High Heel Dangers

Let’s be honest ladies. We all love high heels. They make us look thing long and lean. Our legs look good enough to touch and the men certainly don’t complaint either. I have like all of you many pairs in our closets black, red, patterns, stripper, and the hundreds of other varieties. But have you thought of the effects of these super sexy shoes on our backs, legs, and health in our older age. This may even be affecting you today and you don’t even know it.


Comfort can be cute

The main reason that I wear flats most of the time is comfort. If we are going to be walking in heels we are going to hurt for it later. I am guilty of this one as well that hot guy you are dating. He is not going to break up with you because you are not wearing sky scraper hooker heels. If he is worth your time he will love you in your sneakers, flats, and your bedroom heels. He would want you to be able to walk with him and not be in pain. Guys don’t notice much more than our boobs or butt probably anyway.


Heel training??

You have to learn to walk in heels properly which seems like it might be more complicated than originally imagined. You have to walk backwards. Yes you heard it you must walk toe to heel. That is not normal and so hard to do. Plus even the experts tell us to take a day off of those spike heels. This most unnatural way of moving takes so much time to learn and I don’t know how much better it looks.



A flat can be just as sexy and it might even give the message that you do not need some stripper heels to feel your best. You are great just the way you are in your cute ballerina flats that are worth taking out to dinner. Any guy who is not going to give you a second look because you want to be walking comfortably is really not worth your time. There is nothing to prove by being taller than him anyway.


Health dangers

The real deal is there are some serious health effects. Your calf muscles are shortened and under great strain in heels. This means a weakening of the legs that can cause so many other problems in joints and even the spine. This is not the natural way the foot was meant to fit into shoes and so it would only seem logical that you will cause damage.


Hazardous structure changes

Wearing heels often can cause your body to hold itself that way permanently even when wearing flats. This means no relief from the heel pain on a real level. Your body is recording your preferred posture and walking positions in these painful heels daily. This causes more risk of injuries even when on level ground in level shoes. These changes do not take decades but a shorter time than a woman might feel comfortable with knowing. Studies are being done right now on this that is coming out with some staggering facts.



The injuries possible with high heels are due to the instability. You could twist your ankle on uneven ground. Fall sideways while approaching that super hot guy you want to date. You could even break that heel if it is thin enough and worn often and ruin a perfectly good pair of shoes. On top of that these are some embarrassing things to happen in public and best to avoid at all costs.


Honorable mention injuries

There are a few remaining side effects from the frequent use of heels. A big one is osteoarthritis which is pain in the joints in your foot. There is also hammer toes caused by shoving feet into small spaces with no room for them. Bunions and corns are also common and hard to prevent when the constricting shoes rub. It is also suggested that your blood circulation can be affected by the shoes preventing the proper flow to your extremities.


When you do

If you must wear heels experts recommend taking them off when possible to give the legs a break. This prevents the shortening of muscles permanently. Do this when you are typing at your desk for instance. Try to wear them only when needed or just twice a week. I am one of those special occasion heel wearers that manage to get through life.




















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