The Glittery Sequins Nail Art Tutorial made Easy!

You know how much nail art is in trend nowadays if you would have read my previous articles mentioning the DIY nail art at home. Now comes the time to get funky and downright experimental with super shimmery and beautiful looking glitters and adorn your nails with it! The term usually used is called “Glequins” which means the beautifully glittery sequins. These glitter sequins comes in a variety of colors and are very inexpensive too! You can get these sequins online and they are easily available in craft shops too!

Glitter sequins are so versatile in nature that it has become a trend now for them to be used as embellishments for nails. They allow you to use your creativity in adorning your nails with them apart from adding that super zingy effect on your nails! These are superb substitutes for rhinestones which tend to come off the nails quite easily and hence spoil the entire nail art design! With these sequins all you need to do is stick them to your nails and top it off with a coat of clear nail varnish. You can even stick these sequins on artificial nails and create any look that you want!

Now let us get down to business and let me demonstrate you how easy it is to do nail art using glitter sequins.

Things you will Require:                      

  • A nail varnish in a nude shade
  • Glittery nail varnish (bronze glittery nail varnish from Jordana is used here)
  • Glittery sequins (should be bronze in color)
  • A top coat varnish
  • A really good base coat varnish

Step 1: Remove any old nail varnish1

In order to get down to business, you need to first remove any old nail paint on your fingers by using a really good nail paint remover. If required, you should also file your nails. Make sure that you do not file your nails each and every day as they may ruin your sensitive nails and create quite a havoc. Simply file in just one direction and not multiple directions!

Step 2: Apply a Good Base Coat on nails2

Apply a good base coat on your nails. It totally depends upon you which base coat you opt for. If the growth of your nails are stunted, then you can go for special base coats which acts as a nail growth enhancer. Otherwise you can use a simple and regular base coat on your nails if you have really healthy nails! A base coat is usually applied so as to prevent your nails from staining later on and your nail varnish to settle on your nails impeccably.

Step 3: Nude shade Nail Varnish3

After your base coat dries off completely, apply your chosen nude tone nail varnish and let the nail paint dry off properly! Make sure you apply the nail paint carefully and with patience as you do not wish to end up with messy nails!

Step 4: Use the Bronze Glittery Nail Varnish4 real

Now comes the step in which you are going to apply a glitter nail paint in bronze shade as shown above in the picture. Make sure that the previous nude nail paint dies off completely before you start applying this nail polish. And apply this nail polish only on the ring finger of yours as shown in the picture!

Step 5: Top it off with a Top Coat5

After the glitter nail polish dries off properly, finish it off by applying a good top coat on your nail.

Step 6: A Glance at the Glitter Sequins6

Before proceeding furthermore, let us have a look at what and how the glitter sequins exactly look like! Hope the picture above solves all your confusions with respect to glitter sequins!

Step 7: Add the Sequins on Nails7

Before you proceed with the glitter sequins, apply a base coat on your nails as well as the top coat for a better sticking capability! Now make use of a toothpick to pick these pretty shimmering particles and place them on your nails impeccably and with precision. Do not be hasty while you are on this stage as you so not want to end up with failed nail art design! With patience you get everything, super cute nails included!

Step 8: Get Creative8

Do not limit your creativity with just a single strand of glitter sequins on your nails. Let loose your imagination and add few more queues of sequins on your nails which look quite wonderful as you can see it yourself in the picture above.

Step 9: Experiment with your Nails9

In this step you are ready to experiment with your glitter sequins on each and every nail of yours or you can simply follow the same design on all your nails! The choice totally depends upon you. But after you finish of with your sequin work, do not forget to top off your nail work by applying a top coat on your nails.

Other Looks using Glitter Sequins:

Look 1:look1

In the picture shown above, you can create a cute border around your nails using the red sequins to make your nails look pretty.

Look 2:look2

To the red sequins bordered nails, you can add cute little embellishments like these flowers shown in the picture above which adds the required bling to your nails. All you need to be is get creative and use embellishments broken off your old hair clips to stick to your nails!

Look 3:look3

Here you can first apply a black matte nail varnish and then add red sequins to make your nails pop out and look adorable. You can go for various designs!

I hope this article helped you in realizing what one can do with sequins and use them as enhancers to enhance the beauty of your nails! Happy Experimenting Girls!

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