11 Must try Mascaras for every woman!

Lips, skin, face, these are the aspects which most women usually concentrate on mostly. What they ignore quite wistfully are their eyes. Who can ignore something like eyes which is said to be the most expressive part of a human anatomy. So what better way than to adorn your beautiful expressive eyes with a dash of some really nice kohl and a subtle hint of super sexy mascara to elongate your beautiful eyelashes?

And there are some who make sure that they never leave home without applying their very favorite mascara! Who would like to go out with eyelashes which are so bare? And there is a good reason why they are so attached to the mascara, because it with just a handful of strokes you can end up having really defined eyes instantly which makes your face look super gentle and fresh like a cherub in a jiffy. In this present article I would mention the most coveted mascaras doing the rounds in the fashion fraternity and why every woman out there should try these 12 beautiful mascaras which are in fact to die for! Happy Reading!

1.The First Mascara- Super Glamorous Mascara by M.A.C1

If you have never ever heard about false lashes gorgeous mascara by M.A.C then this is a good time to get acquainted with one of the best mascaras ever! The reason we love it is quite simple- it gives instant false eyelashes which look adorable and hence you do not have to consort to wearing false eye lashes at all! With this magic wand, you end up getting full, to die for eye lashes. You can get this mascara for just $20!

2.The Second Mascara- Get elongated Eye Lashes with Tom Ford2

This mascara is well known for giving a super clean effect to your beautiful eyes and elongates the eye lashes with such a finesse that it would seem as if you were born with them! The best thing about this mascara is that you would not end up with the lumpy mascara effect after applying it. If you have eyelashes which are short, then this mascara is definitely meant for you! You can now buy this super sexy mascara for just $40.

3.The Third Mascara-The Superb Lash Mascara by Maybelline3

If you are wondering whether this is a brand new product launched by Maybelline, then let me correct you by saying that this product has been acing the cosmetic industry since the 1970’s! this mascara has been well known for thickening the eye lashes instantly and make them look voluminous. It is coveted by women all over the world because it is quite easy to use and superbly clump free in nature! You deserve to buy this superb mascara if you have not yet. You can get this for $8 only.

4.The Fourth Mascara- Awesome Mascara by Diorshow4

The reason why most women are in love with this mascara is that it is championed by almost all the Hollywood Divas in the film industry and their make up artists too! The awesome aspect of this mascara is its super long brush which gives incredible volume to the eyelashes and make them look gorgeous. This mascara would cost you $28.

5.The Fifth Mascara- High Definition Mascara by Lancome5

One should definitely invest in buying this mascara because a survey shows that one lancome mascara is sold in every three minutes. Now isn’t it magical! This mascara coat your eyelashes successfully from the roots to tip as well as helps in the even application of mascara with finesse. This mascara is available for $28.

6.The Sixth Mascara- The Lash Blast Mascara by Cover Girl6

The only reason for loving this cute looking mascara is not because it is neon orange in color, it is because of its superb bristles which enhance a smooth application of mascara as well as the spacers in the wand which makes the lashes look plump! This mascara is available for $10.

7.The Seventh Mascara- They’re Real by Benefit7

Just as the name of this mascara sounds funky, it is quite effective as well! This mascara is being hailed as the champ mascara in the cosmetic industry. It comprises of a sexy wand stick which is topped off with a multi-tasking tip which can be used to curl, fringe a well as define your eyelashes with perfection! This mascara is available for $25.

8.The Eighth Mascara- Mascara by Clinique8

Even though this mascara is quite tiny as compared to the mascara’s mentioned above. But do not be mistaken because of its size because this mascara is a powerhouse even if tiny! This mascara comes in handy when you wish to curl your lower eye lashes in order to end up having a wide eye effect in a jiffy and with perfection. This mascara is available for $12.

9.The Ninth Mascara- Voluminous Mascara by L’Oreal9

When talking about mascaras, who can ever forget mentioning about the range of mascaras by L’Oreal. This mascara is well known for giving a voluminous effect to your eye lashes as well as making them look as soft as a feather and that all is due to the presence of nourishing and super enriched vitamins present in this mascara. This mascara is available for $10.

10.The Tenth Mascara- The Larger than Life Mascara by NARS10

The best thing about this mascara is that it contains macademia nut oil as well as nourishing Vitamin E which adds a superb glaze to the eye lashes and its bristles helps in defining the already beautiful lashes of yours.

11.The Eleventh Mascara- The Ultimate Mascara by Shu Uemura11

This mascara is well known for its ability to make the curl on the eyelashes last longer than the normal mascaras. Also you can add multiple layers upon it without ending up with clumps! This mascara is available for $30.

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