Skin Care for Teens

skin_care_tips_for_teensIf you have just entered the threshold of your teenage years, this is the right time for you to start thinking about taking proper care of your skin. You should probably discard all your unhealthy and improper habits in order to have healthy skin. It won’t take up much of your time and would neither cause a big hole in your wallet!

A teenager’s skin is different from that of the older women. So it is extremely inappropriate for a teen to use facial products suited for their mother’s face. So refrain from using your mother’s moisturizers or cleansers because it isn’t compatible with your skin type.

Just read on to know more about the tricks to keep your delicate skin healthy and get properly educated on what to do and what to avoid to keep your skin in a tip-top condition.

getty_rm_photo_of_woman_using_sunscreenHealthy Habit #1: Give protection to your skin

There is just one mantra that you should always chant and that is- always use a sunscreen lotion. Consider it to be your best friend in hard times. Do not even forget to carry it in your purse! Did you have any idea that if you apply a sunscreen lotion at a regular basis, it keeps skin cancer at bay? It is true!

Sunscreen is a miracle invention for men and women! It protects our skin in various different ways. It prevents our skin from aging early and hence keeps the woeful-wrinkles far from our lives. It is proven that our skin gets aged pre-matured due to sun and its harmful rays. Sure you have no idea right now (as you are so young!) what damage sun can cause in aging our skin but you would be jocund that you heard about this tip of ours after 16 years from now!

Carry your sunscreen wherever you go. Apply sunscreen which has SPF not lower than 15 and share this healthy trick with all your pals. They would be overjoyed!

istock_000002113986_lHealthy Habit #2: Relinquish the soap used by you till now

Drain the soap bar that you have been using for ages now and go for a really good cleanser which suits the type of skin you have. The main concern for every teen is having a skin which is extremely oily and hence every girls’ agony. Get a gel cleanser for oily skin. The best anti-acne cleanser which succeeds in reducing the agonizing oil from your skin is the one from Clean and Clear as it comprises of salicylic acid which is known to remove acne.

Do not forget to wash your face each morning and night before going to bed to sleep. Keep in mind not to go to bed with your makeup still on as it is considered unhealthy for your skin and accelerates your skin’s aging.

Skin_Moisturizer-e1332167723568Healthy Habit #3: Use a good moisturizer

It is a myth which people usually believe that women with oily skin type should avoid using moisturizer. This belief is false! There are oil-free moisturizers present in the markets which each and every woman with oily skin should get for themselves. Cleanse your face using a good cleanser and then apply a moisturizer which is oil-free.

There are few moisturizers which also come with sun protection and comprises of some formula such as SPF-20 or SPF-50. Get these moisturizers as your skin will be protected from sun as well. Keep in mind to apply the moisturizer more than once in a day. Never forget to apply moisturizer on your face after you wash your face with a face wash or a cleanser. This keeps your face supple and fresh. If you have a skin which is oily then apply moisturizer every morning.

delicious-homemade-face-masksHealthy Habit #4: Use good homemade face masks and an exfoliator

Prepare a really good face mask at home and apply it at least twice a week as it results in opening up the pores of your skin so that it could get proper nourishment. When selecting from an array of masks, go for clay masks which open up the pores of your skin and cleans it completely.

Your tender skin needs exfoliating every thrice a week as it removes the dead skin cells which usually gives an ashy appearance to your face and makes you look dull. Exfoliate as much as you can so that the new skin comes up on the surface quickly after the dead skin is removed.

So in order to get a skin which is polished, use a really good scrub (which is also a good exfoliating agent). Ascertain that you do not rub it too hard or else it would break your skin further.

imagesHealthy Habit #5: Anguished caused by Acne

Let me assure you by saying that you are not the only unfortunate teen who suffers with the problem of ever-depressing acne. We have all had our share of distressing acnes and pimples when we were teenagers. Everybody rue acnes but this doesn’t mean that you need to give up all your favorite food just to keep acnes at bay.

It is a complete myth when somebody says that pizzas, fried or junk food causes acnes and pimples. Stress does cause pimples and acnes but you do not have to give up on your favorite bites to avoid having acnes!

Nobody knows when the torture of acne can be inflicted upon someone, so if your skin type is oily use a moisturizer which contains salicylic acid as it thwarts all attempts of acne to appear on your skin. If you have already become a target of an acne or pimple, do not fret! Go for treatment called ‘Spot Treatment’ which removes the acne in jiffy!

Now you are armed with all the do’s and don’ts teens, I hope you do your very best to look after your skin, keep it nourished with the help of appropriate moisturizers, masks and cleansers or even get help from a professional when your skin woes get out of hand. Hallelujah!

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