Easy Tips for Applying Makeup like Lady Gaga

If you are an eccentric person who is an avid fan of the bizarre Lady Gaga, then this article is definitely tailor-made for you! Today I would discuss at length that how can get the look which Lady Gaga flaunted in the video “Telephone” and that too without going to extreme measures or putting in awfully lot of effort! Known for her weird make up and dressing sense, Lady Gaga surely looks like a delight in this video and her makeup is quite flawless and eye catching. And here we are talking about the eye makeup which she has donned.

A person’s eyes speaks volumes. And if you wish to flaunt yours, what better way than to do the Lady Gaga eye makeup and wound hearts all around you! With this video, Lady Gaga has shown the trend of this season. What you need to flaunt this season are big, black, smoky eyes and super bright lipstick gracing your lips. So why not be a trendsetter like Lady Gaga and follow the steps mentioned below to get transformed into a stunner like her in a jiffy? Hope you enjoy the tips and Happy Reading!

Tip No. 1: Concentrate on the Skin1

Skin is the most important aspect when you are attempting an impeccable makeup. Start making initial preparation of your face before applying the actual makeup. By this I mean that you should apply the foundation, concealer etc beforehand. Few prefer applying these things after their makeup, but it should be done before applying the makeup! Go for real good foundation and concealer which is perfect for your skin. Do not overdo with them as you would end up looking like a clown!

Tip No. 2: The Eyeshadow Technique2a




Start with applying a really good primer on your lids and also on the lower portion of your lashes. To get the Lady Gaga look, go for a blue eyeshadow. Apply it impeccably on your lids with the help of a really good eyeshadow brush. Take it till your brow and then slope it downwards at the corners as shown in the picture above. Now apply the eyeshadow nicely at the corner portion of your nose. Keep in mind to keep some space bare at that portion as you would be required to apply a highlighter there later on.

Also apply the eyeshadow on the lower portion of your eye lashes with the help of a small brush and make sure not to overdo it.

Tip No. 3: Time for the Black Eyeshadow3a


After you blend the blue eyeshadow really well, now comes the time for you to apply black eyeshadow ion the outer line of the blue eyeshadow. Also use this eyeshadow on the lower lashes of your eyes commencing from the outer portion of your eye and stop just where your eye lashes end. Make sure some blue shadow is still there near your tear duct area.

Tip No. 4: The White Eyeshadow4

Finally you need to apply a white eyeshadow on the bone of your eyebrow just below the eyebrow and the gap left behind by you at the corner of the eye earlier. Have a look at the picture to get an idea of how to do it!

Tip No. 5: Time for an Eyeliner5a



Now comes the time for you to use a really good black gel eyeliner and apply it on your lashes impeccably. Then take a white pencil liner and apply it on the waterline of your lashes by stretching the lower portion away from your eyes. Make sure that you smudge your black gel liner a bit to give that smoky smudgy look to your eyes. Apply nicely the white eye pencil on the inner corner of your eyes too.

Tip No. 6: Time for the Fake Lashes6a


Enhance your eyelashes with the help of false eyelashes. Use a good glue to stick the lashes on your original lashes. After it dries up completely apply a mascara generously on the upper and lower portion of your lashes.

Tip No. 7: Concentrate on the Brows7a

Now you should apply a good black eyeshadow just below you eyebrows and fill in the gaps really nicely without leaving behind any spaces. Have a look at the picture shown above to get an idea how it is actually done impeccably!

Tip No. 8: Adorn the Cheeks8

With the help of a contoured brush apply eye catching pink color blush below your adorable cheeks.

Tip No. 9: Highlighting your Face9

Make use of a shimmery shaded highlighting powder white in color to apply on your face and on the apples of your cheeks. Apply it on the bridge of your cute nose, forehead as well as your chin.

Tip No. 10: Make the Lips Yummy10a

The first and foremost thing you need to do with your lips is apply a pink lip liner around your cute lips and fill it up with pink color MAC lipstick and at the very end add a gracious touch of glam lipstick to end up with lips with super impeccable sexy pout!

Now are you ready to have a glimpse at the end result of all the efforts put in above? Have a look at the picture and you can see how successfully and easily you can get the Lady Gaga look with just few steps! Get ready to flaunt your super Sexy Lady Gaga look from the video Telephone and be the envy of every women around you! Hope this article helped you. Have fun trying your hand at this great Lady Gaga tutorial!final look

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