Women’s Instinct For Jewelry


Women have greater affection as far as the love of jewelry is concerned. With Valentines ahead, jewelry can crown the epitome of your love to her. This is the undisputed trick to make her grateful for your love. Most men fail to understand why women adore jewelry. According to most men, jewelry is just shiny bauble that costs you some cash. Men do not need the random super expensive jewelry given to them. All they need is something more thoughtful, well-timed and most of all, charged emotionally.

Many at times you will find people wondering what kind of gift they should buy for their partners prior to special events like the upcoming valentine’s day, birthdays and anniversary parties. Well, it is time to worry no more. Since most women are in love with jewelry possession, the best thing to get her during this events is a good, real and exquisite jewel. Trust me, your woman will always feel happy and delighted any time you give her jewelry as a gift.

Jewelry is not only for those in an intimate relationship, but they can also serve best as a symbol and sign to express your love and care towards your friends.

Reasons why jewelry is a perfect gift for a woman

1.  They act as a symbol of value

Most jewelry like those of diamonds and other natural and valuable stones keep their values for a very long time if their maintenance is proper. Due to this fact, when you give a woman jewelry as a gift, she will take it as a symbol of eternal love that will never depreciate.

2.  They are the most beautiful fashion accessory

Every woman wants to look exceptional. As a result of this, women always try to keep up with the latest fashion trends. But, no matter how much the fashion changes, the value of the jewelry and its fashion will never get depleted. Therefore, if you want to impress her, buy jewelry that will march with most of her apparel, and also adds the elegance and charm in her at the same time. Sparkling jewels make those who wears them more noble and mature as compared to other women in a particular ceremony that a woman attends.

3.  Symbol to represent the class.

Judging from the kind of jewelry that you wear, people around you can easily define your personality and social status. Therefore, if you want your woman to look classy, then make sure that you buy her the jewelry that will make her look extraordinary. Women usually associate many of their jewelry with special events that they attend.

4. To strengthen your relationship

The majority of women in our current generation are gift lovers. So, if you happen to buy jewelry as a gift for your woman, then you can be sure that she will be the happiest woman on earth. She will always feel satisfied and will always live to cherish and appreciate the gift you got her every single day. They will even feel more proud when they get compliments from people anytime they wear them. Your woman will live to treasure your love for her, and this will always increase the connection of your relationship.

What do women look for in jewelry?

Each and every woman has a different taste when it comes to jewelry affection. In fact, many at times you will realize that most of them always have a good story behind each jewelry she owns. However, most ladies buy and wear jewelry because of the following:

a)  Acts as a sign of memory

The women’s love for jewelry associates directly by the fact that women love to keep memories. Most jewels that you see women wear always reminds them a special memory. The memories are mainly certain things that you did to them, or it reminds them of how much effort and affection you put towards ensuring that their occasion was special. However, before you give a woman any jewelry as a gift, you need to formulate a way to present it.  It is important that you award the beautiful jewelry in a well-planned, organized and timed situation. By doing this, you will create a long lasting impression in the woman’s mind.

b)  Act as a symbol of pride.

As much as women are jewelry lovers, some of them just buy and wear jewels for impression and showing off to their colleagues, friends and even other people surrounding them. However, the majority of them do not have this in mind. According to them, jewelry is just a component that enhances beauty.

How a man can know the perfect jewelry for his woman.

Many women know how difficult it is for a man to pick out the jewel that goes in line with her taste and preference. Due to this, they typically appreciate each jewel you select to them, especially when it goes well with her expectation. They will always feel loved more anytime a man does this to them. However, making a perfect selection of jewelry to your woman proves to be hard to most men. Many find it hard for them to make this decision as they do not pay much attention to women’s jewelry. To make sure that you come up with a right jewelry as a man, you might need to think a little bit, or even do some sly questioning about the best jewelry. Other ways include:

a)  Learn to create a healthy relationship with her closest friends.

If you want to know the ultimate piece of jewelry that your woman desires, then you need to start talking to her closest friends. Most women like to speak about their jewelry. Women share a lot of information with their friends regularly especially when they are browsing ads and websites, shopping, or doing the staffs they like to do when they are free. Therefore, their friends should always be the right choice to point you in the right direction.

b) Take her out for shopping occasionally

Another great way of knowing your woman’s love for jewelry is taking her out for shopping, where the jewelry stores are available. Observe keenly the kind of jewelry that impresses her. The best way to know what influence her is through her comments and expressions as you guys look through around the store. This kind of shopping can be expensive but you don’t have to worry. You can make extra cash by playing bingo, visit sites such as luckytouchbingo.com and get your bingo party started.

What to do before you give her the jewelry as a gift

Since you will spend a fortune when buying her the jewel, you should also make sure you know well how to present the gift to her. It is important that you make sure that you have the right setting, and you display maximum emotions when giving her the jewelry. The best and appropriate way to achieve this is by taking her out to those places she loves, or taking her out to most amazing places and set up a romantic night that you know she will adore. Doing this, you will ensure that your set-up is perfect to create a great memory entwined forever in the jewelry you want to give her.

Coming up with a perfect set up for jewel presentation is important, especially if you want to associate the gift as a symbol of love, romance or joy. Do not ruin this special day for her. Make the day worth remembering, and make sure you do not run into your ex, or get a food poisoning, or do anything bad that hurts her feeling.

However, if something bad happens unexpectedly, or undesirable, save the precious jewelry for another day. For the time, just make sure that she is enjoying every moment with you. But if you see everything is going according to your plans, make it a chance to present her with the new jewelry. You’ll love her smile even more.

Purpose of giving your woman a jewelry

Since your woman is one of the jewelry lovers, it is important that you give her the jewelry as a gift anytime not only during a special occasion. By doing this, you will be making the person you love the happy and she will adore you. She will live to remember the day as the memory will stay with her and the piece of jewelry forever.


With the upcoming valentine’s, it is important that you let your woman know that she means the whole world to you. Let her know how much you acknowledge and appreciate her love for you. Buy her gifts, jewelry, clothes, and other things as a form of recognizing her. Women love attention, so give her all your undivided attention by buying her the jewelry that suits her. You will realize that doing this will only increase her love for your day by day and you will also live to cherish her forever.

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