Get the Look: 10 Hot Celebrity Braided Hairstyles

Braids are classic. They can be simple or complex. They can be the star of the style or merely an accent. They can be worn as a casual style or can be dressed up to be classy and sophisticated. Fun, youthful and sometimes unexpected, a braid can really take a hairstyle to the next level. Let’s take a look at ten of the best celebrity braided hairstyles and talk about how you can do the style all by yourself at home with products you likely already have.

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10: Jennifer Hudson’s Unique Side Braid

I have to admit I’m not a huge fan of this Jennifer Hudson look but I do like the fact that it’s bold, daring and unique. This particular look is included on this list because it really shows how the side braid trend is growing and evolving. The side braid is a beautiful look on its own but now stars like Jennifer and taking it a step further and putting their own unique spin on it. I think that’s fantastic. This particular look is great for someone who likes the idea of a side braid but wants to add a little spice and personality to it. It’s definitely a stand out style even if it wouldn’t be my first choice for my own hair.

Get This Look: Apply a dab of heat safe styling gel to your hair, starting at the roots and working it through evenly to the tips. Part your hair into a neat center part and gather your hair into a pony tail over one ear. Leave a small section of hair loose in the front. Braid the remaining hair into a snug but not tight braid and secure the braid with an elastic. Take the lose section of hair and curl it with a medium barrel curler. Pull the curl up to the base of your braid, wrap it around the base and pin the curl in place. Finish off the look with a mist of medium hold hair spray.

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09: Jennifer Morrison’s Pony Tail and French Braid Combo

Oh Jennifer Morrison. I love this woman so much it’s a little ridiculous. She’s stylish but in such a very unique, very “Jennifer Morrison” kind of way. I’ve not been the biggest fan of her blond locks but I absolutely love what she’s done with them here. The delicate french braid in the front dressed up what could otherwise be a very bland pony tail. It gives the style a classic, sophisticated but yet modern twist and makes the standard pony tail look exciting and new.

Get This Look: This look is actually pretty basic. How you want to start off is really up to you. I would recommend doing the small french braid first. To do this, you’re going to separate a section of hair at the front of your head along the hairline from the rest of your hair. Do a quick french braid. Pull the braid and the rest of your hair back and secure the braid and the pony tail with an elastic or clip. If your braid isn’t long enough to secure along with the rest of your hair, tuck the end under the rest of your hair and pin it in place.

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08: Elizabeth Olsen’s Casual Side Braid

What doesn’t work about this look? While it might be a little too casual for more formal events, it is absolutely perfect for nearly any other setting be it work or play. The great thing about this look is that it is easy to do but still looks stylish and sophisticated – the perfect blend of flirty, youthful fun and more mature sophistication.  Perhaps the best thing about this look though is that it compliments nearly every face shape. Of course the fact that it’s an incredibly easy look to get, takes about five minutes to do and only requires an elastic to secure the braid are pretty big benefits as well.

Get This Look: Part your hair into a deep side part and then gather your hair together in a pony tail over the opposite ear. Braid your hair into a loose braid and secure it with an elastic. Leave a few strands loose from the side you parted to frame your face. If your style looks flat, try teasing the roots of your hair a little bit first. This will give the hair a little more body and height at the crown although the look also works if the hair is flatter than Elizabeth’s is in the photo above.

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07: Molly Sims’ Braided Hairband

There are a lot of ways a woman can wear a braided hairband (as you’ll probably be well aware of by the end of this list) but the look Molly is wearing here is one of my favorites. The waves and highlights really make this look stand out. The braid isn’t the main star of the show. It’s really just there to add a little something extra to an already lovely look. That’s perhaps what I like most about it. Be warned though, this is a look that takes a little work so make sure you give yourself enough time to get it done before you have to head out the door.

Get This Look: Instead of talking about the waves, I’m going to stick to walking you through doing the braided hair band. The waves are beautiful but you don’t really need them to pull off this look as it works really well with straight hair too. To start, you’re going to separate one section of hair on each side of your head from the rest of your hair. This should give you three distinct sections of hair. If you have bangs, just leave them against your forehead unless you find them difficult to work around. If they are, pin them to the side. Tie the main section of hair back in a pony tail, leaving the two sections you’ve taken from each side loose. Braid the section of hair hanging loose on the right side. How tight or loose you braid depends on the look you’re going for. If you’re going for a look like Molly’s, a looser braid will work. Secure this braid with an elastic and then follow the same procedure with the loose section hanging on the left. Pull both braids up and across the front of your head (or for Molly’s look, a little further back). Pull the braids in opposite directions (the right braid should go across your head and end at the left side while the left braid will go across your head and end at the right side). Pull the ends underneath the pony tail so both ends meet at the base of your neck along the bottom of your hairline. Fasten them in place with pins and take the rest of your hair out of your pony tail. You now have a beautiful braided hairband.

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06: Brooklyn Decker’s Braided Up-Do

We’re going to look at a few different braided up-dos because they’re very hot these days and there are a lot of great ways to wear them. I’m especially a fan of this Brooklyn Decker look because those beautiful soft strands that frame the face give this one a soft, romantic feel that reminds me almost of the hairstyle a princess would wear in a fairy tale. Of course Brooklyn is a beautiful woman but any woman with longer locks can pull off this look. It takes a little more preparation than some of the other looks we’ll be talking about on this list but the end result is worth it.

