Waxing Woes: Side Effects prompted by Waxing

4551263262There are pros and cons to everything and waxing is no exception. In order to get hair less body sometimes women get many things more such as- rashes, redness, swelling and inflammation. Thus it is considered best if you are equipped with all the facts related to waxing so that you could prevent yourself from its harmful side effects with ease.

So read on further to know the side effects of waxing and how to keep your skin protected from the tortures of waxing’s after effects!

556210-1533-33Side Effect #1: Inflammation

Does your skin turn red after every wax session? Do not fret! You are probably not the only woman whose skin turns red. It is not possible to altogether avoid this problem, but there are ways by which you can soothe your otherwise irritated skin.

Women who have sensitive skin type are more prone to get red skin after getting it waxed. There is nothing to worry about as the redness abates in a day. But it feels irritating throughout the day. Use wax which does not comprise of ingredients to which you are allergic or consists of artificial ingredients.

pimpeSide Effect #2: Breaking out of Pimples Post-Waxing

You are so blithe now that your hideous hair are gone and are on cloud number nine. But now you are faced with the bothersome pimples which tend to erupt on your skin after you get a waxing.

Apply a cleanser on your skin before going for waxing as it expel your skin from any dead skin cells. You can even exfoliate your skin using a good exfoliating tool. Just remember, do not pop your skin however much tempted you are to, as it might lead to more pimple eruptions all over the affected area of your skin.

Side Effect #3: Growing back of hair into skin Post-Waxing

Waxing accompanies many quandaries, one such being ingrown hair issue. This happens after waxing when the hair isn’t properly removed but instead is still present in the skin. This occurs in portions where the hair is extremely thick and hence difficult to remove entirely.

You can take shaving as a good example in which the hair is shaved but not removed completely. The hair left behind is short and sharp. Purpose of waxing is to remove hair from the hair follicles but if not removed completely from the follicle, they are left behind as obtuse and sharp hair.

It is advised to exfoliate properly before getting a wax and even post-waxing. You can use scrubs as well to get rid of the blunt left-behind hair and remove the dead skin. Refrain yourself from wearing tight-fitted or uncomfortable clothes.

imagesSide Effect #4: Red Bumps induced Post-Waxing

The bumps which occur on the skin post-waxing are a common occurrence. Your skin may appear reddish and even rashes may appear on your skin. This might be due to the allergic reaction induced by the wax or may even occur if you have skin which is extremely sensitive and fragile.

But do not be anguished! The pleasant news is that you can completely avoid these bumps if you exfoliate your skin before and after a waxing session. Post-waxing, do not forget to apply a cream (preferably hydrocortisone) which aides in soothing your otherwise irritated and itchy skin.

Another best method is to press a warm cloth on your skin right before you go for waxing. This usually opens up the pores on your skin and hence makes the skin softer, thus permitting the hair follicles to emerge easily. This prevents the usual bumps from appearing on the skin after waxing.

blemishesSide Effect #5: Appearance of Blemishes on the skin Post-waxing

Bruises or blemishes appear on the skin after waxing only when you take out a crude hair. This tends to happen when you usually go for a bikini wax but may appear in other region of the body as well.

During waxing, ascertain that you are holding your skin tight and applying right amount of wax on your skin. If you fail to do so, then you might face some bruising on your skin post-waxing which might make your skin look blue-black.

Side Effect #6: Waxing results in Scraped skin

Waxing is usually an excruciatingly painful process which not only makes the skin appear reddish but also burned at the end. This might occur as a result of applying wax while extremely hot. This tends to burn the skin acutely and might be quite painful.

You should first ascertain whether you have a skin which is more sensitive to waxing. For this you should get done a simple test called patch test in which you test a small portion of your skin in order to see how your skin responds to the wax.

bikini-waxSide Effect #7: Pain induced by Waxing

Waxing side effects does not always mean that it would appear after you get your skin waxed. Some side effects are encountered when waxing is being carried out. The process of hair being dragged out by your hair follicle can be annoying but it should not always be painful.

Before commencing with waxing, rub some numbing cream to numb your skin or portion which you want to get waxed. Desist yourself from applying astringents as they tend to make the skin of your pores more tight. Also do not use ice packs in order to numb your skin before waxing.

Side Effect #8: Appearance of Dark spots on Skin Post-waxing

Almost every woman encounter this problem concerned with waxing. After you have waxed your hair, after sometime your hair looks as if it has grown back but not completely. This tends to make your skin a shade darker as the hair hasn’t entirely grown back and you cannot even wax it! Try using concealers till your hair has completely grown back.

Now that you are educated with the side effects of waxing, prevent your skin from being tortured Post-waxing appropriately. Wishing you a healthy skin!

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