15 Great Tips for getting Super Long Hair Fast!

A woman’s hair is considered her jewel. The ultimate jewel of the crown sitting atop her head and making her the queen she truly is! Yes, when somebody looks at a woman (be it a man or a woman), they look at the way she has dresses, her shoes and of course the first thing on which their glance gets stuck is her crowning jewel, her hair. If it is extremely dull and shabby, people form their own prejudiced opinions, thinking that the woman is a careless one, not in love with herself or her beauty and loves to keep herself shabby!

On the other hand, if you have really beautiful and gorgeous tresses, people will in love with you instantly. If on top of that you have amazingly long tresses, it would be like a cherry topping on a superbly made yummy cake! So what are you waiting for? Sit back and take note of the tips which you should take at heart if you want to have super long beautiful hair. Hope this article helps you out successfully and you surely end up having superbly beautiful long tresses. Happy Reading!

1.Tip #1: Make Oil your Best Friend1

You should provide the required nutrition that your hair requires. And what better than to apply oil which provides all the nutrition and care that your hair craves for! Your hair might look dead and dull on the outside, but you should keep in mind that your roots are not dead yet! Apply oil to the roots of your hair for better hair.

2.Tip #2: Massage your Hair2

It is not only the body which requires massage at proper intervals. You should massage your hair as well! When you massage your hair, you make sure that the blood is being regulated in a proper manner to your scalp, which in turn makes your hair grow rapidly! So go for massages as the more the merrier!

3.Tip #3: Avoid Over-washing your Hair3

Washing your hair frequently is really good as it keeps your hair clean and makes it look livelier! But overdoing it might make you face grave consequences too! If you wash your hair regularly, it might make your hair brittle and hence would result in hair loss! You should shampoo your hair basically 3 times in a week.

4.Tip #4: Be Alert when Washing4

You should be super alert when washing your hair because hair when wet is usually dry and brittle and hence comes out in huge tufts! So be sure to be gentle while washing your hair.

5.Tip #5: Avoid Hot Water on Hair5

Whenever you will be shampooing or washing your hair, make sure the water which you use is not too hot. Use cold or else normal water to wash your hair. Hot water usually makes hair super brittle and hence very dry.

6.Tip #6: Do not Overdo with Shampoo

As mentioned earlier, do not be generous with the shampoo on your hair as too much of it can destroy your hair as it contains a good amount of sulphates in it! So beware the next time you shampoo your hair!

7.Tip #7: Conditioning is the Key7

What you need to concentrate upon more than shampoo is a conditioner. Conditioner keeps your hair super supple and provides nutrition to it. It locks in the required moisture into your hair as well as prevent it from dust, pollution, rays of sun too! So do not skip to use the conditioner after shampooing your hair. It is a must!

8.Tip #8: Combing is a Key too8

Fall in love with your hair, and it is going to nurture beautifully in your care! Comb with super care because if you are harsh with your hair, they are going to break off in tufts and hence be brittle forever! Use broad toothed combs for better combing. Just be patient if you love your hair.

9.Tip #9: Trimming is a must9

Your hair develops split ends which I assure you are something you should get rid of as soon as you can if you love your hair! That is why frequent trimming is recommended so as to keep split ends at bay and enhance faster growth of your gorgeous hair.

10.Tip #10: Styling your Hair10

If you wish to look like a stunner, then you should definitely adopt some styling tips for your hair. This is something which you cannot avoid! Avoid the contact of heat on your hair (like dryers) as they may result in breakage. Do not go for super tight ponytails as they damage the hair in a really bad way. Let your hair down sometimes and enjoy!

11.Tip #11: Provide Vitamin E to your Hair11

You should provide the required vitamin E to your hair for enhanced growth. Mix it with your regular oil and apply it on your scalp for better result.

12.Tip #12: Avoid Chemicals as much as you can12

Avoid styling products such as hair color etc as much as you can because they contain harmful chemicals which can damage your hair, instead go for natural hair products and mild shampoos. It is known that eggs, coconut milk and juice of amla are natural hair conditioners

13.Tip #13: Maintain Healthy Diet13

Eat healthy food, nuts and cashews as well as the proper vitamins to get really good hair as these food items enhance the hair growth process rather rapidly.

14.Tip #14: Water is the Mantra14

People who say that water is the most beneficial and natural medicine which solves all the problems, they aren’t lying! Drink as much water as you can if you wish to have beautifully long hair quickly!

15.Tip #15: At Home Remedies15

At home remedies are the most safe and best way of getting lusciously long hair in a great manner. Apply jiggery mixed with yogurt and apply this superb paste on your hair generously. Rinse it off after half an hour and tada! Get gorgeous hair in jiffy!


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