10 Superb Questions Men wonder about Girl’s Makeup

We human beings are mere animals who love with our eyes see. The same thing goes with men. Men, the weird species in the world always wonder why girls are into make up so much! But they would never understand the concept of the necessity make up is for us girls! The concept of decking up to attract everybody around is nothing new. This has been going on for eons of years! In early days women used to deck up with whatever available cosmetics at that time to attract the male around them so that they could mate the best. Similarly men are attracted to women who tend to keep themselves look all prim and proper, this is true!

It is a scientific fact that a woman’s eyes seems to appear bright and large after they apply eyeliner. In fact guys fall more for the girls who have deer-like bright and big eyes! And people, this is a proven fact! Have you ever wondered why guys have a soft spot for girls with rosy cheeks? It is because they simply love it. And we girls cleverly apply some really good blush to attract guys towards us.

Thus it can be verily said that we women have evolved significantly since the time we were cave-ladies and we surely are proud of this feat! So let us begin what few common questions that always revolve around in the heads of the guys regarding us women! Hope you all have fun reading this article!


1.Are every Women Super-human?question1

This is quite a common question which does constant rounds in the mind of each and every guy on this planet. They wonder how can only women achieve the feat of applying mascara in a moving car and nobody else can do so!

Answer-Well the answer can be that women are born with genes of multi-tasking with quite a prowess! We can dodge and oncoming truck while applying makeup, all at the same time and avoid all the peril effortlessly.

2.What is the Hype about Blue Colored Eye-Shadow?ques2

Guys often wonder why girls are so much into blue eye shadows. There are so many other colors available in the fashion market, but why blue?

Answer-The answer can be that girls are so brave and tend to get into ferocious fights to win their rights that they can appropriately be labeled as badass. And badass are really into blue eye-shadows which suits their personality a lot!

3.What is the main Goal behind a Woman going for Cleverly applied Makeup?ques3

Men often wonder that do women cleverly go for such make up tricks, which is, a lot but no too lot, so as to rope in the men they desire for their genetic gains or is there some other secret?

Answer-There is no such secret! We just possess some seriously sexy genes which makes men ponder whether we girls do these deliberately. Relax guys!

4.What is the Actual benefit of going for Awesome Make up?ques4

Men have this theory that when they go for a burger with a price tag of 2 dollars, they usually get the quality worth what they pay. When they go for an 8 dollar burger, the burger tastes more delicious. But when they go to buy a 30 dollar burger, the taste usually deteriorates. Why doesn’t the same theory apply for women’s makeup.

Answer-Women cannot go for cheap makeup as they can end up having fierce reactions to the skin and hence end up looking like a hag. We do love to care about our skin and prefer good and costly cosmetics!

5.Why do women put down other makeup-less women?ques5

Men often wonder why there is fierce competition amongst makeup decked and non-made up women?

Answer-This is simply not true. There isn’t any pressure on other women who do not prefer makeup. But it is always considered awesome if a woman takes care of herself and maintain the prim and proper look.

6.Why do women take up time to get ready when going out?ques6

Men usually get frustrated when they have to miss few minutes of their precious time allotted to some event because their ladies usually take time to get ready. But why is it so?

Answer-Men know it but won’t admit ever that they want their lady to look the best for them when out. But when women put in effort to do so, men do not appreciate this effort. Now that is hypocrisy!

7.Why Women apply Lip Gloss every few minutes?ques7

Men are perplexed when they watch a girl applying and re-applying lip gloss after every 5 minutes. Why is it so?

Answer-Women are quite conscious as to avoid unnecessary cracks on the lips. Hence, that is how women take care of themselves. Also, we should always look impeccable!

8.Why the makeup, to hide the flaw?ques8

Men feel the need to know as to why women need makeup? In order to hide their flaws?

Answer-The answer is that we go for make up so as to enhance our beauty, not to hide what was passed down to women from their ancestors!

9.Why women love gel based makeup more and more nowadays?ques9

Men complain more and more as to why women love gel based makeup like glitters etc. the reason being as it stains their shirt and sheets! Now that is crude!

Answer-As technology evolves, do people still go for obsolete technology? Similarly when make up industry evolves, every girl likes to keep up with the newest trends! So this explains the why we go for newest make up trend!

10.Should Men opt for some makeup too?ques10

The men of this era are becoming increasingly conscious of their looks and feel quite insecure if they look not quite up to mark! Hence, they are going for some subtle makeup too, in order to keep up with the fierce competition of throng of handsome guys doing the rounds nowadays! You go Guys!

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