28 Fabulous Gorgeous Updos for Long Hair

Think pretty! Think princess! Think prom and cute and weddings galore! Yes, you got it right! The complete list of updos for long hair. Some are simple and easy to do when you are in a hurry, and you need to be in a class like 10 minutes ago. Some are perfect for “I Dos” while some are meant for a romantic night or sweet 16 prom.

However, remember these 3 essential tips when working with long hair.

  1. Brushing – Always brush your hair before starting the styling. Better yet, do it frequently and regularly for proper maintenance.
  2. Gathering – When you are gathering your hair, make sure that you don’t pull too tightly or too loosely. However, better start with a firm and tight hold. Also, remember that you can always loosen up the strands especially when working on a romantic updo.
  3. Securing – Make sure you have your elastic or pin ready when you re working with long hair. The secret to all the romantic wedding updos is securing all those gathered parts and locks.

Updos for Long Hair – Best and Easy Tips and Tricks

If you think long hair is boring, think again with our collection of classic chignon to cute takes to beautiful romantic messes.

Sweet Vintage Romance

Brush your hair to straighten out the kinks and then use big curlers on bigger handfuls of hair. Leave in separate sections and loosely braid. Pin unruly curls while gently pulling the braid for a sweet vintage look reminiscent of an age gone past.

You can also soften the look with some stray strands to frame the sides. Use a setting spray to keep hair in place if you are opting for a cleaner look.

Add a fresh blossom or two, or even a wreath to complete the vintage look.



Iconic and Glorious Fit for a Queen

Pantera nobility will have nothing on this glorious regal updo that is superbly perfect for uber-curly or kinky hair. The sleek braided style is ideal with dramatic makeup and some killer boots.

The secret to this Queen Bey style is not ironing out the kinks and curl. Own the texture and use it to lift the form.

First, section your hair into parts before braiding into a tight hold without flattening the sections. It’s better to ask a friend, your stylist or cousin to help you with this beautiful and stunning queenly hairstyle.

This updo is made for walkin’ and an iconic look made for a queen

Simple Summer Sunshine Chic

Brighten up your day with this simple updo that begins with simple braids and a twisted ponytail. The secret is the crown braiding that accents the simple summer look.

This is a fairly easy look to capture with making 1-3 plaits that you can bring around to crown your head. Secure the remainder of your hair with a twisted ponytail.

However, don’t forget to hide the ends underneath the twist. Soften the look for a romantic effect by loosening front sections of your hair to give a curtain fringe that is perfect for summer nights or sun-filled days by the lake.

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Prom Night Soft Fishtail

Who said you need a sleek look to be called sophisticated? This simple big braided fishtail braided side crown is perfect for prom night and that prom queen crown that has your name on it.

It doesn’t matter if you are the class queen, the queen in his heart, or your own Queen Bee, what matters is the subtle, sophisticated style that is fairly easy to do.

Remember to leave front sections of your hair to serve as a messy side fringe to give a softer look to the fishtail braid.


Kiss the Chignon – Beautiful Bride

Nothing is sexier than a sleek chignon for a simple updo made for candlelight dinners, little black dresses, and French perfume. Also, you don’t need to be a lady that does lunch to carry this sophisticated look. You need to be yourself.


Easy Romantic Plaited Twist

First, separate hair in three parts, and then braid each section.

You can call for tight for a cleaner finish or opt for a looser braid for an easy romantic effect. However you choose, the overall effect is graceful and feminine with just the subtle hint of regal elegance. Think Kate Middleton with this hairstyle or medieval ladies embroidering.

Finally, secure each braided section with pins. Remember to start from the outermost braid before going to the middle and the last twists. This is a soft romantic updo that would fit an outdoor wedding. It is also easy to do and easy to maintain especially for summer picnics.

Another way to level-up the look is to color your hair ombre or settle for balayage to give the hairstyle added depth.


Simply Lady’s Crown Braid

We all love simplicity. Think natural, romantic, and lady-like, and you have this simple braid that goes across the crown. Perfect for black tie nights or hot lunches with colleagues.


