Making the Most Out of Your Look

Putting your best face forward is an important part of every woman’s day. Women like to look good, and want to feel comfortable about how they look, when they go out of the house. Of equal importance, then, should be WHICH face to put forward. You certainly wouldn’t go to work wearing the same make-up effects you would wear out to the club, nor would you want to go to the gym like that, either. So what are some of the things to consider? Well, you want, of course, your face to compliment what you’re wearing. Also, you want your make-up choice to be functional to the occasion. Here are some tips that will keep you looking great, all the time.

Business Professional

If you’re going to an interview or have a career that requires a polished and professional appearance, your make-up should look polished, as well. This is the time to use a matte finished foundation and a touch of powder to keep the shine at bay. A softer, natural color palette will work well here. You want to greet clients looking and feeling sophisticated, not over-made.

The Athlete

Are you about to hit the gym? Now is not the time for a full face of colors, regardless of all the eligible men you may want to look good for. Keep it simple if you absolutely have to wear anything at all. A dusting of powder and a light sweep of waterproof mascara will carry you through without the worry of your make-up melting off. But bare is beautiful. Once you get your heart rate up and build that light sheen of perspiration, you’ll have the natural glow that is always attractive!

Source: Pixabay

Girls Night Out

While getting dressed up with your friends is fun, girls night should be about chilling out with your trusted gals, not about dressing to impress…save that for the clubs. Comfortable clothes and light make-up are perfect here! It’s not a competition, not here.

The Round Table

If you’re going to be sitting around a table all day (or night) with your team nailing down details and resolving conflicts, or stuck in that conference room giving presentations, you’ll want a very natural look. Forego that three-piece for slacks and a blouse, paired with a light make-up look. You don’t want your game-face melting away under pressure, and you don’t want to have to worry about touching up. A look like Team Pokerstars pro player Liv Boeree uses at the tables is perfect. This natural yet elegant appearance will get you through the day.

The Night Life

Here’s your chance to shine. Depending on where you’re going, when, and what you’ll be wearing, you have carte blanche…just stay in line with your clothing choice. Go bold in your colors; add some sparkly radiance and smoky eyes. This is the time to break out those false lashes. But wait. Something you need to consider is lighting. Will you be in and out of harsh lighting, perhaps dinner before a club, or going into lobby lighting during intermissions? Fluorescents will dazzle in a dark club, but could ruin the impact of your look in other scenarios.

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