Instantly Spice Up a Bland Look With These Quick Tips

You’ve chosen your outfit for your big night out. You’ve got your hair and makeup done. You look in the mirror. Something’s missing. You just don’t feel your look is complete and you’re running out of time. What to do? You just don’t have time to start over and you’re mostly satisfied with the outfit. You have a little time to play with your hair and makeup but you don’t know where to start. Do you just throw your hands up and walk out of the house even though you’re not as happy with your look as you think you could be? No! Try one of these quick ideas to add a little something extra to an underwhelming outfit to make it spectacular.

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Switch things up with a slight change in your hair.

You don’t need to do something drastic to change up your hair style. A side part can really dress up an otherwise underwhelming look, especially if this isn’t a look you’d normally rock. Side parts also offer the added bonus of being a low maintenance, quick way to tame hair thanks to the fact that side parts keep fly aways in check. Many women don’t exactly think of class and sophistication when they think of the side part but done right, that’s exactly what this look offers. Check out Freida Pinto’s side part in the photo above. It shows off her gorgeous bone structure but also dresses up an otherwise plain look. You can pull your hair into a low ponytail for this one as Freida has done or play around with some other ideas.

The ponytail. If you’re in a rush, do a messy ponytail or bun. You can add a little flair by doing a fun braided chignon. It’s super easy to do and it adds a little something different to an otherwise ordinary look. I like doing the braided chignon on the side and like to leave it a little messy. Just gather your hair to the side in a lose pony tail behind your ear. Braid the hair but leave the top a little loose. Secure the braid with a discreet hair tie and then wind the hair into a bun. For a little added fun, do one on each side. It’s a fun, flirty look for casual events.

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Ease up on the makeup.

Whether you’re going to a big event or have a smaller night out planned, you can pull of a fresh faced, youthful look by simply opting for minimal makeup. Layering on makeup can work if you’re going for a more dramatic look but ask yourself if that really works with the outfit you’ve chosen. If you’ve gone for a knockout dress paired with the perfect shoes, it may be better to let your outfit speak for itself. Too much makeup can not only distract from a killer outfit but it could also make you look older than you are. Instead, go for the lighter touch like Twilight’s Ashley Greene has done in the photo above. She looks absolutely lovely but looks like she’s barely wearing any makeup at all. To get this look, stick with nude colors and opt for just a little mascara and lighter, warm tones around the eyes. You also won’t have to worry about touch ups quite as much over the course of the night, allowing you a little more freedom to just have fun.

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Harness the power of pink.

Hot pink lipstick doesn’t work for everyone but there is a shade of pink out there that will work for every skin tone. Pink is a beautiful, feminine color that can add something really special to your look so why not put it front and center and add a little pink to your lips. Pink is also a great way to bring a delicate touch of color to a pale complexion. You can go as bold as you want with your pink lips. It’s whatever you feel comfortable with. The look Rihanna is rocking in the photo above is a great example of how to do pink lipstick right. Gloss or shine on pink lips can feel like a little too much but a nice pink matte lip color adds a bit of flair to any look. Of course, Rihanna’s look isn’t going to work for everyone. Play around with pink tones until you find what works for you and your skin tone. Although I don’t do it often, if I’m feeling a little playful, I’ll match my pink lips to pink fingernails for a more fun and flirty approach. It’s not for everyone but it could be something fun to play with.

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Play different kinds of jewelry. Jewelry is a great way to make an outfit pop but you don’t have to stick to your classy, sophisticated jewelry if you’re wearing a classy sophisticated outfit. Try out some fresh and exciting colors or even some more casual jewelry. Bold earrings, necklaces and bracelets can be a great way to breathe a little life into an underwhelming outfit. Just be careful not to over do it. Less really is more when it comes to bold jewelry but choosing just two or three colorful pieces – perhaps earrings and a necklace – can invigorate a bland outfit and tie your whole look together. At the 2010 Grammy’s, Taylor Swift (pictured above) masterfully finished off her look with the perfect earrings and bracelets. They offered just the right balance – not too little and not too much – for a youthful, fun and yet sophisticated look.

Don’t be afraid of scarves. Scarves can dress up any outfit. A plain print silk scarf can dress up an evening outfit or a casual fleece scarf can really kick things up a notch on your more casual attire. If you’re looking for a signature look, why not invest in a few scarves and add them to your regular wardrobe. Be careful with busy prints though. Busy prints on a scarf could never be paired with a lot of jewelry or with an outfit that incorporates a busy in other areas. If you’re wearing a dress with a pattern, choose a plain scarf with one of the colors in the pattern. If your dress has a touch of dark blue, pair it with a plain dark blue scarf. It will pull the whole thing together beautifully.

Don’t ignore the chance to spice up your hair. We talked earlier about making subtle changes to the way you’d normally do your hair that can liven up your look, but don’t forget how easy it can be to do the same thing just by adding a hair accessory. If you’re looking for a more casual look, a stretchy beaded headband can make your look pop. You can also add an interesting hair tie or clip that matches the feel of your outfit. If you’ve chosen a more dressy style for a semi-casual event, make the look more casual with a fun, funky hair clip or headband. A floral hair accessory can also be a great addition to any look for spring. They’re fresh and fun. Just be careful you don’t let your hair accessory overshadow your outfit. Choose something that adds flair not distraction.

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Posture! Posture! Posture!

Posture is important. It’s probably more important than anything else on this list. Good posture not only creates beautiful long lines but good posture makes you look more confident and self assured and there is nothing more alluring than a woman with confidence. Makeup, hair and the right outfit can make you look better but they can make you feel better about yourself as well. Let people know you feel good. Stand straight. Keep your head up. Put your shoulders back and walk through every room you enter like you deserve to be there. Angelina Jolie is the very picture of perfect posture. She walks down the red carpet like she owns it. She gives off the impression that she is a strong, confident and fierce woman who demands respect. The way she carries herself is a big part of why she’s so appealing. Does she have days when she’s insecure? I would imagine she does. Every woman does. Does she let that show in the way she carries herself? Not that I’ve seen so far. Correct your posture and you might be surprised at the difference in reaction you get when you enter a room.

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