Simple and Easy to Do Eye Tutorial for Girls who wear Glasses

There are few who are gifted with perfect and powerless eyes and so lucky they are considered to be living without wearing a pair of glasses. Then there are those who are the bespectacled ones and feel quite unlucky for themselves as they cannot deck up with sexy makeup and make a fashion statement. So wrong are the girls who fall under the latter category and pity themselves! Who said that the girls who wear glasses cannot their sexy persona or make a fashion statement? This notion is so wrong!

In this article you would discover ways of making your eyes look super pretty even behind those heavy glasses/spectacles. And I assure you, you would look like a true Diva and never hate your spectacles ever again! Women who wear glasses usually refrain from going for heavy eye makeup as they feel “what is the use of an eye makeup when everything will get hidden behind the forbidding glasses”. Lose away with these stereotypical notions and come out with the sexy you, even in our glasses. Just be confident about yourself and get ready to look like a perfect Diva in those glasses of yours!

Step 1: Apply a Good Foundation1

It is a basic fashion rule that before attempting any sort of eye makeup, you should use a really good foundation and dab it on your eyes and around your eyes as well. Make a note to get a foundation which is one shade lighter than your skin tone so that it makes your eyes look more prominent.

Step 2: Go for the Concealer1                        

Applying a concealer is optional as foundation does most of the trick. But if you have dark patches or circles then you should definitely conceal them with the much required concealer. If you do not have any dark circles or unwanted blemishes then you may skip this step!

Step 3: Apply a Face Powder3

Now comes the time for you to apply an oil free powder on your eyes properly (without making it too messy!). make sure it is a translucent one. A powder is needed just so that it helps your earlier applied foundation to settle down properly. Just keep the fact in mind to make use of powder which is free from oil of any ind. You do not wnt your eye makeup to run down to rags afterwards!

Step 4: Fill the Eyebrows4

In this step you are supposed to fill in your eyebrows just the way it is shown in the picture above. The girl in the picture is using a black eyebrow enhancer which works wonders! Make sure you do not skip this step if you wish to make your eyes pop out and look awesome behind your glasses.

Step 5: Apply your Eye Shadow5

Do us all a favor and discard all your inexpensive and most probably allergy-prone eye shadows and go get a really good one to make yourself look super awesome. Check out the picture shown above. Make sure you apply an eye shadow of a neutral shade and do not forget to use a super shimmery and glittering white eye shadow over your eyebrow bones to enhance it.

Step 6: Apply the Eyeliner6a


Now get hold of your eyeliner, kohl or a really cool gel eyeliner which is being preferred over other eyeliners nowadays! Draw a super thin line on the upper lid of your eyes quite carefully as shown in the picture above and do not forget to smudge it a teensy bit! Make use of your smudger to smudge this thin line a bit to make it appear a bit more thicker towards the end. Now apply a brown color eyeliner at the edge of your eyelid and use a smudger to smudge it a bit as well. We need to smudge the eyeliners a bit so as to make it look prominent when you wear your glasses.

Step 7: Make your Eyes Pop Out Beautifully7a


Now comes the time for you to take a white kohl or eyeliner and apply it on the lower lid or waterline portion of your eyes as shown in the pictures above. This is done to make your eyes look bright, make them pop out beautifully and look as beautiful as a flowering bud.

Step 8: Apply a really Good Mascara8a


Nothing is considered complete (when it comes to eyes) if you do not finish off the entire look of yours with a touch of the magic wand. Yes! I am talking about a mascara. As you can check it out in the picture above how beautiful the eyes look when you comb your lashes out and make them stand out beautifully and with pride! Make sure to apply it on the upper as well as the lower eyelashes to make your eyes look like that of a Doe!

Products you would require to get the above look:

Here you would find the products used to get the look shown above which can help you transform into a Diva, with your glasses of course!pro

  • A superb Dusk till Dawn Kit by MUA (Make Up Academy) is used to get the above look.
  • Mascara by Maybelline (waterproof) is used to make your uses pop out like a beautiful damsel.
  • The Black colored brow cake which has been used is available in any market or even online!
  • The Black eyeliner from Revlon
  • The white kohl/eye pencil is from VOV
  • The tool Kit and the brushes are from pic

So now that you have seen how good you can look even when you are wearing your glasses, get ready to try out these superb techniques yourself as soon as you can and get ready to Roar!

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