Lucid Lip Gloss Review: Sweet & Sexy

When gorgeous Jennifer Williams decided she wanted to start her own business, she went all out to create something special and unique. Lucid Cosmetics is much more than another beauty products company to the beautiful Jersey native and star of reality TV show, Basketball Wives, one of VH1’s highest rated shows. In addition to making her contribution to the advancement of global unity by creating a line of cosmetics for women of all cultures, and doing her part to protect our environment by choosing eco-friendly packaging- Jennifer has stated that she’s thrilled her cosmetics line has opened an avenue for her to connect with her fans and friends in a special way.

Viewers of her reality show from all over the world have started contacting Jennifer through Facebook and Twitter to ask questions about things like what lip gloss shade she wore on the latest episode of Basketball Wives and to get her advice about what colors would look best on them. This kind of one-on-one contact with a makeup developer really makes Lucid Cosmetics stand out from other beauty products brands.

So let’s get down to basics and discuss the qualities of Jennifer Williams’ Lucid Lip Gloss…

About the Formula

First of all, this product is truly lip candy. The flavor of Lucid Lip Gloss is out-of-this-world sweet and tasty, so kissing is just delicious. Secondly, the texture is equally pleasant with a completely non-sticky feel that moisturizes and hydrates your lips without any of the gooiness of ordinary lip gloss. It’s not too slippery, and it gives you a soft, sexy mouth. Lucid Lip Glosses are made with natural ingredients in super-shiny, semi-sheer, natural-looking shades.

About the Package

The outer packaging is composed of environmentally friendly materials and is a lovely accompaniment for the snazzy and fashionable lip gloss tube. Jennifer designs everything for Lucid herself, including the packaging, the colors and all. Her unique tube design is a flat-shaped tube that fits perfectly into a tiny clutch bag or a snug pants pocket. The 25 ounce tube of lip gloss sells for $18.50 each.

Where Did the Names Come From?

Jennifer wanted to do something different than use the standard flirty, vixen names that are on most lip glosses, so she decided to take her love for travel and use the names of some of her favorite places for her cosmetics. For instance, she enjoys a glass of red wine and took the name “Napa” from Napa Valley and the deep Bordeaux color of that particular lip gloss. Some of her favorite cities inspired names for her lip glosses like “SoBe” for South Beach, “Big Apple” for New York, and “Tropez” for St. Tropez.



Lucid Cosmetics launched its candied lip gloss line with five beautiful shades, and added three new shades recently toward the end of 2012. The vision behind the color choices is to provide beautiful shades to accommodate multi-cultural skin tones, and to work perfectly for either daytime or night-time wear. Each semi-sheer gloss can be worn alone or is light enough that for a more dramatic effect it can also be worn as a top-coat for your favorite lipstick. Glamourize your look for evening wear by going big on your eye-makeup too.

For future reference, Jennifer is working on developing a line of coordinating colors in fashion nail enamel.


BIG APPLE GLOSS:  Your lips will love this richly hydrating lip gloss and you’ll love the attention you get wearing this intense, daring, deep red matte color. Big Apple is as bold and sophisticated as the metropolis that lent its nickname.


SOBE GLOSS:  The sizzling heat of Miami’s South Beach inspired the name for this extreme, hot pink lip gloss. Sobe is sexy and sassy and will give you a great confidence boost to get your flirt on.


THE HILLS GLOSS: Pamper your lips with this luscious baby pink lip gloss that invokes the luxury and opulence of Beverly Hills. You can always get your way with a soft and sexy pout enhanced by the pretty in pink The Hills lip gloss.


TROPEZ GLOSS: Mindful of the dazzling shimmer of sun and sand on the beaches of St. Tropez, this warm bronze gloss is as sheer as champagne and gives your lips a radiant shine.


NAPA GLOSS: Napa Valley is famous for its wonderful wines and was the inspiration for the name of this deep berry hue. It’s bold and intoxicatingly beautiful like a dark Bordeaux, perfect for a night one the town and lasts from dusk ‘til dawn.


The three newest shades:

ASPEN GLOSS:  As clear as ice, this gorgeous gloss is as fresh as new-fallen snow on a Colorado mountain side. You can wear this shade by itself or gloss over your favorite color lipstick underneath.


CABO GLOSS: You might not be bold enough for the nude beaches in Cabo San Lucas, but you will enjoy the way this nude toned lip gloss just adds a lovely hint of shine to your mouth. Cabo lip gloss also works nicely to bring a slightly lighter shade out of your lipstick.


CAPRI GLOSS:  Your lips will be molto bella with this rich coral shade inspired by the glorious colors of the Mediterranean and the gorgeous Italian island of Capri. This lovely coral gloss brightens your complexion while giving your lips fullness and vitality.


Customer Satisfaction

The reviews are in and women seem to really enjoy the results they get with Jennifer Williams’ Lucid Lip Gloss. The formula is superior to many other lip gloss products, providing a pleasant texture that isn’t sticky. The flavor is a sweet treat that is indulgently tasty like your favorite candy. Even the packaging is cool with its uniquely flattened shape that fits so conveniently into small bags or pockets. The product wears well and the color and shine are long lasting. And very importantly, the shades and sheerness are designed to work well with any skin tone, making Lucid Lip Gloss a marvelous multi-cultural beauty product.

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