What your Lipstick Shade says about you

What we usually do is go for the lipstick shades which matches with the dress we wear. But there are many women (including me!) out there who would always grab that particular shade they are particularly close to, irrespective of whatever color dress they are wearing! So if you are wearing a maroon color dress and instead of choosing a lipstick of the similar shade, you pick up you usual peach or any other nude color lipstick, it would mean that you have a great affinity for that color. And this particular affinity towards particular shades speaks volumes about your nature, behavior and character!

So the next time you wear your super favorite shade out on a date, it would surely speak a lot about your nature, even without you opening your mouth to utter a single syllable! So do you have your particular signature lipstick shade which is closer to your heart? If so, then get ready to know what all colors usually signify about the wearer! For example, if you have a weird affinity towards green lipstick, this signifies that you are usually hiding an envious nature behind that beautiful face! Lets begin then!

1.The Classically Red Color:1

If you love wearing red color lipsticks this mean that you are of a very bold nature and have no inhibitions in showing off your sexuality! The wearers of the red lipstick carry a “come hither” flag with themselves which is quite sensual and attracts eons of men like moths towards the women. The women are not afraid to show the daring side of their nature and are always ready to conquer the world.

2.The Ever Sweet Pink Lips:2

Pink color lipsticks and glosses are quite common and are usually found in each and every woman’s cosmetic kit! Pink is the symbol of everything cute and hence is usually applied to bring out the cuteness of the wearer! It is also a known fact that pink color lipsticks are usually worn by women who have extremely soft and sophisticated nature! So if you are cute, enhance your cuteness by applying pink lipsticks and glosses!

3.The Rosy Lips:3

Imagine a sexy rosy stain imprinted on your lips. What would it tell about you? To men it would signify greatly sexy lips of an equally sexy woman. So if you have sexy, full lips and love to go for red stains, you are one sexy lady who does know how to attract guys!

4.The Brown and Plum Color Lipsticks:4

These are the shades which once used to be quite uncommon, but now are found in all the markets easily! It is usually believed women fall for red lipsticks, but the ones who are simply in love with browns and plums are the ones with that great adventurous streak in them! They are the one who follow the risky treacherous path in life instead of opting for the safest option! They have this enigmatic mystery surrounding them which makes many swoon at their feet! And one thing worth mentioning is that these women do love to take on any kind of challenges. So beware!

5.The Pitch Black Lipstick shade:5

Black is the color which is reining the fashion and beauty fraternity at present. Be it nails or lipsticks, black is the “It” color at present! So you are correct if you have correctly assumed that this color is the best friend of all the Goths out there! So if you are guy who has a thing for a girl who wears black lipstick, let me assure you that you do not stand a chance until and unless you are Brad Pitt! The wearer of this ahde are considered quite difficult, bold and extremely confident as there are just very few who can really rock this bold color!

6.The Nude Shades:6

The women who have great affinity towards lipstick shades which are nude and neutral in color are the ones who are what they are, at the face value. They are not at all pretentious, are super cool, calm, confident and very down to earth. They are happy go lucky women who take on the challenges of life as they come. These women are quite confident of their looks and do know how to look chic!

7.The Super Hot Pink Shade:7

This shade has the characteristics which are exactly opposite to the normal pink shades! Hot pink shades spells out the word “Flirty and Fun”! this is the shade which says that “let us have fun with the girls now!”. They are not of a bossy nature but do know how to take charge when such situations arises! So feminine with an apt streak of funkiness is what the hot pink shade is all about!

8.The Burgundy Pout:8

Burgundy is one color which doesn’t suit everybody. The ones who can carry off this shade are simply idolized by men out there, while the others who love this color but just doesn’t have that oomph after applying this shade are considered unapproachable by the guys! But if you can rock this color then you can surely rule the heart of the many around you oh so easily. So just be careful while choosing this particular shade gals!

9.The Adorable Coral Lip Shade:9

Coral is also that color which cannot be easily rocked by all and sundry. But those who look like diva’s in this lipstick shade are usually considered of the adventurous lot and are believed to be the ones who would casually throw cautions at the wind! So this attitude might definitely attract hottie’s out there towards these women!

So now that you have an idea of what your lipstick shade tells about you, have a look at your cosmetic kit and get to know which shade you are close to and what it signifies about you!

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