Tutorial: Do the Famous French Manicure easily at Home

First and foremost thing that I would like to mention is that there is a common confusion amongst people as to what exactly is manicure, what is the difference between a simple manicure and a French manicure as well as what is exactly French Manicure is! So many questions and where to get the answers? Do not worry, as this article would provide with all the solutions to your overwhelming confusions regarding French manicure.

Manicure is something which is done to make your nails look fresh and healthy. It basically involves you taking care of your nails in order to attain much healthier and beautiful nails. This may include filing your nails, massaging them, shaping the nails and at the very end applying a nail varnish. In French manicure what you basically do is take care of your nails in such a way that in the end they resemble normal nails (not artificial manicure) with the only difference of being much more healthier! In a French manicure, the tips of the nails are painted in white which looks quite elegant, sophisticated and chic!

So let us have a look at how to do French manicure the easy way at home!

Things you would Require:      

  • Nail Paint Remover
  • Wad of Cotton
  • A bowl of lukewarm water
  • Some shampoo
  • Some hydrogen peroxide
  • A basecoat
  • Tip guides
  • Light pink nail varnish
  • A really awesome hand cream
  • An opaque nail varnish
  • A Cuticle pusher
  • A Cuticle Oil
  • A Topcoat in the end
  • And of course this Helpful Tutorial!

Steps to get French Manicure at Home:

Step 1: The Initial Prep1

The very first step in getting a French manicure is to remove your previous nail varnish using a really good nail paint remover (make sure not to use cheap ones!). Using cheap nail paint remover can damage your delicate cuticles.

Step 2: Lukewarm WaterElegance woman hands on spa treatment.

The very next thing you have to do is immerse your hand in lukewarm water. Make sure to add little hydrogen peroxide as well as some shampoo to the lukewarm water before dipping your hands. Keep it immersed for about fifteen minutes.

Step 3: Applying Oil3

After keeping your hands immersed in water for about fifteen minutes, take them out and dry them with a towel. Now apply cuticle oil on your hand and massage for few minutes.

Step 4: Cuticle Pusher4

With the help of a really good cuticle pusher, just simply push back your cuticles.  If there are any dry cuticles present, simply snip them off then and there. Get your cuticles done nicely!

Step 5: Application of Basecoat5

Now is the time for you to take out your very best basecoat. The first thing is the application of basecoat. Apply it properly and leave it dry off completely. Make sure that you buy a really best and nourishing basecoat for yourself and especially your nails!

Step 6: Application of Base Color6

The very next thing you have to do after application of basecoat is to apply the base color. The base color can be of any color, depending upon your choice, but make sure that it is light in color!

The colors that you can opt for are- very light pink base color or a very light beige (nude) shade. Make sure after applying it you should let it dry off properly. If it isn’t dry then you wont be able to proceed to the next step of our French manicure tutorial!

Step 7: Tip Guides7

After your base color dries off completely, go ahead with the manicure by putting tip guides exactly on the smile line of your nails. If you are confused, have a look at the picture shown here for your ease!

Step 8: Applying the white nail paint8

If you go to a parlor to get French manicure done, it would cost you galleons! The white nail paint which they apply on the tip of the nails would cost you a fortune, about 3000 bucks! So save your money by using a simple yet good white nail varnish at home to get the look!

A plain yet really good white nail polish would do the trick easily and make your nails appear as if you have just left the nail parlor! Apply the white nail polish with precision along the area cut off by the guide tips. Be patient while doing this and do not be too much messy!

Step 9: Removing the guide tips9

All the while your white nail paint is still wet, take off the guide tips from your nails. Make double sure that you remove these tips when your nail varnish is still wet!

Step 10: Cleaning up the Mess10

After you remove the guide tips, check for any smudges created by your white nail polish. If there are any (or many), make sure to remove these messes using a clean ear bud soaked in your nail polish remover. Do this task with precision as you would want to end up having sexily impeccable nails!

Step 11: Application of the Top Coat:cover

After cleaning up all the messy white nail polish properly, end up the look by applying a top color on your beautiful nails and leaving it to dry off completely.

Step 12: The Last Step12

Give the nourishment your nails crave for by applying cuticle oil on your nails! And voila! You are done with French manicure at home in a jiffy!

Now there are various French manicure kits available in the market and it totally depends upon you which one you would like to go for. Just keep it in mind that all expensive stuffs are not usually the best always! Hope you found in this article a wealth of knowledge regarding DIY French Manicures!

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