5 lifestyle tips from powerful women

There are so many powerful successful women in the world who have amazing daily habits, lifestyle and beauty tips that we could all learn from and apply to our own lives. Whether it’s CEOs, celebrities or charity leaders, these women really do know how to make a difference in the world.

Following the lifestyle of these influential women will not only help your confidence but hopefully your success in life too!

Keep it moving

Many powerful women, such as Liv Boeree, have to live a fairly sedentary lifestyle due to their jobs. One of the most important things to do is to make sure that you get up, stretch and maybe even do some yoga regularly throughout the day. Liv Boeree is a successful British poker player who spends long periods of time sitting down, which is why getting up and doing some five-minute yoga really helps to keep the focus.

It is recommended that we stand up away from our desks for 15 minutes every single hour. This may sound like it could damage your work day but it will actually help to keep you focused. So, if you are living a sedentary lifestyle, mix it up by getting away from your work, you will notice a huge difference.

Have healthy morning habits

Dr. Lamees Hamdan, the founder of Shiffa Beauty, a natural and serious skincare brand, has a morning beauty routine that suits her successful, busy career. As soon as she wakes up, she enjoys warm water with a squeeze of lemon and a spoonful of honey. She does her 15-minute skincare routine before eating breakfast whilst sipping on her water.

It’s important to never neglect healthy habits or your skincare routine, which is why Dr. Lamees Hamdan has fine-tuned her morning to fit everything that’s important to her in. Make sure that you work your routine around your work but make it a habit!

Let your skin breathe

Stunning supermodel, Coco Rocha, advises women to take off all of their makeup at night and cleanse both in the morning and evening. This gives your skin the maximum amount of time to breathe and get rid of toxins.

Cleansing is the key to healthy, glowing skin and removes any excess oil, dirt and debris. This really is the way to get the skin you have dreamt of so make sure that you make time for it! The worst thing is going to bed at night with even a trace of makeup on, not only will it make you late taking it off in the morning but it’s a nightmare for your skin.

Find the time to read

Lisa Bloom is the founder of Bloom Firm which is a legal company and she is also an author. Her advice to life success is to read! Lisa went on to say, “Readers do better in school, earn more money, are better citizens, have happier personal lives, and are more actively engaged in the world around us. Books get our minds out there, into the world of ideas, and where our brains go, our bodies follow.”

Reading is essentially a workout of our brains so it really does make sense that it can help us to lead successful lives and achieve our dreams. Try your best to make it a daily habit, even if you only read a page a day, it keeps our minds engaged and active.

Sit still and meditate

Emily Weiss is the highly successful CEO of the magazine Glossier and she definitely has some wellness tricks of her own. She likes to consistently meditate on a daily basis to escape the stresses of her everyday busy life.

Meditation really is a great way to calm your mind and stay focused on your work. It will also allow you to combat the stress of work and keep a level head no matter how your day is going. This is something we all need to be experts at if we wish to be the most successful we can be!


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