How to Get Rachel Bilson Hair Without Going to the Salon

I love Rachel Bilson. While she plays the lead one of my favorite new fall shows, Hart of Dixie, I have been a big fan since long before she put on Doctor Zoë Hart’s stethoscope. I remember seeing her in Last Kiss and absolutely falling in love. Why? It’s pretty simple, really. She’s beautiful, talented and seems to have a knack for picking interesting characters. She also has fantastic hair. So you want Rachel Bilson hair but you don’t exactly have the money to spend a small fortune at the salon? Not a problem. Anyone can get Rachel Bilson hair. It’s just a matter of knowing the right technique which is why I’m here.


Rachel Bilson Hair: Get the Style

The first thing you need to do to get Rachel Bilson hair is take a few pictures of the style to your favorite stylist. This is a fairly easy style for your stylist to do because there isn’t a lot of complexity. Stick with the basic cut to save yourself money. We’re going to talk about different ways you can style your new cut in a moment and later on, we’re going to talk about getting that stylish two tone hair color Rachel wears. You can ask your stylist to do the color for you but you’ll save yourself a bit of money doing it on your own. It’s really not all that difficult to do.

When you visit with your stylist to ask about the cut, I’d recommend taking a few different pictures with you so the stylist can really see what you have in mind. While most stylists are wonderfully creative people who really know what will work on you and what won’t, you’re looking for something specific here. The stylist will appreciate you bringing along a few extra photos so they can really see what you want them to do. Remember, they want you to be happy with your cut so the less you leave up to their imagination – if you’re looking for something specific, anyway – the better.


Rachel Bilson Hair: The Messy Side Part

Rachel wears her hair in a few different ways, but my favorite is probably the most casual. In the above photo, Rachel has styled her hair very simply and once you have gotten her cut, you can easily style your hair the same way. This is a great look if you don’t have time to shower or wash your hair before you have to leave the house. This style is much easier to pull off if you haven’t shampooed your hair yet.

All you really need to get this look is a brush or a comb. Part your hair to the side but don’t focus on getting a straight part. For this look, you want the part to be a little bit messy. That’s part of the appeal, no pun intended. If you’ll notice in the photo above, Rachel’s part doesn’t go straight back but it isn’t a complete zig-zag either. The point is not to care too much about how the part looks. Remember, this is supposed to be a relaxed and casual look. Worrying about that part in your hair isn’t relaxed or casual.

Once you have the part in place, you can tease your hair in the back but you want to make sure you just focus on the roots. You’re not looking for big hair. You just want to give yourself a little height on the crown. You also want to make sure you only tease the roots a little bit. Again, you’re only trying to make the hair on the front of your head a little bit fuller. It gives the look a little drama and glamour even though it’s a very simple look.


Rachel Bilson Hair: Get the Color

I can’t write about Rachel Bilson hair without mentioning the awesome “light on the bottom, dark on the top” color, also know as the ‘ombre’, she’s got going on. Let’s be honest though. Rachel isn’t the only one rocking the ombre look these days. This look is definitely catching on. If you want to get it too, you can ask your stylist to do it for you or you can take things into your own hands and do it yourself. Here’s how.

Do you already have highlights?

If you already have highlights, you will be doing something a little bit different than those who don’t yet have highlights. To start, you’ll need to invest in a little semi-permanent dye. Because you’re going for a natural look, you’re going to want to choose a shade of color that is one shade darker than your natural hair color. Look for a neutral shade or a shade with a sort of golden hue. If you’re not sure what’s right for you, find someone who knows what they’re talking about (check the cosmetics counter at a drug or department store) and ask for advice. Just make sure you choose semi-permanent. Other types of dye fade fairly quickly and leave you with dark, unattractive roots. Semi-permanent dye fades much less dramatically and much less quickly. Natural Instinct (by Clairol) is my favorite dye to use because it really does work with your natural hair and doesn’t fade as quickly as other so-called semi-permanent dyes. I also like anything Herbal Essences has to offer. It actually smells good which is always a pretty big benefit. Now that you have your dye, let’s talk about how you’re going to apply it.

  • Step One: Begin by parting your hair horizontally across the back of your head, starting at one ear and moving to the other in a straight part. You should now have your hair in two distinct sections. Make sure you keep the top section of hair you’ve created separate from the bottom section.
  • Step Two: You now want to separate those two sections into two sections each, leaving you with four sections of hair. Start at the center of your forehead and make a straight vertical part all the way back to the nape of your neck. You’ll end up with those four sections: two on the left and two on the right. Make sure you keep all four sections separate. There should be a top section and a bottom section on both sides.
  • Step Three: With your hair in sections, begin applying hair color to your roots. Make sure you follow the instructions on the bottle. A lot of people make the mistake of thinking all hair dye is used the same way. For the most part, that’s true but there are dyes out there that don’t follow that rule. Read the instructions just in case. Once you are sure you have the roots covered, let your color sit for five minutes.
  • Step Four: After five minutes have passed, start applying color to the rest of the sections. Because you are going for a lighter on the top, darker on the bottom look, you only want to apply your color halfway down the sections. In other words, don’t apply color the whole way down to the tips of your hair. Stop at the halfway point. This part intimidates some people but don’t let it intimidate you. You don’t have to worry about getting the dye in a perfect line. A wavering line makes your color look much more natural. Start with the two bottom sections on the back of your head and then do the front. Let this color sit for five minutes.
  • Step Five: Add a little bit of water to the remaining dye and color the ends of your hair, starting where you left off with the before. The water will dilute the color which is exactly what you want to do. This will give your color that two tone ombre look people love so much. You’re also going to leave this color on for a shorter amount of time. This part will only sit for one minute.

And that’s it! Pretty easy, right? Wash your hair and enjoy the results!

But you don’t have highlights?

Don’t worry! You can get the ombre look too and getting it isn’t a whole lot more complicated than the process for hair with highlights. The biggest difference is the dye you’ll be using. Go for a permanent dye like Clairol’s Nice N’ Easy in a color that is three or four shades lighter than your natural color. Look for either a neutral shade or a shade that has sort of an ashy tone. Again, if you aren’t sure what you should choose, as someone but make sure you tell them what you’re going to be doing with the dye. With your dye chosen, it’s time to start.

  • Step One: The first step is the same as the first step for hair with highlights for the most part but with hair without highlights, you’re going to want to use elastics to tie off the ends of each section. The elastic should be placed so the bottom third of the hair hanging just below the elastic.
  • Step Two: Apply your color to the ends that you’ve sectioned off with the elastics. Let this color sit for twenty minutes.
  • Step Three: Take off the elastics and apply the remaining color above where the elastics were. Leave a section of about an inch bare. Let this color sit for about ten minutes.

And that’s it! Pretty simple stuff. When you’re done, wash your hair and enjoy the awesome ombre hairstyle you’ve done all on your own.


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