Get This Look: To start out, you’re going to follow the same procedure we used to do Molly Sim’s hairband above but this time, we’re also going to leave a few shorter front pieces loose and pull the rest of the hair into a classic bun. Set the look off by using a little bit of styling gel on the loose pieces you’ve left in front (a small dime sized dab should be more than enough to do both strands), and curling them with a medium barrel curling iron. You can loosen up the curls with your fingers. Weight down the ends with a touch of pomade and you’re all set.

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05: Eva Longoria’s Side Braid with Side Swept Bangs

I wasn’t entirely sure what to call this look other than stunning.Eva Longoria always has such killer style and this look is no exception. While it’s really a style for ladies with longer hair, it’s a fabulous style worth getting extensions for. With this style she’s created a glamorous braided hairstyle that would work beautifully even for more casual events. It’s cool and youthful while still being mature enough for older women. Great look all around and a great example of braids done right.

Get This Look: Start by applying a little heat safe styling gel to your hair, starting at the roots and working the product through your hair to the tips. Part your hair into a deep side part and gather your hair to the opposite side of your head. Separate your bangs (or a small section of your hair you’d like to use as bangs) and leave it loose. Gather the remaining hair into a lose side pony tail and begin your braid around your chin. If you have shorter hair but really want this look, it might be a good time to consider extensions because to really pull off this exact look, you need a little length or your hair won’t have the beautiful fullness Eva’s does at the top. Once you’ve finished your braid, secure it with an elastic and take a flat iron to the hair you’ve left loose. This should give your hair that little bit of curl Eva’s hair has in the photo.

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04: Busy Phillipps’ Casual Twist

Some might consider including Busy’s casual twist on this list cheating but I don’t. While a hair twist isn’t what one typically thinks of as a braid, I think it’s close enough to a braid to count. If I chose to leave twists off the list, I wouldn’t be able to have Busy’s look on here and that would be a shame. What Busy has done here is take a fairly ordinary hairstyle and dress it up to make it more special with nothing more than a little twist of some of that hair. I think this look is what braided looks are all about.

Get this Look: Busy’s casual twist takes barely any work at all. Separate a chunk of hair from the front of the center of your head, twist it around your finger, tuck the end under the hair on the side and pin it in place. It’s that easy.

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03: Jaime King’s Braid and Headband Combo

Always the stylish lady, Jaime King takes two of the summer’s hottest hair trends and combines them to create one fabulous look. I love everything about Jaime. She’s a beautiful, talented woman but she’s also the kind of woman that likes to approach fashion in her own way. This look is a great example of that. It’s classy and sophisticated but still fun and youthful – just like Jaime. Paired with her bright red lips and understated makeup, this is one knockout look.

Get This Look: For this look, you really just need to separate a section of hair from the front of your head from the rest of your hair and braid it into a loose, messy braid. Pull the braid up into the rest of your hair and twist it into a classy up-do. While I can’t see the back of her style in this photo, I suspect she probably has her hair in a tight bun. Finish off the look with an understated headband and you’re ready to go.

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02: Bella Thorne’s Dressed Up Side Braid

Bella Thorne has taken what could be a pretty but very basic side braid and turned it into something spectacular by leaving her bangs and some shorter side pieces loose and adding a colorful bow. While this look might be a little too ‘cutesy’ for some of you, remember the accessories you choose are up to you. This look works because it’s different. It has a little flair. You can stick with the ribbon but change the color. You can add some other sort of fun hair tie. You can add a headband or some hair jewels. This look is on the list for two reasons – one, I really like it and two, it shows that you can have fun with a braid and still have a great look.

Get this Look: To get the exact look Bella is wearing in the photo above, you need to start by separating your bangs and a few shorter side pieces from the rest of your hair. Gather the rest of your hair behind your ear and braid it into a snug braid. Finish the braid off with a bright red, chunky ribbon and you’re all set.

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01: Dianna Agron’s Fishtail Headband Up-Do

In my article about the hottest hair trends of the summer, I admitted I think Dianna Agron has the potential to be a real trendsetter when it comes to hair. This look just drives that home for me. Stylish and mature but still youthful and fun, this look also proves we haven’t seen the last of the fishtail braid. Dressy enough to be paired with some cute earrings and a nice dress but still casual enough to wear with a pair of jeans and a t-shirt, this is a great, versatile look for nearly any occasion.

Get this Look: Fishtail braids can be fairly complex to do the first time you’re attempting them but luckily for you, I’ve already done a tutorial that will walk you through how to do the braid right. You may want to practice a few times because it can be a bit tricky to get the hang of. You can view my fishtail braid tutorial by clicking here. Beyond that, to get this look, you’re really just going to wrap the braid around, pull your hair up into an up-do and then pin everything in place. Not nearly as difficult as it looks. If you want Dianna’s exact look, make sure you leave things a little messy. It works beautifully with this look.

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