73 Beautiful Romantic Wedding Hairstyle to Make Him Fall in Love Again

Begin the rest of your life with these beautiful wedding hairstyles. Choose from soft elegance to wildly romantic, easy to moderately hard. If there is someone out there for you, there is the perfect wedding hairdo for you.

If you are turning to Bridezilla because of the stress and hassle, step back and enjoy some salon visits while sipping margaritas with your BFFs or your female family members. Have the males join the fun too while you flip through our collection.


Tips and Challenges of Choosing a  Wedding Hairstyle

Before anything else, begin with the dress and the theme of your wedding. If you are wearing a high-necked Victorian dress, then a sleek, chic modern French chignon may not be a good choice.

Your bridal hair should complement your dress. Stay true also to yourself. Don’t be a miserable bride with braids and twists if you want some trendy asymmetrical chopped tresses. A great stylist can have you waltzing down the aisle full of feminine grace even with punky platinum hair.

Another tip is to always have a run-through with your stylist, mom, sister, or whoever is going to do your hair. Bring your bridal accessories and adjust accordingly. Your great-aunt’s tiara may be gorgeous. But if it keeps slipping down your head, you have to address that or skip the family jewels.

Finally, think of time and budget. If you are getting a stylist, you have to make allowances for the time to do your hair, your mom, and your groom’s mom.

If you are having a morning wedding, think about what time you have to wake up to get to the church on time. You don’t want to look bleary-eyed and tired on your big wedding day.

Can your budget fit an assistant or two? What about the wedding party, who pays for the hair and makeup?

There are a million details. But live a few stress-free moments with this list of gorgeous hairstyles fit for any bride.


Wedding Hairstyle Collection for the Trendy Bride

Messy Vintage for Gatsby Theme

If you are enamored by anything The Great Gatsby or the roaring 20s and 30s, then this messy vintage style will complement your theme. You can opt for soft curls if you have short hair or a looser updo for a longer one.



Gentle Waves with a Hidden Bun

This bridal hairstyle will fit best with someone looking for lift and volume. The gentle waves flow down the long tresses while a hidden top bun sets the soft twists framing the bride’s face.


Beautiful Clip, Braid, and Twist Romantic Style

Floral and romantic accents aside, the hairstyle has two secrets.

First is the loose twist that gives dimension to the hairstyle. Second is the clipped sections gathered together to give a fuller lift tot he single braid that ties up the hairdo.


Simple Braided Crown

A natural styling of using a braid to crown the head while leaving the tresses in soft curls to give a soothing effect. Accessorize with something floral and dainty to achieve maximum summer bride effect.


Natural Waves for Straight Hair

Sometimes we don’t any too much fuss, so this simple hairstyle fits to a tee. Wear your hair long and loose with just the right touch of waves to create a soft look.

You can use this hairstyle on medium to long-length straight hair with fine strands. All natural, minimum hassle. The secret lies in the whimsical accents such as floral sprays or small jeweled seed pearls.


Soft Tied-Up Twist

Soft hours and touch for this twisted updo with hidden ends all tucked in. The secret is a loose ponytail, and the ends are pulled inside. Add a bit of your wild side by loosening some strands.


Beautiful Messy Curls and Twists

Create this beautiful summer child for the bride-to-be with gentle but messy curls twisted and gathered before being pinned at the back. A romantic hairstyle that gives a Victorian feel but with enough wildness to fit 21st-century sentiments.


Low and Loose Braided Twist

Worn low at the back, this loosely braided twist is excellent for long hair minus the formality. You can tie up the look with big blossoms or accessories that will not drown among the big braided lock.


Retro One-Sided Curls

The hair color is great and the retro curls even better. What softens the look is the gentle side part as the hair loosely gathers to one side of the shoulder. The sleek curls finish the look with an elegant cascade.


Grecian and Goddess Elegant Curls and Twists

We’ll be honest here in favh.com; you would need a clever stylist and a full head of gorgeous hair to pull this Greek-inspired goddess hairstyle. Style with soft but tight curls and then gather with under hair teasing fro the buoyant effect.


Upswept Romantic Messy Style

The style may look simple, but the twisted locks at the back, the whimsical flora tiara, and loose strands evoke 60s wild child bride.


Pulled Back Bridal Elegance

Regardless of the hair accessories, whether it is a real diamond tiara, plastic seed pearls, or fresh flowers, this pulled back elegant style is truly timeless.