Stunning Evening Elegance

Not quite a plait and not quite a French twist but a perfect updo for classic evenings in the ballet, opera, or with your significant other. You don’t need to be Jennifer Lopez to be this stunning. You need to remember our 3 tips: brushing, gathering, and securing.

Another regal and elegant updo made for a queen, the hair gathered in a high ponytail. You can either loosely twist the tail and then twist it again before securing win a high bun. This is the new tweak to this elegant classic.

You can also choose a tighter braid for a more classic but still beautiful look.


Buoyant Plaited Bouffant

This is big hair.

Go for simple braided bouffant with this updo that starts with one big long plait. Remember that you must first begin with a high ponytail for this style to work.

. This is a perfect updo if you are planning an evening yacht party or when you want simplicity and easy.


Lovely Messy Romantic French Twist

We love this classic updo that looks casual and comfortable, but you need to brace yourself for some work to capture this delightful loose twist. Also, this long hair look is perfect for gazebo assignations, garden weddings, and high tea parties. Or do it for yourself.

We first start with soft, loose curls to add volume. If your hair is on the fine, thin side, don’t skip this step.

Then loosely gather your hair to the side in two sections and braid them loosely together while still twisting them. Confused? Just remember that this hair is for lift and volume, so it needs to be big and loose.

Loosen the twist and pin slightly off-center at the back of your head. You can also choose to do a side bun, but we recommend a low back French twist for an elegant look.

Loosen the hair by simply putting a finger under the hair but don’t pull the strands loose. The final romantic touch for a sweet, messy effect is pulling out some strands to soften the elegance. You can also softly curl the strands for lift and volume or to frame the face.


Pretty Braided Side Crown

Plait your hair on the sides and gather and secure. Sounds easy? You bet it is with our step-by-step picture tutorial.

First, divide your hair into 2 sections. Then make side braids, either with your regular style or the more complicated fishtail.

At the back hairline, twist the two section before gathering them both into a single low ponytail. You need long hair for this hairstyle. Pull the ponytail inside the ponytail to make a bun. Secure the bun with hairpins and hide the ends under the bun.

If you want a gentler or more casual finish, you can pull wisps of hair at the front and sides. You can also break the Quaker feeling with some playful accessories. Surprise yourself.


Romantic Braided Messy Chignon

First, imagine spring or summer outdoors. Then think of gentle brooks and breezes. This beautiful romantic braided bun that hangs low on your head that evokes lavender fields and vintage lace dresses – perfect for every occasion.


Cute and Sweet Braids

If you want cute and if you want sweet and you also want them both at the same time, then follow this easy step-by-step tutorial.


Romantic and Classic Bridal Braids

A classic bridal hairstyle that you can use for your own wedding or maybe for a formal garden lunch. What makes this a truly stunning updo is the touch of romantic messiness that most brides want. Not a bride? Not a problem, remain classy with this great braided style.


Soft Cute and Messy Chic

Go sweet and messy chic with this simple updo that fits right in for prom, bridal party, or a trip to the grocery store. This may be nothing fancy but the total effect is softly cute and romantic. Better yet, loosen some strands in the front, so you have a softer look to frame your face.

Can you imagine wearing this hairstyle with daisies or pearls? We can also do!


Simple Everyday Bun Or Is It?

Updos need not be overly dramatic or elegant if you want something straightforward and comfortable. Go for a relaxed look with this everyday bun. However, this top bun can go classic bridal if you pretty long pins to secure and add some baby’s breath to crown the look. The wonder of long hair and simple updos is how quickly you can change the look to fit any and every occasion by accessorizing.


Messy Feminine Braids and Plaits

Loosely plait your hair, you can choose between one loose braid or two loose braids. Put in-between finger braids and gently lift but don’t pull out the braided sections.

If you choose one loose plait, hide the ends under a bun.

Or if you opt the style shown here, gather the two loose braids at the back of your head and make one loose braid. Make a bun and hide the edges underneath.

Soften the braided look by pulling wisps of hair to frame your face. Do the same at the back, though be careful of removing too many strands. We recommend pulling from under the hairstyle because it’s easier to remedy in case you pull too much.


