Summer Makeup Guide – 8 Steps to the Perfect Summer Image

Summer Is Coming Soon: How to Do a Sunproof Makeup

Whether you are a bride or just a wedding guest on the beach, you will not want to look as if you are hiding the face under the mask of the foundation, will you? Certainly, suffering from warped makeup, which can start melting in the midday sun is not the best option. Experts know the secrets of makeup, which will emphasize your dignity and yet it will not melt under the summer sun.

In this article, we will tell how to create a Hollywood summer makeup even if you are busy writing an argumentative essay thesis, using simple products that can be found in any girl’s cosmetic bags, such as BB cream, shiny shades, and pink lip gloss. The proposed makeup will help you stay beautiful in any situation.

A Few General Tips

The secret of a perfect look is naturalness and reasonability. “I think that the most beautiful people are those who look like they do not have makeup”, Emma Watson says. You want to look fresh, natural and not correct your makeup every second. That’s why you should master the art of makeup because knowing the basics of cosmetology helps not admit significant mistakes.

For example, in hot summers it is better not to use a moisturizing lotion. It will only aggravate the situation in conditions of high humidity. You should take into account the type of skin, colors of your eyes and hair. Remember also that evening makeup is totally different from the morning one.

If you prefer self-learning and are rather good at finding right tips within the ocean of various information, then the following 8 steps will make sense to you!

Step #1: Make Your Skin Ideal

Foundation makes your desired finish. If you apply the base correctly, you will get an ideal image as a result.

Carly Cardellino, the beauty director at, recommends mixing a little primer with BB cream. This will make your skin smooth, but not overloaded with the tonal base. Then correct redness, spots and the most problematic area under the eyes with the concealer. Always check how your skin looks in natural light. Here you can read more on Ms. Cardellino’s tips for the perfect foundation.

Step #2: Prepare Eyes

Use a primer. Cover the eyelids with a primer, this will help the further makeup gain a foothold so it will not melt or roll into folds.

Add the concealer then. Apply it from the top of the primer and around the eyes to hide the redness. This will help keep the brightness of the shadows and make your eyes less tired.

Use a brush to apply the product evenly and give the most natural look.

Step #3: Add Brightness to the Eyes

Use neutral shiny shadows instead of heavy smokey-eyes. They will give freshness and playful shine to the eyes. This will make them brighter, which is very beneficial for photos.

Give preference to shades of champagne and apply them to the entire surface of the movable eyelid.

Step #4: Start Eye Lining

Use a waterproof eyeliner because it holds better and lends more volume to eyelashes. Apply it only to the center of the eye – this will help keep the look as natural as possible.

It is better to use a pencil lining. It has a more flexible brush and is more convenient to handle.

If you want to make a cat’s look and visually raise your eyes slightly, then bring the brush to the very edge of the eyelid and draw a small thin tail.

Step #5: Work on Eyelashes

Use curling irons, if your eyelashes are slightly straight. Curly lashes will make your image flirty.

False eyelashes are very convenient. They will look good in the photos, and nothing will happen to them if you cry. Ideal eyelashes are not long, but strongly colored eyelashes. In case that your choice falls on a more natural makeup, it will be better to look for individual bundles.

If you choose a strip, cut it along the length of the eye from the end. Add the glue along the base, allow it to dry a little, and then start gluing to the line of the eyelashes, starting from the inside corner. After drying, apply waterproof mascara, it will help to eliminate the visibility between the false and natural eyelashes.

Step #6: Take Some Trouble with Eyebrows

Highlight your eyebrows with a pencil and then comb them along the hair growth line. Do not get carried away with the color. Bright eyebrows will weight the image, make them less visible than the eyes. It will not overload your natural makeup.

Step #7: Add More Colors to Cheeks

Use orange, bronze blush (do not confuse with bronzer) under the cheekbone. You need to make everything easy and glossy. It will work in your favor on the photos. Emphasize all your dignity, but at the same time create the illusion that you are complete without makeup. Apply blush on the apple cheeks. To do this, smile and apply blush to the prominent part.

Step #8: Make Shiny Lips

The final brushstroke is making your lips attractively shine. It is better not to use a pencil for lips. Pink shine will go best, as it makes the image light and fresh. To add more volume to your lips, add a little highlighter to the center.


To sum up, let’s list the most crucial things for your summer makeup.

      First of all, make the foundation correctly. It should be as light as possible Remember that it is the secret of success as a result

      Use the base under shadows to apply cosmetics smoothly

      Choose light shadows palette to achieve the effect of summer freshness

      Use waterproof products

      Your eyebrows must be less visible than eyes. So pay more attention to highlighting eyelashes

      Apply a little bit gloss on the cheeks and more shine on the lips

We sincerely hope that you will take these 8 steps and become ideally beautiful this summer! Shine like the sun does! 


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