Romantic Cascade of Curls

There is nothing understated about this beautiful but gorgeous cascade of soft big curls. The secret to this stunning wedding hairstyle is the big curls that are softened by pulling the sectioned hair apart. Don’t forget to add a contrasting hair accent that would get lost among the curls.


Light Waves Framing the Face

The one-sided cascade is becoming a trend since it gives a dramatic effect. What makes this hairstyle different are the soft waves framing the face while the tresses transition to one side.


Fanciful Side Fishtail Braid

Fishtails are great braids to give a unified and ordered effect. The hairstyle is softened with a side part and hair loosely gathered to one side. Let your hair hang loose or go for a clean finish by twisting the locks together.


Romantic Upswept Twists and Turns

Give your traditional upswept style a new twist or rather, a lot of new twists. Curl the hair in sections and gather together loosely and randomly braid parts and lengths. Pull some tender strands to serve as fringe or frame the face.


Pile On the Curls

Hair is curled section by section and then gathered together. However, each part is pinned and piled on top of the other to create this gorgeous look.


Relaxed Long and Loose

Wear your hair down during your special day for this natural and comfortable hairstyle.



Combed Back Curls

Hair is parted in sections and then curled. Brushed back to give a sleek upfront but a beautiful cascade of curly tresses flow at the back.


Simple Bridal Hairband

Another simple all-natural look for the bride that wants to be comfortable – use a beautiful hairband.


Tight Girly Curls

A girly look that calls for tight curls gathered at the side and back.


Sophisticated but Playful Wedding Hairstyle

This beautiful French chignon is pure elegance with just the right touch of whimsy and playfulness. You will need a beautiful bejeweled clip to create the look.


Captivating Curls and Twists

First, the basic style is pure curl and waves. But couple with gentle twists and you have this beautiful wedding hairstyle that can go from goddess to wild child if you opt to loosen some curls and strands.


Soft and Gentle Underpin

You can create this soft look by first diving your hair into sections. Loosely twist each section. But what sets this comfortable and relaxed wedding hairstyle is twisting the frontmost locks under all the hair to give a romantic drapery look.


Sleek Retro Curls

Have a vintage wedding style with elegant curls with a retro touch that evokes Golden Era Hollywood. We love the sleek curls that drape over the side. Not too tight, not too messy – the hairstyle is perfect for elegant evening weddings.


Glamorous Vintage Curls

Another vintage wedding looks that would fit right into the retro 1940s. But the style retains its charm by softening the usually sleek curls.

The versatility fo this retro style means that you create the same glamor regardless of the length of your hair.


Beautiful Upswept of Curls

Create this beautifully elegant upsweep of gorgeous curls. First, brush back for a sleek look. Don’t forget to curl the hair in section but the leave the root area alone. For a final touch, use a jeweled hairband or wreath of flowers to accent the duality of sleek and rioting curls.


Trendy High Bun

A new take on the bridal bun with a hint of softness and sleek chic.


Messy Wedding Bouffant

Go for lift and volume with this bouncy bouffant of curls and twists.


Romantic Loose Strands

Soften any wedding hairstyle by loosening some strands. Keep the romance alive with floral accents.


Polished to Bun Perfection

A sleek and refined low-lying bun that will surely make waves is evocative of Golden Hollywood.


Gather All Ye Curls

A sweet style where the hair is gathered on a very loose ponytail while curly ends make for a dramatic sweep. You can also frame your face with softened strands. A spray of flowers or little jewels can complete the elegant look.


Gorgeous Entanglement

Give kudos to this beautiful riot of tangled twists. Not for the impatient or faint-hearted, you will need to sit still for this hairstyle.

Hair s gently brushed back over a mall hidden bun which lifts the hair and gives the illusion of volume. Hair is gathered in sections and randomly braided to give the romantic messy effect that has become a bridal trend.

Complete the look with a spray of flowers.


Gentle Romantic Bridal Twist

Beautifully framing the face, the loose bun is given a fresh twist.


Elegant French Le Chic

This is a very sleek and sophisticated French twist that will make your guests exclaim all their oh-la-las! The bouncy but chic bun gathers the slicked back sections of hair.

A Gentle Riot of Curls

Be a complete stunner with this beautiful but soft riot of curls. Bangs are softened, falling and curving gently to frame the face while the length of the tresses are tied in a low ponytail.


