The Biggest Wedding Jewelry Trends For 2019

It is so important to understand what type of jewelry is en vogue as you are preparing for your wedding. Although most people understand that providing wedding rings is a standard practice, there is other type of jewelry that you may want to consider purchasing for this special person in your life. Trends tend to change over time, often shifting over the course of a single year. What was popular in 2017 was different in 2018. Based upon that assessment, it is clear that wedding jewelry trends for 2019 will also be different from those. Here is a brief overview of the biggest wedding jewelry trends that you will likely experience in 2019 if that is when you are going to get married.

Why Jewelry Accessories Are So Important For Weddings

The jewelry that you purchase your loved one for this special wedding day will play a large role in her overall appearance. There are ways that you can balance the way that she looks not only during the wedding, but after the wedding, and this sometimes is dependent upon the choices that you make. She may have very specific types of jewelry that she would prefer, but you may also have a few ideas. These ideas should match up with the trends of that year, and if you are getting married in 2019, there are up and coming trends that you should be aware of.

How Jewelry Can Affect Her Overall Appearance

There are several different types of jewelry from Shop EDC that will be perfect for the wedding day. One of the most unique trends has to do with rings and the metal that is used to make them. In the past, it was common for people to choose between the different types of gold that were available, and decide whether gold, silver, platinum, or even palladium would be the best match. Today, and going on into 2019, the trend seems to be leaning toward mixed metals. Although this particular trend is relatively new, it has become much more prominent with more jewelers recognizing how popular mixed metal rings have become. In some cases, they will mix yellow gold with copper, or they may mix white gold with nickel or palladium. These mixtures can help the ring stand out because of the contrasting colors. In the same way, when you have multiple pieces of jewelry that are made from different metals, this can help improve her overall appearance.

Colorful Stones And Layered Necklaces

The trend seems to be leaning toward mixing things up. Instead of choosing standard rings, pendants, or necklaces, people are using different types of metal. This is also true for the stones that will be on these different types of jewelry. Instead of having all diamonds, there will be a multitude of different stones that will create a very colorful effect. In addition to this, layered necklaces are also very popular. This can create a definitive contrast that will help the necklaces be more easily seen. Of course, the stone that is on the necklace will certainly be noticed, but it will stand out even more when combined with a layered necklace of two or more types of metal.

Choose Matching Bridesmaid Jewelry

One of the most important positions in a wedding is the position of the bridesmaid. This is the individual that is usually the best friend of the bride, the counterpart to the best man at the wedding. The jewelry that the bridesmaid is wearing should match up nicely with the jewelry that the bride will also be wearing. Obviously, this matchup does not include the wedding ring that will be used to finish the ceremony. However, if the bride is wearing a specific type of necklace, earrings, or even a bracelet, the bridesmaid should have a matching pair that she is also wearing.

Make A Statement With Earrings

A trend that is also slowly becoming much more popular, and will likely be very prominent in 2019, is to make a definitive statement with earrings. These can be elegant earrings with a single stone, or they can be sparkling danglers that are becoming more popular. In fact, if you have a bridesmaid that will be there, matching earrings will be expected. They do not have to be extremely expensive. In fact, the bridesmaid might wear something that is identical by design, but may not be crafted with the same expensive stones. In contrast to the trend of having mixed metals, the bridesmaid and bride should match up almost perfectly. With the exception of the gown that is being worn by either woman, everything else should match up in the same way.

Geometric Gems And Designs

This particular trend is becoming more common. In most cases, it tends to focus upon the use of earrings. For example, the earrings that are being used should have a definitive geometric design. They can have similar colored stones, or multicolored stones, encased within the geometric airing. Very popular styles include a teardrop design, as well as the five or six pointed star. You may even have an inverted fan style that is now becoming more popular. This will allow you to add multiple gems that can be similar or mismatched in regard to their color and size.

The Return Of Pearls

Pearls were once considered to be a standard type of stone that was used on jewelry for weddings. That trend has long since passed. However, for 2019, this trend is making a comeback. Like most trends, they tend to be a recurrence of what was once popular before. Pearls are typically used with bracelets and earrings. However, rings can also have pearls. If your bride is going to wear additional jewelry, other than the wedding ring, it is becoming more common to see brides wearing pearls.

The All Season Pastel Designs

Pastels are a very popular with weddings today. However, it is a trend that is growing very rapidly. You will likely see many more types of jewelry at weddings that use these soft and delicate colors. In most cases, pastels are going to be more representative of the stones that are used in the jewelry. Although mixing different metals can create a similar effect, you can choose several different stones that have soft coloration, using them with different types of jewelry that she will wear.

Now that you have a better idea of the biggest wedding jewelry trends for 2019, you might want to consider using some of them. Whether you choose to provide her with mixed metal rings that are embedded with pearls, or use one of the many other ideas, you will be enhancing her overall appearance. If there is a bridesmaid, make sure that she has matching jewelry. This will conform with trends that will extend at least a year into the future. This will make the wedding day so much better for her because she will look her best using these trends related to wedding jewelry.


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