Fashion Dos and Don’ts: Dos and Don’ts of Statement Jewelry

Statement jewelry is in this year but let’s be honest – has statement jewelry ever really gone out of style? You can use statement jewelry to dress up a bland outfit or to compliment a look just needs a little something extra to turn it into something spectacular. The problem with statement jewelry is that it can be extremely easy to get it wrong. We’ve all seen it happen. A woman has just gone a little overboard with the jewelry and thrown her whole look out of whack. In our first fashion dos and don’ts article, I wanted to focus on statement jewelry because done right, this particular trend can offer spectacular results. Done wrong? Well, I think you get the point. Let’s get started.

This one combines two things I love – color and studs – to create one awesome bracelet. (source:

Do Play Around with Color!

A statement piece in bold, eye catching colors is a great way to dress up a less than exciting outfit or add a new dramatic element to an old favorite. Jeans and a t-shirt can even benefit from a good splash of color. Don’t be afraid to mix and match the colors of your pieces though. One of my all time favorite color combinations is black with hot pink. I like putting on two nice chunky black bracelets with a hot pink on sandwiched in the middle. The black really makes the pink pop without allowing the pink to be too dominant or too feminine.

This look worked for Madonna. It worked for Madonna in the ’80s. Keep that in mind. (source:

Don’t Get too Carried Away!

While playing around with colors and statement jewelry, it’s easy to pile it on a little too thick. Pick one or two statement pieces that compliment each other and let them shine. If you add too much, your jewelry pieces will be fighting with each other for attention and will distract from the overall look you’re going for. Throwing a lot of jewelry at a bland outfit won’t make it sizzle. It will only make it look busy and sloppy. A bold necklace can make a beautiful statement but only if you allow it to. A bold necklace should always be worn with a less dramatic pair of earrings. You can, however, pair a bold necklace with a bold bracelet or ring. This separates the focal points and pulls the whole look together.

While I probably wouldn’t wear these rings together, I think the gold and silver tones are a great example of two different metals working together. (source:

Do Mix and Match Your Pieces!

Gold should only be worn with other gold pieces. Silver should only be worn with other silver pieces. Both of those statements are incorrect. Gold and silver can be paired together and can offer a stunning look but only if the pieces you choose work together. A bold silver necklace should always be paired with silver earrings, but there is no reason you can’t pair a bold silver necklace with a simple gold chain. This applies in reverse as well and also works with colors and other types of metals. Mixing and matching your pieces can be a great way to create an eclectic and even elegant look.

While these are beautiful earrings, if you pair them with a drab outfit, these are only going to look boring. You could dress up the look by adding a bold silver bracelet or ring. (source:

Don’t Go too Plain!

Just as it is easy to overdo it with statement pieces, it is easy to under-do it. Statement jewelry is all about making a statement, obviously. You don’t want that statement to be “I was too scared to really go all out”. Statement pieces need accenting pieces. Sometimes the accent pieces can be makeup, an element of your outfit or even a hairstyle. Look in the mirror and ask yourself if your statement piece needs something more. Don’t be afraid to try on different jewelry and experiment. You can always take it off again if you feel uncomfortable. I like putting on my outfit, doing my hair and makeup and them putting on every item of jewelry in my jewelry box. I’ll stand in front of the mirror and take off the jewelry a piece at a time until I find the look I’m happy with.

Right now, I’m a little obsessed with pieces like this one. It’s beautiful, bold but still simple. It may not be for everyone though. That’s what picking pieces you love is all about. (source:

Do Pick Pieces You Love!

As I said above, statement jewelry is all about making a statement. What you want that statement to be is up to you. When I buy jewelry (and I buy jewelry a lot), I buy pieces that speak to me. I buy pieces that I can see myself wearing and loving. I love big pieces with bold colors because I’m a bold person. I like antique style jewelry because it is classic, elegant and feminine – like me. I like animal and nature inspired jewelry because I am an animal lover and a nature lover. My jewelry says something about who I am as a woman. As I change and grow, I buy new pieces and sell or give away the old pieces. My point? Buy things that speak to you. Buy things that make you feel good because then you’ll feel good wearing them.

Peacock feather earrings are a hot ticket item right now but they’re just not my cup of tea. If you like it, go for it though! Jewelry is about personal choices so have fun! (source:

Don’t Let Trends Dictate Your Style!

This don’t goes hand in hand with the do above. Sometimes I like what’s popular and sometimes I don’t. That’s probably the case with everyone reading this article. Right now feathered statement jewelry is all the rage but I’m not personally a big fan so I don’t buy feathered pieces. Statement jewelry should be about you and trends cannot tell you who you are. If there is a current trend that you love, by all means go for it but don’t waste money on something you just aren’t feeling.

Here Diane Kruger has chosen a very bold dress with lots of drama. Instead of pairing the dress with dramatic jewelry, she’s wisely kept it simple and let the dress run the show. Perfect combination!      (source:

Do Consider Your Outfit!

Your statement jewelry needs to work with whatever outfit you’re planning to wear or it isn’t going to work at all. Your jewelry will look like an afterthought instead of part of the plan. It will look like it was thrown on at the last minute and that will distract from the overall look you’re going for. You don’t need to spend a lot of time picking the perfect jewelry for an outfit but make sure you take a moment or two to consider whether or not you’ve made the right selection for your outfit before you leave the house. Is there something a little better? Why not try it out and see? Another piece or a different piece might be exactly what you need to transform your outfit into something spectacular.

Megan Fox is known for her bold choices and these earrings definitely fall into that category. (source:

Don’t Be Afraid to Dress to Your Jewelry!

I will admit to doing this far more often than most would admit. As you may have been able to tell, I am a girl that loves her jewelry so it isn’t uncommon for me to plan my entire outfit around a few statement pieces. If you’re heading to an event but can’t decide what to wear, why not draw your inspiration from your own jewelry box. I like putting together a nice set of pieces, putting those pieces on and then looking through my wardrobe to find an outfit that goes with those pieces. I have never been disappointed with the results.

So friends, tell me – what is your favorite statement piece and how do you wear it?


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