What You Need to Know About Styling

A fashion stylist is one of the major upcoming professions in the fashion industry. It will be your job title if you choose the clothing and accessories as your career.Accordingto Australian style institute reviews, staff and students are part of a creative team collaborating with the fashion designers, directors and make up artiststo bring a particular theme for a particular project.

Roles of fashion stylists

  • They select items for an appearance in fashion media.
  • They are responsible for selecting clothing for TV personnel and celebrities.
  • They advise on matters to do with photographic approaches and selection of suitable locations, models, clothing, hair stylists and the overall appearance of photo shoots.
  • They direct and advice the photography of clothing and items selected for promotion.
  • They liaise with fashion designers, model agencies, beauty therapists and the retailers.
  • They organize fashion events and parades.
  • They update the world on the emerging fashion trends.
  • They provide style directions for buyers and product designers.
  • They provide hairstyles and makeups advice to clients.

Where can fashion stylists work?

According to Australian stylist institute reviews, fashion stylist can work in the following areas.

  • Live performance: This involves styling performers for concerts, special events, musicians, and road shows.
  • Corporate styling: It involves advising and designing company,s uniforms and providing seminars to staffs on good grooming.
  • Photo styling: It involves styling of any photo shoot. It includes commercial styling and editorial styling.
  • Video styling: It involves styling actors for advertising educational videos, film clips and commercials.
  • Television styling: it involves styling actors, soap operas, live broadcast, visiting talent and drama.
  • Show styling. It involves organizing fashion parades and events. It could be public speaking, selecting the models, selecting garments, selecting the venue, and dealing with the photographers.
  • Personal styling. This involves choosing clothes for a customer.
  • Runway styling: This involves an aspect of fashion parades.
  • Catalog styling: This includes working with designers to develop promotional materials such as product catalogs.


What you need to have to be a stylist

  • You are required to have a deep passion for Update yourself with the latest trends on fashion and familiarize yourself with various fashion labels.
  • Learn how you can conceal body flaws. We recommend you use props to your To stand out you must understand body and face shapes.
  • Have patience and do not let your pride to drive you. Be creative and think and go an extra mile.
  • Be organized and be able to work under a strict schedule.Be honest, trustworthy, reliable and self-motivated.
  • Have a well great presented folio of the task to represent to prospective customers. Find an agent who will help you find clients. Have a professional website to reach out to many clients.

According to Australian style institute reviews, regardless of the type of client involved the aim of the stylist is to make sure that the client looks good. He or she must appear good in fashion image, daily clothing,and makeup.  As a stylist, you may collaborate with a designer to come up with custom clothes for the client.

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