Why Choose and Where to Buy PVC Patches

A style is not just about blindly following the fashion; being trendy means being your own and unique. Any fashion combination, even the one from several seasons ago, may look stylish and trendy if you give it some personal mark. It should look casual, to reflect your personality, and most importantly, you should feel comfy in that.

The beauty is in details, like decorative patches on the elbows of a blouse, a dress or a light sweater that you wear with jeans. You can put those applications on your hat, scarf, or bag too. Except these items are always trendy, it will make your clothes to stand out of the mass.

While earlier patches were made of various fabrics and thin materials, this season, the absolute hits are the PVC patches, which have this 3D effect. These are something completely different than every fashion details so far. And the greatest thing; many stores offer to design and make custom patches so you can realize your ideas in a short time.


PVC is a new technology material that has found its purpose in almost all branches of the economy. It’s no wonder it got to the fashion industry too. Many manufacturers of branded clothes and footwear use only PVC patches to highlight their trademark. This material replaced the fabric because it happens to be a much better solution.

Besides it has much better physical features, PVC patches look more modern and efficient. “Common” textile patches can look chic, but you’ll get the right thing when you label your combination with one of the custom patches you designed.

PVC won’t pale

PVC is a material that has a wide use value because it has a universal application – from construction to textile industry. A commercial usage indicates its longevity, quality, and durability. The specific chemical structure makes PVC objects not to rot, change color or deform their shape because of temperatures or pressure.

It’s durable

One historical fact – about a hundred years ago, PVC should have been a replacement for natural caoutchouc (rubber), which was highly valued and expensive material. More of interesting history of this material read here. Depending on the additives added to it, PVC can be softer or firmer.

But all forms of PVC have one characteristic in common – these are extremely durable, resistant to long-lasting exposure to water, sun and the wind, and in addition, they can withstand different chemical treatments when processing.

Easy maintain

Unlike the fabric that fades, get thinner, and starts ripe after a lot of washing and bleaching, PVC patches are almost indestructible. The clothes, where you put your favorite detail, can easily be maintained as it is indicated – PVC patches tolerate machine wash and chemical cleaning; the only thing to avoid is ironing. Don’t go directly over them because they can melt.

It can recycle

One of the main complaints about PVC materials was their ecological aspect. As it is a topic of global importance, the recycling process of this element has been conducted to perfection. All PVC products are collected and sorted as plastic waste; the next step is a separation of the firm and soft plastic (those used for making patches). Suitable parts are recycled and then returned to the production of new products.

Find more info about the recycling process on this source: http://www.ecolife.com/recycling/plastic/how-to-recycle-pvc-plastic-3.html.

Where to Buy Your New Favorite Detail

Small manufacturers usually offer their products online, although there are also many studios specialized in making PVC patches. It’s enough to go there and show them what you want or to choose one of the existing patch patterns. Or, you can create your personal design and send it to studios or manufacturers on the realization.

Companies and brands that want to give their products a unique look and market recognition can develop their own production of PVC patches. They can use the services of manufacturers who are developing custom patches too.

Making PVC patches is an opportunity for skilled and diligent people to take advantage of their imagination. By creating something unique, they have the chance to express their talent, and at the same time, to realize someone’s idea to be outstanding and recognizable.

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