Don’t Forget To Pack These 6 Things For Your Tropical Honeymoon

Deciding where to go for your honeymoon can be an exciting thing to do. There are many options but most of us are looking to get away from our hectic lives and relax. Most of us are looking to relax in the sun on a tropical vacation destination. Some of the top honeymoon destinations are tropical locations with clear, blue water, sandy beaches, an exciting nightlife, and a lot of four or five-star restaurants and hotels. On your tropical honeymoon, you will likely spend a lot of time relaxing on the beach, swimming the ocean and pools, going out to fancy dinners, hitting the hottest tourist areas, and spending a good deal of time in the hotel room. Here is a list of things you cannot forget for your tropical honeymoon.

#1) Sexy Lingerie

Since it is your honeymoon, you should plan to have a lot of fun, without needing to leave the hotel room. You and your spouse will enjoy spicing things up and new lingerie can be the perfect way to do this. has some of the hottest lingerie you can buy. They offer leather lingerie if you want to express your naughty side, simple sexy lingerie that is sure to show off your body, and other dress up lingerie you can use to impress your spouse.

#2) New Bathing Suit

Since it is your honeymoon, you should treat yourself to a new bathing suit. You will most likely be going to the beach a lot so if you find a couple of bathing suits you really like, you should get them all. A new bathing suit will help you feel comfortable and confident on the beach. Nothing is sexier to your spouse than seeing you confident, so find one that you like and you can’t go wrong.

#3) Heels and a Black Dress

While a lot of your time will be spent in the room and on the beach, you will still need to eat. Since it’s your honeymoon, you may decide to splurge and go to a fancy, five-star restaurant. You will need a stunning outfit and a cute pair of heels that will make you look spectacular. Dressing to impress your spouse will ensure you have a great dinner and a great after dinner dessert. While out shopping for this new outfit, make sure you love how you look in it. You do not want to purchase something, pack it, and then not like it when you need it on vacation. Try it on a few times before you leave to make sure it fits and the heels are comfortable to walk in.

#4) Sunscreen

Going to a tropical destination often means you will be in a hot place where the sun never stops beating. You should protect your skin and wear sunscreen. If you have sensitive skin, you can try using mineral sunscreen. This will likely not be available for purchase in another country, so you should remember to bring your own. There would be nothing worse than getting sunburnt or even getting sun poisoning on the first day of your honeymoon. That could wreck all of your plans, so it is crucial that you remember to pack sunscreen for your tropical honeymoon.

#5) Important Documents

Traveling to a tropical destination for your honeymoon often means that you will be traveling to another country. You need to remember to bring all of your important documents with you to the airport. You should have your ID and your passport packed in an easy to remember the location. If you forgot these items, you would have to drive home and get them. This could cause you to miss your flight and your entire honeymoon if you forget to pack them.

#6) Comfortable Sandals

You never know how hot the sand in tropical destinations will be, so it is critical that you bring comfortable flip flops. They are not only good for wearing on the beach, but they are also good for exploring the town, going to lunch, sightseeing tourist destinations, and getting ice cream. This versatile item is one that you cannot forget to pack. Even if you remember to pack them, you should double check to make sure your newlywed remembered theirs too.

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