Hair Color Guide For The Confused

As women we all have the right to change our minds, clothes, and hair color. I have been known to change mine far too often. As a result of this I have learned a thing or two that everyone can learn from. I have made enough mistakes to save you from making them yourself. You might have even fallen victim to some of the things mentioned in this article.


I am going to tackle many issues here. I am going to address the color you choose to dye your hair. How you dye your hair is also important many mistakes are made there. Extreme styles are also something I am going to be commenting on. Also covered will be when to go to a stylist and when to do it yourself which is important for us beauties on a budget.


Color choices

Your choice should be based on your skin tone. Some colors will do nothing but enhance any flaws in your skin and even make your look worse. I have tried every color under the rainbow even some that are not in the rainbow and have found some things out in the process.


If you are of fair complexion your best bet is to stay in the blonde or light brown shades of dye. Choosing a darker color like black will only make your skin appear redder and make you look sick. Should you think about the redhead family I will use one word of advice don’t do it. Redheads are born not dyed.


If you are of a medium complexion you have a different set of choices. You can take on brown hair dye with no problem. You will want to stay away from black however as this will wash you out. Blonde is also an option but if you go too light it will not look as good as the model on the box.


If you are tan you are a very lucky person. You can dye your hair black if you wish as it will not wash out your complexion. Blonde is also a good choice as many of the playboy bunnies can show us. Brown hair dye can also be very complementary to you as you are tan and the brown will look very nice and natural.


Going to extremes

I am a victim of my own temptations here. I love to play with my hair color and do all kinds of crazy things to see what I like and what I love. Some of these looks are not good and others are better. I am not a fan of putting Kool-Aid in your hair to dye it even though I have done it. It is just not the thing to do trust me on this one. At one point if you have ever been really light blonde adding strips of pink or any other not hair color is also not the best choice. My recent experiment is two tone hair color. My top section is lighter than the almost black bottom section of hair. I do believe that Christina Aguilera did this in the 90s. I loved it and I hate to say it but still do. I am currently rocking this look.


I will say one thing about the extreme styles that can redeem it. If you love a look that is extreme than you can work it and embrace it, but you have to commit to it. If you just do it half way than it will not look right. It is called extreme for a reason right. If you choose the extreme look than just take a big girl pill and go for it. Be warned that it does draw some attention and not all of it good. It can also become your trademark look that is all you and that is great too.


Mistakes in the dyeing process

I have made many mistakes in my living years of hair dye. The first one that is so easy to avoid is not wearing a t-shirt. How are you going to get this over your dyed head? My advice is to commit one shirt for your dyeing or wearing a spaghetti strap top that you can easily pull over your head. Dye can drip so don’t use a good shirt you like get a junky one.


This is the most important mistake I have made many times. I have missed a spot dyeing my hair because I am in a rush. Do not be in a rush take your time and coat every strand of hair starting from the roots and working your way out. Once you think you are done get the extra dye left over and use it to be extra sure you have it covered. Nothing is worse than having a dark spot in your new blonde hair.


Salon vs. Home

I am a fan of the DIY hair and have done so many things at home I maybe shouldn’t have. It might have been over my head but I will never admit that to your face. If your hair dye choice is extreme its best to go to a salon they know what they are doing. Streaking very hard to do at home go to the salon. Going from a very light to a very dark color go to the salon. Red hair is a very tricky color as well only those born with it look good in it but if you are going to do it than please let a professional do it. They can guide you to a shade you will look good in and do a good job. My rule of thumb is when in doubt let a professional do it.


There are instances when you can do it yourself. If you are just dyeing your hair a slightly darker or lighter shade you can do that easily. Another easy job it going from blonde to light brown. This should be an easy at home application. If you are doing something temporary for Halloween like a two week pink or cherry red color than do that at home.

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