Ten Ways to Look Gorgeous Without Visiting the Parlour

There are many ways to look fabulous, many of which involve visiting the beauty parlour. When a special day comes up, you want to look your best, no matter what. However, you might have a lot going on and find it hard to schedule a visit to your parlour of choice. When you’re in need of a quick makeup fix but don’t have time to go out, these tips will help you look fabulous:

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  1. Go for a Bolder Eye Look – One of the best ways to make your look more dramatic without spending loads of time is going with a cat eye look with liner and mascara. Both of these looks will make you look a bit bolder, without requiring you to go too far out with the rest of your makeup, which is just what you’re likely seeking.
  1. Think About Adding Some Shimmer – Some women don’t like using a lot of colour on their face, but do like a bit of extra glitz that can be noticed. Glitter makeup will give you the bold look without spending loads of time on other products.
  1. Add a Bit of Contrast – If you regularly wear white or off-white nail polish, consider some exciting contrast for your look by adding dark eye shadow. You’ll draw more attention to your face with this winning combination.
  1. Apply Blush Like a Pro – Big makeup brushes like those that a mobile makeup artist in Sydney uses will give you better overall coverage. Use one of these bigger brushes to blend in your colour evenly so everything looks natural.
  1. Make Your Foundation Work for You – Although most women use their foundation for subtler purposes, you can give yourself an extra bit of sparkle by mixing an illuminator into it. This will give you a shinier look perfectly suitable for daytime use that also translates well to use at night.
  1. Give Your Eyelids a Good Base – If you want your eyeshadow to go on smoother, use concealer as a base. You’ll have more even colour by covering up blemishes first and everything will look a lot more even.
  1. A Good Pairing with Red Lipstick – Bright reds look good on most, and gold-based eye shadows complement this look, especially when wearing makeup at night. Darker-skinned women may prefer bronze tones for eyeshadow, while fair-skinned women may prefer champagne colours.
  1. Get Rid of Dark Circles – Salmon-coloured concealers are good for combating dark undereye circles. This colour helps blot out any bluish undertones so that you’ll look totally fresh.
  1. Take Advantage of a Multi-Use Product – Colour products you can use on your eyelids, cheeks and lips are perfect for a fun night out. One of their best advantages is the fact that they’re easy to take with you and re-apply, so you won’t require a purse full of products.
  1. Make Your Brows Look Bolder – Waxy eyebrow pencils provide a full look that will keep you satisfied with your look all day. A bit of shimmer on your browline will give your look a bit of extra beauty and provide more definition for your brows.

When you don’t have the hassles associated with going to the parlour to worry about, more of your time can be spent thinking about other matters. The best of all, you can make sure that your makeup is done perfectly for any occasion where a different look makes a world of difference. These tips will help you look fabulous at all times.

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