Classy and Sophisticated French Twist

Channel Coco Chanel. Better yet, think Ingmar Bergman, Katherine Hepburn, and the classic hairstyle of Hollywood’s Golden Era. A loose French twist is worn low at the nape. Blond balayage softens the updo, even more, turning the sophisticated look to something more romantic and bridal.



Soft and Elegant Braided Chignon

Made for more than the bride or the mother of the bride, this elegant braided chignon is softened by the two-layered style. First, section your hair into 3 parts: two side braids and the back and bigger section for the twist. Gather together in the back middle part and secure with pins.

Add a touch of whimsical romance with fresh flowers in season or florals in color.


Wild and Messy Sexy Twist

We love Olivia Wilde and love her hairstyle even more. Go for a sexier variation as shown here with a wild and messy twist by setting fringes of hair strands to frame the face softly. Add some volume by gently loosening the topmost section of the bun.

It will take some practice and lots of mirror to check the right messy twist you want. We recommend some backlighting too.

Easy and Cute for the Casual Playful Look

It’s right for apple pies, state fairs, and the prettiest playful look whether you are a redhead, blonde, or brunette. Two hairstyles are shown here; both are comfortable and playful.

Go for a casual look by gathering the back sections of your hair and bringing them to the front. Twist and pin loosely, and then gather the remaining back part and secure with a pin.

The second look calls for pinning your hair ends under your hair and then curling the edges (the middle part of your hair length). Secure with pins and accessorize with a pretty bow to accentuate the playfulness.



Feminine Dutch Braids You Can Do On Your Own

A more relaxed variation of the Dutch braid specifically geared for voluminous curly hair. The secret is that the twist is slightly off-center so you won’t look as if you are carrying a hair hump at the back of your head.

A major advantage of the style is that you can also do it on your own, as long as you have a bit of skill, time, and patience.

Begin by loosely gathering sections in the front and make a looser braid while slowly tightening the braid as you go further down tour head.

Add a little more pull as you braid your hair. Then take the end of the Dutch braid and make a loose twist. Finally secure with pins and ends under your hair or inside the braid.

You can soften the look for a more graceful touch by loosening strands at the sides to frame your hair.

Add a notch more of femininity with accessories or fresh flowers. Or, use both.


Pretty Messy Bun with Romantic Touch

What makes a hairstyle romantic? A touch of softness, a hint of gentleness and graceful femininity make a romantic hairstyle that can take you from a dinner date to lovely weekends and a bridal day.

First, start with sectioning the hair and a small high ponytail for volume. The trick is in having two buns actually. A smaller higher bun and a bigger bun though it’s lower down the head. Another tip is teasing the loose high ponytail to add more volume and lift the hair. Invert the hair ends.

Then secure the hair with elastic, and then tease a section of the hair to add some lift into the lower bun. Finally, twist and tie the remaining parts around the lower bun. The final romantic touch is hiding the ends under the twist.



Young and Girly Fresh Plaits

Remember teenage sleepovers and middle school camps? This updo is reminiscent of sweet adolescent years that you can wear for prom or baby showers. It is also a perfect hairstyle for younger members of a bridal party. You can achieve a more romantic look by tousling the ends with your fingers or a touch of floral spray.


Enchanting and Soft Messy Twist

The hairstyle may take some time, and you need someone handsy and skilled to help you capture the look. However, you don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars if your Aunt May can do the twisting and securing for you. Also, you would need to sit still for this enchantingly beautiful updo.

First, gather your hair into sections and start twisting – gently.

Just continue gathering and twisting, maintaining the tightness until you have turned all the sections of your hair. Remember to secure the top ends with hidden pins.

You can soften the look more with stray strands or some small flowers to heighten the twists and turns.


Romantic Tousled Twisted Bouffant

Such a lovely touch for a wedding with this upswept gentle tousled bouffant.

This is big hair however so if you are choosing this style, you have to consider the volume effect of a full-on bouffant. This is Texas-style big!

First, begin with a loose twist or half braid or plait and then softly secure. Using your finger, loosen up some strands for that romantic effect that befits a beautiful bride. You can also use your wedding florals to complete your look.


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