Rhinoplasty Surgery Guide: Risks, Recovery, And Benefits

A nose job is a cosmetic surgery that focuses on changing the appearance and the functionality of a nose. People undertake nose surgery for various reasons. Perhaps due to medical reasons, such as breathing problems or just for cosmetic purposes. Nose surgery is just like any other surgery in the fact that it has its own medical procedures and risks. So, if you are thinking to have your nose revamped, you better take it seriously and discuss it with your surgeon before undertaking it.

Remember that you cannot have a perfect nose. A nose augmentation is there only to enhance your facial appearance, but not to give you a perfect nose. So, if the shape of your nose gives you low esteem, perhaps taking a nose surgery will work out for you.

What are the common risks of a nose job?

As stated earlier, nose surgery is just like any other medical surgery. There are various potential risks involved with the procedure, which your surgeon should first discuss them with you. Some of the common ones include;

  • Infection.
  • Difficulty in breathing.
  • Scarring.
  • Numbness or pain.
  • Swelling and skin discoloration.
  • Unsatisfactory results.
  • Complications with anesthesia.
  • Septal Perforation.
  • Secondary nose job due to complications.

These are the main risks involved in nose surgery. It is vital you discuss them thoroughly with your surgeon before the procedure. At least this will give you a clear picture of what you may expect if things do not go the right way.

Nose job recovery

Nose surgery is a minor surgery. You can go home the same day of the surgery once you fully recover from the anesthetic. However, you have to wear a nasal splint after the surgery for about one week. You will experience some discomforts such as little swellings and bruises around your eyes which later disappears after about three days or a week. The new shape of your nose will appear after you fully recover.

During the healing process, avoid strenuous activities to fasten the healing process. You can resume your social life after two or three weeks once you have smooth healing without complications.

What are the benefits of nose enhancement?

Nose surgery does not only influence your facial appearance but also helps to boost your self-confidence. You may have lost your self-esteem over the years due to the shape of your nose, and rhinoplasty will be the only suitable way to regain it. So, here are the benefits of undertaking the procedure.

  • Improve breathing.
  • Reduce the bridge.
  • Overall facial improvement.
  • Reshape your nostrils.
  • Decreases or increases the size of your nose.
  • Balance the appearance of your facial features.
  • Decreases the nasal tip.
  • It helps to correct any problem related to deviated spectrum.

All in all, if you think that you have an issue with your nose, perhaps nose job will help you regain your self-confidence. Keep in mind that this is just like any other medical procedure. Therefore, consult with your surgeon and ensure you ask all the related questions before you undertake the procedure. It is also important you find an experienced and qualified surgeon to operate you to avoid further complications.

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