Whimsical Hidden Twist

Use an under twist for a simpler look. Then add a touch of whimsy with your accessories.



Stunning Updo of Twists and Loose Braids

It looks quite complicated, but with the skill of an experienced stylist, you can enjoy your wedding day in relaxed and comfortable hairstyle.


Top-Notch Top Knot

Do all the right knots by gathering the hair in up above the back of the head. The style is perfect for veils and crowns.


Sleek and Chic French Chignon

Elegant gorgeousness with a classic French twist that lies low down the head.


Messy and Romantic Tousled Twisted Bun

Go wild with a messy tousled look all tied up in a romantic knot.


Greek-Inspired Loose Twist

Another beautiful knot inspired by the divine.


Playful Platinum Loose Braid

Gather the hair from sides while forming the braid. Make a twist for hidden bun while you tuck in the ends.


Crowned With Love

A romantic entangled and tousled knotted bun is made more beautiful with a crown of seed pearls and glass beads.



Gently Brushed Back and Effortless Twists

Give a cleaner look to your tousled twists by gentle brushing the hair away from the face.


Sweet Exuberance

A beautiful extravaganza of curls gives a joyful and exuberant feeling.


Twisted Rose Bun

A simple bun becomes more stunning with a rose effect.

Braided for Effect

Tweak your typical bridal twist by throwing a braid somewhere down the middle and all the way down to the back.

Simple Classic Updo

Nothing beats a classic look of sleek elegance.


Messy and Sexy Tousle

Go for messy with this tousled twists that are feminine and sexy all at the same time.

Medium Length Hair Gets Sleek

Brush over the front section over a hun – hidden bun, to create this look.


A Full Head of Tangled Romantic Twists

We love all the dramatic twists of love, why not in our hair. Evoking gentleness and softness, go full mode romantic.


All Curled Up

Beautiful curls frame the bride’s face as softly and as tenderly as possible.


Half Upswept, Half Loose Curls

If you cannot make up your mind then meet your desire halfway with this half-half styling compromise.


Relaxed Classic Loose Braid

Enjoy the hours with this classic braid. But with a comfortable twist – relaxed and natural bridal hair.

One-Sided Waves

Make waves with this one-sided cascade of soft waves.

Classic and Romantic Loose Curls

Go for a classic hairstyle with soft nags and top section gently brushed back to give volume. Let your curls hang loose for a gentler look.


Exotic Brush Back

Simply brush hair back and give a soft twist. The center parting highlights the exotic effect.


Veiled Twisted One-Sided Wedding Hairstyle

Not many brides are going for the full-on veil that covers the face. This simple veil frames the fac together with loosely gathered waves which are also softly twisted before cascading down a shoulder.

Beautiful Top Bun With Tight Curls

Be a little different by opting for tight curls instead of a gentle cascade of curls.


Sweet Messy Tangles

A sweet and soft tangle of waves and twists for a perfectly sweet bride.


Gather All the Tangled Curls

Wear your tangled bun low on the head and covering the nape.


Finger-Combed Simplicity

Relax on your wedding day with this bridal hairdo that gently gathers the hair to the back. Go softer with a finger-combed effect.


Messy Non-Bun

A beautiful romantic messy style is given a modern twist with a non-bun knotted at the back. You can achieve this look by gently curling the hair in sections and loosely gathering them before tying with loose elastic. You can tuck in the ends or let them simply get lost among the romantic curls.


Sweet But Sleek

You can go for sculptured bangs to frame the face better and for a sleek look. But soft twists and curls can also add depth to a typical bridal style.

Simple Strands

Evoke a more romantic feeling with soft strands of hair all loosened up to frame your face. Simply brush teh hair gently and pull back. Twist the front sections to give a gentle effect. You can tie in a bun or gather in a ponytail before tucking in the ends. Pull a strand or two loose. A gentle curtain of bangs will finish the look.


Versatile Looped Braid Updo

You cannot go wrong with this simple but very versatile loosened braid that serves as the styling base.


Natural and Simple Bouffant Twist

The bouffant style gives volume to this natural and simple wedding hairstyle.

Elegant Two-Toned Fishtail Braid

What saves this hairstyle from being called old-fashioned is the two-toned hair color that goes from blonde to dark honey. The fishtail braid is also loosely held together for a soft finish.


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