Ever Wondered If It Was Possible To Open Your 3rd Eye? Well, You Are About to Find Out!

There’s not many people that actually know about the third eye and what it is, but we all have it. Have you ever had a gut feeling about something and it turned out to be true, or had a predictive dream that came true, or perhaps were able to tell that something was about to happen undeniably, but couldn’t really explain how you knew, or perhaps you saw something that just didn’t make any sense logically? Your third eye is at work right there.

How is it even possible to activate the power of your third eye? You need to allow yourself to become connected to your spirituality if you’re going to be able to activate your 3rd eye chakra, accept that not everything is occurring only in plain sight and can be explained with scientific proof, and that your mind is capable of power that we are unaware of, we only need to tap into it.  We are in the age of technology and this, unfortunately, tends to take us away from our spirituality.

In order to open your third eye, there are a couple of things that you need to tap into once again.

Explore the power of silence

In the fast paced lives that we lead, the prospect of even have a moment of silence is now considered a privilege and a luxury that not many of us have access to. This, however, doesn’t mean that it’s impossible. What it does mean is that if you commit to exposing yourself to undisturbed and utter silence for a couple of hours every day, you will be well on your way to opening your third eye.

Silence is the doorway to find peace, first and foremost. When you begin to focus on your breathing, you are able to clear your mind of the clutter that it piles up, and you are able to meditate. When you meditate, you have the opportunity to realize what thoughts you need to focus on, and which to discard that actually have no value in keeping you well. Silence is powerful because it finally allows you to have control over your mind. And once you have that control, you have the opportunity to visit the joy of opening your third eye and accept what it had to offer.

Give your intuition value & attention

Society and our conditional upbringings teach us that our intuition is not as valuable as cold, hard facts, and this is what shuts down our spirituality and access to the third eye. What the third eye provides is a deeper understanding of how accurate our instincts can be. Dreams will become more vivid and will be more in tune with the events in your life, your ability to make calculated decisions based on your well being will become more accurate and you will have an overall clearer perspective on your past, present and future.

Let your inner child out

While the prospect of opening your third eye might sound like a heavy endeavor, it is actually quite the opposite. In order to be able to really get in touch with everything about you and to be able to feel your own energy as well as others and their auras, you need to let go of the tension and the things that have caused you to hold your true self.

Start off by giving creativity a shot, even if you might believe that you’re not too good at it. The point is to let loose, have fun, and inevitably become fearless in trying new things that you may have always been afraid of. By doing this, your third eye has the opportunity to open wide as you will be tapping into parts of you that were buried long ago. Strengthening your third eye means strengthening your belief in yourself and becoming more creative, and more in tune with things that move you on a deeper level. Whether it be music, art, travel- whatever it may be, it’s important to take a leap of faith, so that your inner strength and intuition take a front row seat in the process of growth in your life.

The answer is yes. Of course, it’s possible to open your third eye and keep it open too. The ability to gain a deeper and more spiritual perspective of the power of your intuition is something we all need to do. And this is what the third eye is all about. All you need to do is stay true to yourself and step away from the mundane and constructing things that plague your life and let your inner spirituality take over.

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