How To Promote Your Beauty Through Imagery

Taking a beautiful image can be tricky, but the good news is that you don’t have to look perfect to take the perfect picture. There are plenty of tricks and tips to help you look your best, or, if you are taking pictures of others there are many ways to learn how to create a flattering image, get the background right and capture a shot that people will love.

In fact you may find that the most photogenic people aren’t necessarily the most beautiful in real life, it’s all about the way that they handle themselves in front of the camera. So often you hear people say ‘I hate getting my picture taken’ or ‘I just don’t look good in photographs’ and it is in fact this attitude of being intimidated by the camera that can make people freeze up and not look their best. Those who are confident and natural in front of the camera almost always take the prettiest pictures.

In this article you can learn not only what outside influences you need to create the perfect ambience and pose for your picture, but also some handy tips that will help you if you don’t feel that confident about having your picture taken. Read on to find out more.


Get the lighting right

Getting the lighting right is crucial when it comes to showing off your beauty at its best. A great piece of advice would be to use the flash regardless of whether you are indoors or outdoors as getting as much light on your face as possible will make the skin appear smoother and younger, and the eyes brighter. If you are indoors try standing near a window where you are exposed to more natural light, light will illuminate your face and conceal any imperfections so the more the better! You might also want to think about whether you use colour or a black and white shot for your image. Black and white is good for creating more mysterious and sultry poses, and also works better at covering up flaws, however a colour shot gives more life and can make your image look more vivid and interesting.

Using levels

Any decent camera should have different levels which you can use to adjust the kind of light exposure that you allow your picture to have. Levels determine the sensitivity of you camera to light. Depending on the kind of mood and ambience you are trying to create with your shot these levels can make a big difference to the kind of print you end up with. Have a play around with the levels on your camera under different lighting conditions and see the amazing kind of effects you can create.

Changing your body structure

It’s so easy to tense up as soon as someone whips out a camera but this creates images that look rigid and strange. To create the best quality prints you need to look natural. Try to keep your hands away from your sides, interact with something or someone – a book, a pet, a child, or hug, hold hands, or put your arms around another person in a picture to make you look less rigid. If its just you alone why not lean up against something, or hold onto a drink to help you look more relaxed? Also think about the angle of the camera, the most flattering images are taken at or above eye level, anything below this can risk you looking as though you have a double chin – even if you don’t! Turning your head is also more flattering as most of us don’t have perfectly symmetrical faces! Turn your face slightly away from the camera for a more flattering effect which masks any facial asymmetry and makes for a more slimming outline.

Looking confident

Confidence comes from within, and if you are able to relax and act natural in front of the camera you have a much better chance of looking your lovely self. If in a professional photoshoot situation you could try engaging in conversation with the photographer (and if you are the photographer try to spark up and friendly conversation with your subject) – if you are distracted by interesting conversation you will be far less preoccupied with the camera lens. If you look interested, are gesturing or laughing this can make for a fantastic photo too. Keeping your eyes open is important too, if you find it hard to do this, close you eyes and count to three, opening them just as the picture is being taken, this means you should capture a shot with your eyes open each and every time.

Adding a smile

Say cheese! But actually don’t! Saying cheese actually makes the mouth look rigid and your smile forced and often can make people who don’t like having their photo taken feel uncomfortable. However, while It may sound obvious, smiling for the camera really can make all the difference. So often people think it’s better to pout or look serious when a picture is being taken, but more often then not you just end up looking miserable! Everyone looks good smiling and nothing looks more beautiful then a big beaming smile that you can see in your eyes, so next time you are about to have your picture taken think of something that makes you really happy, and let it show!

Timing is everything

Different times or day can effect how good a quality your print will turn out. At noon the sun is at its highest point in the sky and therefore at its harshest. Late afternoon/ early evening is where you will find a softer, more ambient and natural light that will give you a pretty glow, and will make any landscape you capture in the background look more beautiful too.

Capturing beautiful quality prints of yourself, friends and family and beyond takes practice. Don’t worry if it takes a few attempts to get it right. after all once you have that perfect picture it will all be so worth it!


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