15 Cute Foot Tattoo Designs for Girls

Getting a tattoo on your foot can be a frustrating task to design. Such a sensitive and detailed part of the body can be quite tricky to fit certain design elements. For this reason alone, many women use condensed versions of meaningful symbols to place on their foot. While it is possible to tattoo the soles of the feet, it is more traditional to get ink work done on the top of the foot for females. Not quite sure which design to go with? Here are some helpful ideas that can help you sort your own out and design the tattoo that works best for you.

Beautiful Women Foot Tattoo

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Top Single Graphic Foot Tattoos for Girls

Here is the top 10 list, not in any order, of cute foot tattoos for females that are easy on the eye and absolutely attractive!

  1. Anchors – You don’t have to be a maritime lover to appreciate the dainty detail of a good old fashion marine anchor. The top of the foot offers the perfect place to showcase this balanced graphic image that many women find liberating. It can often represent the love for the ocean, fishing or memoriam. It is often used to honor grandparents and Navy officers.
  2. Single Rose or Flower – While many women symbolize their womanhood with a single fully bloomed rose on the top of their foot, there are plenty of options between the different flowers, colors and arrangement options. Using different color patterns can add even more options to creating the ultimate unique design.
  3. Butterfly – Whether you chose an open-wing or perched position, butterflies can often be one of the sexiest tattoos a woman could have on the top of her foot. The beauty about this design element is that you are not limited to just the top portion of the foot. In fact, many women get creative and connect the butterfly on the top of their foot with other design elements that are places on their ankle and lower calf as well.Cute Foot Tattoo Designs for Girls butterfly
  4. Writing – Quotes, names, lettering and numbers are also often found on the top of a woman’s foot as well. While cursive writing in this position is more common, it is not rare to find print lettering, barcodes and other languages on the foot as well. In any direction, writing on the foot can add the perfect finishing touches to a larger tattoo or accent the dainty and simplistic portion of the body perfectly.Cute Foot Tattoo Designs for Girls writing
  5. Tribal – Tribal tattoos found on a woman’s foot often depict a more abstract pattern that outlines the individual groves and shape of the foot itself. In many cases, you will often see black and shaded tribal designs with vibrantly colored accents to bring out the details in the design. Tribal flowers and crosses are pretty popular amongst females here as well.Cute Foot Tattoo Designs for Girls tribal
  6. Feathers – This can be a quaint yet detailed element to add to a foot tattoo design. The natural contrast and contour of a feather offers an easy transition onto the usually curvy proportion of the foot. For those with high arches or boney ankles, feathers can also offer the abstract curvage that you need to avoid more sensitive or off-limit spots on the foot.Cute Foot Tattoo Designs for Girls feather
  7. Bird or Wings – For the sheer symbology of the freedom that birds possess, many women enjoy portraying the same imagery on their foot. Many even take it one step further and create dual 3D imagery by using both feet to complete one design. This way when the feet are laced together, they create a larger image of the same picture. Using birds and wings, this can be done by tattooing half the bird on one foot and half on the other – the same concept used for wings and flight tattoos as well.Cute Foot Tattoo Designs for Girls foot
  8. Cartoon Character Face – Keeping a simple and fun cartoon design on the top of the foot can attract the most attention and appreciation. The most popular cartoon heads used for this area right now are Hello Kitty, Garfield and superhero symbols.foot_tattoo_8
  9. Heart – Hearts are always a dainty touch on the top of the foot. While single hearts are rarely used, except in tribal designs, many women use the top of the foot for double hearts, clouds and relationship honors.love-tattoo
  10. Rosary – Since many women utilize rosary beads in their tattoo designs, the top of the foot provides ample space to spread out a flowing rosary beads. The majority of women use the top portion of the foot to lay out the cross while the bead chain flows around their foot and ankle area.Rosary

Depending on the size and color scheme of these tattoo choices, incorporating the elements into a foot tattoo on a female can deliver the cutest yet sexy tattoo designs ever!

word-tattoofoot tattoo

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