Caring for your fashion jewellery

Fashion jewellery has long been a fun and inexpensive way for women to change up their looks without spending a fortune. Just by changing the accessories we wear, we can create a whole new look for our tried-and-true favourite outfits. Also known as costume jewellery, fashion jewellery (such as LaPerin fashion jewellery) is typically made from glass or synthetic stones rather than precious gems and precious metals, making it much more affordable than other types of jewellery. However, the lower price point doesn’t necessarily equate to maintenance-free jewellery. There are still things to do to care for your fashion jewellery, whether it’s a new piece or a cool vintage find.


It’s a good idea to set aside time about once per month to give your fashion jewellery a little TLC.  Follow these steps:

Wipe down each piece with a clean, soft, dry cotton cloth. This will remove any surface dust and debris.

Using a child’s (new!) toothbrush, gentle remove stubborner debris from the crevices, around the stones, and in the clasps.

Use another clean cloth to polish the surfaces.

For more severely soiled pieces, give them a sponge bath in warm water with a few drops of mild dish soap added. Don’t completely submerge your pieces in the water, as too much moisture can cause the metal parts to rust. Be sure to completely dry your pieces after you wash them.

It is possible to find specialty cleaners for costume jewellery, but use them with caution. Be sure they are made for costume jewellery – don’t simply purchase a “jewellery cleaner.” Many products designed for fine jewellery are too harsh for fashion jewellery, and they can result in damage. Whichever product you do use, be sure to read and follow the directions precisely for best results and to avoid damaging your pieces.

In addition to caring for your fashion jewellery by cleaning it, it’s important to know that there are certain things you should avoid. Stay away from acidic things such as vinegar and ammonia when wearing your jewellery, as these and things like alcohol can corrode it quite easily. If you need to submerge your hands in bleach water, for example, either remove your jewellery (the best option) or wear gloves. Remove your fashion rings before applying hand lotion. It’s also a good idea to put on your jewellery last when you get ready in the morning, as spraying things like perfume and hairspray onto your jewellery can damage it. Get yourself completely ready and then put on your jewellery.

The way you store your jewellery Is also important. Fashion jewellery is easily scratched, so keep your rings, bracelets, etc. stored in a way in which they won’t rub up against each other, such as in soft pouches, hung on separately jewellery hooks, etc.

Fashion jewellery is meant for fun; it’s not meant to last forever. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take good care of it, however. It’s still an investment of money, even if it’s fairly inexpensive. Protect that investment by taking the time to take good care of your jewellery.

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