Kolkata is a shopping haven for those who have a tight shopping budget, so it is a paradise for every Bargain Hunter!

On the streets of Jaipur:jaipur

The pink City is also known as Crafts Capital of India where you would get gems and jewelry, unique folk art and the handlooms from cottage industries in piles. Johri Bazaar is a must visit of you are planning to buy precious and semi-precious stones. You can get beautiful tie-and-dye sarees in Kota as well which is a delight to own. As mentioned earlier, Jaipur is renowned for its unique craftsmanship, so a must-buy are slip-on shoes called the “jutis” which are souvenirs worth taking back home!

On the streets of Goa:goa

Apart from being named as a mesmerizing paradise of India, it is a shopping haven as well.  It is sheer delight to explore the fairs and flea markets of Goa such as the flea market in Anjuna Beach, where you can get anything ranging from ethnics to eclectic goods at affordable prices. Mapusa market and Calangute market are another markets where you can shop till you drop!

On the streets of Bengaluru:bangalore

Even though being an IT hub of India, it is a must-not-miss shopping destination for brides-to-be. You can head straight to Commercial Street in Bengaluru to shop for fashionable clothes, funky jewelry, shoes and chappals. Visit Chickpet Bazaar if you are going for silver and gold hunting. You can also get best bargains in the flea markets of M.G Road and Brigade Road.

On the streets of Kashmir:kashmir

It is known as ‘Heaven on Earth’ and one of the most famous tourist attractions of India. And its handicrafts are truly equally beautiful. Pashmina shawls are a must-have if you make a trip to Kashmir as it is in demand throughout the globe. Vir marg and  Hari Market in Jammu are the best place to head to if you want to buy the famous Dongra jewelry, and J & K arts emporium is a must-visit if you want to take back home as a beautiful Pashmina shawl as a treasured souvenir.

So, why go abroad for a shopping splurge when we have our very own Shopping havens in India! Tighten your seat-belts and get prepared for the best shopping spree and Shop till you Drop!

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