Full Figure Flattery: Dressing to Impress

There’s a special occasion marked on your calendar with a date that’s getting closer and closer. Maybe you’ve been invited to a friend’s wedding, or it’s almost time for your high school reunion -and you’ve been stressing about how you’re going to look all dressed up and no way to hide those extra few pounds you put on since high school.

So, you’re not a size 2. Well forget about those skinny bitches and comfort yourself with the knowledge that “large and lovely” women are the true majority and your not-so-tiny curves are a lot more normal than those anorexic angles. We have some great tips and suggestions for the best dress styles to flatter your fuller figure with gorgeous designs like Occasion Dresses by Simply Be. Follow these guidelines to find the perfect dress that will make you feel beautiful and confident for your big event.

Occasion Dresses




Women come in all shapes and sizes, and even women of the same size can have different shapes. Choosing the right cut and drape in a special occasion dress lets you enhance your best figure features and downplay the areas of your body that bother you. No matter how beautiful a dress might be, if it doesn’t flatter your specific form then it isn’t the right dress for you. Be honest with yourself about your body shape before you start dress shopping, and look for styles that are most flattering to your form. Start by recognizing your best and worst figure features.


Great Legs/ Tummy Bulge

You really like to show off your long, lovely legs but you wish your belly would just disappear. Fine, don’t pick a dress that is snug at the waist, and show off your gams- it’s that simple. One style that works for this particular body shape is a loose, frilled tunic dress. A mid-thigh length let’s your legs get a little attention, and you will want to play those up with some great heels that are elongating and sexy. Control-top panty hose in nude shades will help boost your self-confidence.


Another dress style that flatters this full figure body shape is a design with a fitted upper bodice that tucks just underneath your bosom and then flows loosely down to the hem. This style works with both short and long lengths. Get some extra punch out of a short dress with a flirty fringe or ruffles on the hem, or choose a long dress with slits on the sides that will still let you show off your legs.


Nice Bosom/ Flabby Upper Arms

Don’t be so focused on showing off your Double-Ds that you choose a dress style that bares your chicken wings too. Wearing a strapless gown or a low-cut sleeveless dress might have you thinking that your cleavage is in the spotlight, but lift your arm to wave at a friend across the room and all anyone will notice is how much your flabby arms are jiggling while you wave. You can flatter your frontal feature with a sweet-heart bodice or a plunging neckline in a long-sleeve style that will achieve the desired effect of showcasing the ladies in a way no one ever even knows you don’t have toned biceps.


Sexy Shoulders/ Big Booty

Short skirts highlight more than your legs- they also draw the eye to your behind. Also avoid ruffles at your waist, hips or thighs when you want to downplay the junk in your trunk. If you have nicely shaped, tanned shoulders but think your hips are too wide, stay away from mini-skirts even if they come with a dress style with spaghetti straps. Straps or strapless tops are good for revealing your shapely shoulders, but the most flattering look for pretty shoulders is the halter-top design. Couple that with a loosely flowing drape or pleats that go from beneath the bosom to mid-calf or floor-length hemline. The longer dress length keeps the eye flowing past the hips without even noticing your big old butt, while the angled shape of the halter top is sexy and sophisticated.


Luscious Behind/ Flat Front

A form fitting shape is great for showcasing your best assets from the back, but doesn’t help a flat-chested woman at all. You can keep a more fitted dress style to enhance your nice butt without looking like a boy up front with carefully placed ruffles and a push-up bra. A mid-thigh dress length that is snug but not tight will enhance your shapely backside, and a ruched bodice or a layer of ruffles across a sweet-heart neckline gives the illusion of a fuller bra cup. Ruffles can also accentuate and enhance the shape of your behind, so a good dress style for showing off your butt could have some lace ruffles draped at the hips, and then again across your chest for accenting your bosom.

Looking your best for your special event or any occasion …

Is all about knowing what features to accentuate and which areas to disguise a little. It’s also all about recognizing your best and worst features and learning how to showcase the good while downplaying the not-so-good. Big can definitely be beautiful, and large can most certainly be lovely, so don’t let those Barbie doll girls intimidate you when it comes to being your gorgeous self. Follow our tips for finding the most flattering, full-figure occasion dresses and you can easily dress to impress for that upcoming big event. You’ll feel confident and pretty as you enter the room with your head held high and a swing in your step.

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